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Fun Comic illustrating R2Games Attacks

Hey guys, here is a fun comic to laugh at the current idiotic situation of R2Games, a game publisher, attacking and harassing their biggest bloggers:

Many thanks to the original artists who made the original drawing which was about wealthy people attacking people who ask for a minimum wage, which was excellent!

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  1. why do you use this blog to harass r2 all the time? do you think this will make things better?

    • We harass R2? LOL! Maybe you are not feeling well today…
      Blogs report the truth to the people – as simple as that.

      • you allready wrote it over and over again, write everyday the same only to bully r2 is also not cool. do you think they will stop to hate you if you try to blame them over and over again?

      • Your problem is coming from the fact that you just want to get all free information and you don’t care about our suffering.

      • besserwiser, stop trolling.
        this is THEIR site, they write and do what THEY want.

        You dont like it? save ur useless words for better talking.

        and btw r2 deserve much worse than stupid comedy.

        Wartune’s laughs make laughs, R2’s laughs make evil.

      • dear laura
        i am not trolling

        the r2 site is the r2 site and if they breake the rules of r2 they dont have to wonder when r2 punish them

        thats my opinion

      • No problem the besserwisser. Clearly you have no values like honor, sympathy, compassion, fairness, human rights. One day if strong people bully you or your family, discriminate against you or harass you, MAYBE, just maybe, on that day you will understand what it is like to give a shit about the unjust suffering of other people.
        – Cosmos

        P.S. We live in democratic free countries. It is R2Games who is visiting our countries and taking our money and attacking us on our land.

      • cosmos that are 2 diffrent things
        what you say its against the law, what r2 do is not against the law

        i dont know the english word for hausrecht the translator said things like

        domiciliary rights

        householder’s rights

        right to determine who shall be allowed or denied access [to premises]law

        i hope you understand what i mean. if you dont follow their rules they can bannish you. that doesnt mean they restrict you in your freedom of speech, they just use their rights to tell youi that this is not welcome.

      • Remember the time in history where restaurant owners refused to serve black people? According to your logic it is their property and they can do whatever they want. NO, just because something is your property it does not give you the right to attack, harass, and discriminate against people!
        You know very well that that HUNDREDS or even thousands of players talk about events in game chat, but they attack only my account. And ask yourself what is wrong in communicating tomorrow’s events of Wartune inside Wartune for players of Wartune? Nothing!
        You also know that there are thousands of player game communications which include insults, porn and lots of other bad stuff, but that is OK apparently but only the evil person is Cosmos who writes game events 1 time in the day. Oh and by the way let’s continue to attack and harass him even if he is not doing it anymore for weeks.
        – Cosmos

      • you compare again 2 thinks that cant compare
        what r2 do is no rasism. if you think r2 do something illegal you can go to the police… but they will laugh about it. what r2 do is 100% legal. you do somethink that is bad for their business and they dont want you to do it on their website and that you dont do it because you allready have done it you get a permanent chatban

    • not sure if a fail troll or a r2 worker xD

      • quote the guy above! 😀

        BTW Besserwiser, cosmos said it right: apparently you have no understanding of human values.

        Cosmos did nothing bad!!!!!!!!!
        IF, and i repeat, IF he is allowed on a test server THEN information IS of public domain!!!!!!!!! WTF!!

        I personally really dont like the idea of selling advices for such thing (sorry cosmos – i ll never back this idea up)…but that just me.

        What R2 is doing is taking it against this site, just like a kid would do.

        IF, and again i repeat, IF he had done something wrong they would have just BANNED HIM!!!!!!!!! IT’s their right!
        So if this is not happening is because Cosmos follows the rules!

        Btw this is so “police-like” behaviour…this,on top, besserwiser shows you that you have no understanding on day-to-day life.
        i suggest you to spend less time on games and more time in the real world.

  2. Why you continue to bring it up all time? Yes you are on their blacklist, atleast it seems so… Same time you all time attacking them aswell (and everyone who say it you offend them, why? our opinion which is not same as your is wrong?). You have made it too personal as some other conflicts in game (must admit funny to watch).

