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[Poll Results] 600+ Votes First Impressions of Wartune Patch 5.8

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the poll results of the first impressions of 600+ player votes on the Wartune Patch 5.8:

Poll Question / Structure

We asked the players:

“What is your excitement level 1 week before or in the first weeks of Wartune Patch 5.8?”

And the answer choices, where 600+ players voted, were:

  • Yey! Super Excited about Patch 5.8!!! Great job!
  • Pleased about the patch. Good progress.
  • Neutral. Do not feel neither excitement nor anger.
  • Not pleased about the patch. Most things I wanted or expected are not in it.
  • Very unhappy/angry about Patch 5.8!!! Horrible job!

Poll Results First Impressions of Wartune Patch 5.8

I am happy to see positive reactions on the top for a change. That’s a really good thing and nice for Wartune and people who wish to smile 🙂

Here is the table of votes and results as well as a visual chart:

Voting Options No. Of Votes %
Yey! Super Excited about Patch 5.8!!! Great job! 101 16.4%
Pleased about the patch. Good progress. 216 35.2%
Neutral. Do not feel neither excitement nor anger. 163 26.5%
Not pleased about the patch. Most things I wanted or expected are not in it. 79 12.9%
Very unhappy/angry about Patch 5.8!!! Horrible job! 55 9.0%
TOTAL Player Votes 614 100.0%


Conclusion and Discussion

As mentioned, I am glad the positives are on top, so first of all I want to highlight that as a good result.

However, one cannot fail to recognize that 1/4th of players were neutral about it and about 20% rather negative about the patch. So I must also conclude that if the developer’s job pleases only half the player population then it is not a good enough job. They should aim to satisfy at least 75% of people with neutral and negative being the remaining 25%.

For discussion:

  • Is this result surprising you? Did you expect better or worse results?
  • Do you agree that developers should try to satisfy at least 75% of players?
  • Have you changed your opinion since your vote?

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  1. Weekly event dungeons is just so good that it overshadows the rest of the patch lmao

  2. i love these poll results 🙂 , interesting. keep up good work

    • Thanks, doing our best 🙂

  3. To be honest, im not surprised by the results.

    This time they made a rather “ok” or “good” job. And im expecting more to come… The r2 polls let me grab back my hope. Looks like some devs are really keen on getting used to the game now. Finally.

    thanks cosmos, elia, keep up the good work!

    • R2 doesnt change anything, dont give them false credit lol. ProficienCity controls what happens in new patches.

  4. I’m worried; it’s an excellent patch which mean a ninja nerf IS coming. Like eud recycling, or various items in archaeology, you know some kind of unannounced nerfing is going to happen with this patch.

    • lol!!! 😀

  5. I voted pleased, but I see that there were a lot of problems with things either not working or non-existent for most players. The Devotion system seems to be the biggest gripe, but IMO we were never meant to achieve it every day. Do people really think that they would get 21 Cores and 700 BB each week? If I am right, they should have lessened the reward and made it achievable to everyone daily.

  6. they give u shit for years then they give you cooked shit…..and you love it.

    that what my “Please about the patch vote”-vote is.

    You shuold run another pool asking this same question hun.. 🙂

  7. maybe most dont know better or really think they believe it that they did a “good job”, take off pink glasses and take a closer look, whenever devs have the chance to ruibn game a bit more they will take it, sometimes obvious most times u need some time to realize.

    best patch for me would be if they start fix bugs first then bring new stuff after all runs with lagg we can deal with.

    so pleased with patch, muahaha, wake up, stead of making things slim and easy they blow it up to force palyers spend more and stay in game for hours

  8. i cant progress… i got all that i need for nonknight player and cant get forward.. stunning around and wait something from the skies. patch 5.8 dont give me that chance.

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