    Yes, you doing great work, and I like time to time look on it because I like to be ready what they will change(ofc that is just like first look, because R2 will make some of these stuff be with less reward or need to pay, and that is real reason why they dont you to show it). cant compare it with R2, because they really don’t care about players and game content, and fixing even minor bugs is not in their interest while they do not give away too much with it (but that is different story). At same time they even admited that most of their stuff is not even informed about changes what programmer are doing (If even call them their).

    If you want to inform about R2games, poor work (thought most ppl knew it already) you did it. I personally don’t reason to bring that up over and over, that wont change they work or attitude.

    • yes if he do it all day he is not better than r2
      as he represents them

    • “all the time” – posted only this week, not all the time

      why? – maybe if it happens in your life, which I do not wish, that strong people with ultimate power abuse you and you would be too weak to do anything about it, maybe after such an experience one could develop some kind of sympathy feelings towards small/weaker bloggers being unfairly attacked by a large organization who is eating additional profits from our work. Maybe if your friends tell you “hi” and you are unable to reply because you are muted or maybe when there are great events but you cannot collect rewards because you are banned, maybe when you pay money to recharge but get locked out so you cannot collect the rewards you paid for, maybe then you might understand.

      what do you suggest to us? that we simply take it “up the ass” and shut up? we have no right to try to defend ourselves? even by basic communication to people of what’s going on? ya sure they don’t care about our communication and most likely they will not change anything, so does that mean according to you that we should just close down, shut up and “fk off” from Wartune?

      – Cosmos

      • Unfairly attacked…You very well know all what is in their ayes are money, most your posts are made for noncashing ppl (so in their opinion to noone). Have u ever thought how many money they have lost when you show new patch stuff (it make some ppl cash less as seeing free stuff incomeing). Just all time you saying you did nothing they banning, muteing you(last mute were after you again promoted your blog, when here telling did not).

        Never said to close your mouth or so. Just thinking you takeing that to personally stuff they done to lot people when talking and saying what R2 did wrong.

        Idk, make poll about how much people started, stopped and did not change their cashing habbit reading ur blog 🙂 So can see how much money you brought to them

      • I’ll do bullet points:

        – Lots of players started playing Wartune and bringing them money because of my promotion over last 4 years.

        – Lots of players continued to play Wartune because of my player engagement, support, pointing at positive things, etc, etc. Lots stayed because I showed them that good things are coming.

        – Any industry professional will confirm to you that bloggers who promote your product are a huge asset for companies. And many companies directly support their bloggers unlike R2Games who banned all their bloggers.

        – Blogging is 100% legal. (Patch info is 100% legal and approved for communication.)

        – Yes I am taking it personally because they are attacking my account every day, stealing my money; that is indeed personal.

        – Regarding your accusation, that’s absolutely false. Last screenshot of my events posting is from last month and they already multiple times banned/muted me. Hundreds of other people posted events and they discriminate only against me. And by the way events info also are 100% legal and publicly available.

        To conclude, I don’t really understand what you want. It is absolutely common knowledge by any industry professional that attacking, harassing and banning your biggest bloggers who are doing everything 100% legally is an unprofessional and stupid thing to do.

        And there are 2 options: either to shut up like a sheep and take it up the a$$ or to try to speak out and at least a little bit try to defend oneself and shine light on their evil actions.
        So I guess you have to decide for yourself if you are on the side of the big company who does whatever they want to players without any accountability or if you are sympathetic towards the player(s) who are suffering from their attacks.

      • I agree to most what u say, and think what you do is great(But R2 have their strange logic), but simple what I wanted to say, if you fight do it smart. Stop, take breath and bit think from their side….

      • Dear Marcha, all this is fight between one unsuccessful blogger, who is known under name MemoryLane on R2 forum, and bloggers like COSMOS etc.
        1) If they have issue with COSMOS’s preliminary review of known features, they can simply close the testing accounts
        2) If they have issue with the manuals here is developed, they should refresh the outdated on official R2 page
        3) If they have issue with hints here is provided, they should support mentors with better knowledge and ask R2 support to behave like a support
        4) If they have and issue with polls, they should stop wiping comments of players on forum, and ask players better questions on R2 polls
        5) And R2 still not resolved the issue with keylogger provided from or R2 client?

        I would recommend them to start poll like how many players will ask for transfer their accounts from R2 to other ProCity associated publisher, if the option will be available.

        So please, Marcha, return back to R2 forum, improve it in a way that make this blog obsolete with timely, usable information. And stop trolling this blog, I do not see COSMOS trolls official R2 forum.

      • it is good that you have answer to every ur question and issue, but that nothing to do with me…

        Never made any post at R2 forums (would be pointless even to try it). I am just trying to find some answer what happeing… As you said it might be Bloger fight, or something more

  3. am i the only one that laughed when i seen this comic? LOL

    well its good to know there are some players that like to take it in the ass from R2,while others like to be heard and take the brunt of everything and harassment from R2 to continue to bring information to the players that they DONT HAVE TO but continue to endure the Harassement because they actually care about the players of a game thats not even theres……Whats ONE week to the YEARS of harrasement and mutes that have gotten from R2?

    • Thanks a lot Brian1 🙂
      We had a lots of positive comments on our Facebook page but for some reason nobody posted in these comments.

      P.S. I just checked there are 42 laughs and likes on Facebook on this at the moment which is great 🙂

  4. i wonder if r2 would rather every1 making a character on test server for the info instead of you guys making posts?

  5. equipe dolygames como vcs afirmaram que tem autorizaçao entao levam esse problema a quem compete e nao esperar da r2games uma postura de profissionalismo ou interesse ao jogadores,talvez seja pela exposiçao a qual o site da ao jogo e mostra como a r2games faz um trabalho ruim e desmotivante para quem esta a muito tempo jogando!!!

  6. i don’t get people who side with r2games. what a bunch of idiots.

    i would side with dolygames team because the team is helping us a lot while r2games only wants your god damn money money.

    It’s not dolygames’ fault if wartune sucks. they put too much features and laugh at players by increasing the limits so people have to re-work on their toons again and again (check fate stones for example). Heck, the game only have a few places to go (excluding dungeons): Cloud City, your city, your house. Where the heck is other towns? There are none yet because Wartune is just a game that suck out your money. No adventure at all. Story is dull and boring. Musics are rip off from other games (Square Enix, Skyrim for example).

    • It is easier to hire people which promote the game (even by trolling blogs), than to correct the game …

      On the other side, some mentioned issues are not R2, but 7road a/o ProCity originated.

  7. Make a blog how much money did R2

  8. I like the Comic LOL & at least Cosmos did post what is show about wartune what good things are coming, better than R2 forum.
    Cause R2 Forum doesn’t give much detailed or a video to show us – how does it work or what things is already change like it doesn’t give much detailed.
    – so whatever Cosmos post out what are things have been change in Patch 5.8 is TOK,SPIRE,DI,BI & Cata etc + new Eudaemon & a video to let us know more detailed & new event coming what after tonight event especially the recharge single gift – since there change it, I don’t see any Bound Balen anymore so can’t miss it to have Bound Balen by recharging it in Balen Lode where is Bound Balen. If the recharge single gift have Bound Balen than I don’t have to be so worry about recharging all my money to Balen Lode can just take my time to recharge single gift for any recharge bonus the great deal to do it.
    🙂 we Player need Bound Balen to get merge sylph or anything to spend it w/.

    Oh one more thing, I don’t think R2 explain anything about merge sylph can be use bound balen at all especial to mention what is better way to spend for skill etc. since there cost a huge amount bb/b for one skill for Thor/Trye/Freya/Frigga/Loki/Odin etc. plus there didn’t update the main menus in R2 pages like “Skill Calculator” (Knighthood skill), “News” & “Server List Color” still show yellow instead of Green.

  9. besserwisser doesn’t know the law
    wartune had to pay me 2100 usd for not holding themselves to the gamblng rules
    By the court
    besides understand verry well that all things written
    in warantys don’t hold any legal rigts
    so they try to make things up to avoid the law wich is ilegal again
    things are so easy when you know where you talk about
    but i think it is about time pl who write those wanys get inprisioned in the first place
    that also counts for Microsoft Aple and such
    in short the law is the law and that you are making software shouldn’t change the law
    and legal rights of the custommer

    • Hi The Trueth,
      Thanks for your support.
      If you want to share your story with all the relevant proofs we can publish it so more people know about it.
      If you want you can email me.

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