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R2Games game publisher harassing blogger

Hmmm… something tells me I should not Recharge balens anymore on my account…
– Cosmos

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  1. Leave the game if that’s what they do its a money all grab game I say fuck them and play something else

  2. as i said often.
    its 100% legal what r2 do
    they have the house right and if they dont want that they loose money cause of your blogging its 100% legal that they mute you

    posting this all day dont make anything better.
    do you think they dont read your blog?
    do you think they dont see your coursing against tehm?

    you can be happy if they dont give you an ingameban for
    character assassination. what you do is nothing else than this. you want to destroy their reputation not more

    but if you think that it is illegal what r2 do than you can go to the police.

    man what will happen to this blog? far away it was a good blod now its only a blog for coursing against r2

    • lol

    • my post waiting for moderation? do you want to censor me? this is what you call harassment when r2 do it to you isnt it?

      • The website has an anti-spam program and since you are spamming negative comments on multiple articles the program held your comment for moderation. I check the held comments daily and approve them.
        But as usual you know very little from this world and always post negative comments everywhere.

      • i dont post anything negative i just post somethink that is not your opinion.

    • The fact that you repeat your negative comments on daily basis on many articles does not make you right.

      As many other people replied to you, you don’t understand the law and your comments are just stupid.

      There is a European law and there is a law in every country, which are the REAL LAW. R2Games can announce whatever the hek they wish but they are not above the LAW!

      Discrimination and harassment against an individual are against the REAL LAW. Even if you do it in your own as you called “house”. You also cannot beat up your wife in your house just because that is your house and your wife. Why? Because there is a REAL LAW not R2Games law.

      There is no evidence whatsoever to your stupid claim that they lose money from my blogging. In fact they have earned extra profits from my 4 years of work and never supported us. We have brought them new players and we have kept players engaged and slowed down player quitting their their mis-management of the game. So go get some education before you write your negative comments all over the place.

      I repeat again that EVERYTHING we do is 100% legal.

      Thank you for your stupid recommendation to go to the police.

      This blog WAS good and IS good and there is no other Wartune blog that is even remotely at the same level as our blog. Posting 3 articles about R2Games harassments does not make this a bad blog.

      – Cosmos

      • than why dont you go to the police when you think r2 do something illegal?

        i dont post negative comments i just post my opinion not more

        sorry i just have it in german my english is to bad to translate it in a good gramma

      • picture 1: important announcement, the right for free expression tells that the goverment cant prosecute your for anything you tell

        picture 2: it doenst tell than anybony has listen to what you are saying, or have to give you space for it

        picture 3: article 11 of the europeen fundamental right dont protect you against criticism or reaction

        picture 4:when someone shout at you, settle your broadcasting or ban you out of an internerforum is this no censor in your free expression

        picture 5:it only meens that the people dont like you

        picture 6:and shou you that you are not welcome

        i hope you understand my bad english

      • “Why dont you go to the police”
        wisser…..that says it all.

        You comments are totally useless.

        Stop “expression your (stupid) opinion”.
        Start moving you brains instead and maybe something sensible will come out.
        I say, “maybe”

      • Thanks Laura

      • I have followed this site since day 1 and this is my very 1st post but it is clear Wisser that you are either 1 a complete idiot or 2 a very board child and maybe even both not sure. Cosmos has done nothing illegal ever in this game and has helped more people than he will ever know and I for 1 am truly grateful for this site and his advice.

      • Thanks for the support and voice of reason! 🙂
        – Cosmos

      • thanks for calling me idiot and child, because iam the one who understand what free expression is =)

        go and hate all r2 because all do it
        go and be all a fellow traveler
        please dont think yourself, because than you would see iam right

        thanks for the support the besserwisser

  3. Muted? Hmm seems familiar..

  4. You know what besserwisser means right?

    • Yeah he is the German know it all (translation from German to English).

    • No I did not know, but now I googled it and it is clear thanks 🙂 lol

      • No problem, I am a German player so I thought I would say something.

  5. LOL like its big loss if you stop recharging – you often brag how you are low casher / free player.

    R2 devs prolly just having funny moments if ever bother to read this blog. Prolly they not.

    • Where did I say that it is a big loss for them?
      Oh I know, nowhere. LOL

      • Yes you are right, it wont be loss at all haha.

    • If they arent reading this site, how could they know that they are even talking about them? I am pretty sure they have at least one person on here multiple times a day. Now if cosmos (one of the ways so many people know how to plan for events) decided to quit…. it would end up being very painful for them.

  6. I wish that R2 could realize that Dolygames have given them a lot of new customers and income. Motal and ethics is not R2 strongest side appearantly.
    Kudos to Cosmos and the rest of the gang at Doly to keep up the great work they actually do!

    • Thanks for the support Falk

  7. Hmm… One wonders if certain individuals are working for interested parties… Or just being trolls… Technically, they can mute your chat, but as for ignoring customer service? I don’t think so. If you are a customer with a legitimate complaint, they can’t ignore you because they don’t like you. It reminds me of the UFC blow up from a week or so ago. A reporter using legitimate means reported on an upcoming fight before UFC announced it. Dana White (head of UFC) gave him a lifetime ban from UFC, which blew up in his face. They had to repeal the ban quickly because while they could technically do it, it made them look horribly bad.

    • Ya I also thought the same if certain people from certain places are doing that on purpose.

      I don’t know that UFC story but ya in all the cases where the reporter (and bloggers are reporters too) gets information 100% legally should not be prosecuted or harassed.

      Thanks for sharing that,

  8. As I have said before, US based publishers LOVE bloggers and game devoted websites as they generate excitement for upcoming events and expansions. That equates to money in their pockets, not a loss of money. Games like Wartune are now at the declining stage as it has matured to the level where players leave the game faster than new players join. That means the game will ultimately die as it will not be economical to continue. So, when bloggers hype what is coming players are more likely to stay and see what is coming.

    LordRhys, Koram S6

    Sadly R2 has taken the insane stance that this is similar to a spoiler for a movie or TV show. It is ruining the experience for the player. This is the exact opposite of reality. This is not a “spoiler” it is free advertising for the game. Us knowing about patch 5.8 generates excitement, not people whining that they won’t play anymore because the now know the game is changing.

    • Thanks Tom, any professional can recognize and agree with what you wrote, unlike those harassing jokers.
      – Cosmos

  9. look like we have R2 commenting on your blog now… how about working on improving the game instead?

  10. “Something tells me I should not recharge any more balens on this account”
    After all the nerfs in the past 6 months, why would anyone even think about recharging? Muted or not. For me, losing 90% of every reward is much more painful than not being able to write on the world chat. Enough reason itself for not spending money.
    Also some comments on your blog: you disabled “copy paste” and “open in new tab” options on the pages. Hard to quote anything in a comment (see above), or browse your content (when I want to check subpages).

    • hi sorry we had to protect ourselves from people who were stealing our content and posting in other places without giving us credit so why we put the protection against copying
      hope for understanding
      – Cosmos

      P.S. I do enjoy the game and my friends, the game and R2 are not the same thing, they are just an unprofessional sub-publisher, so I was recharging every month for VIP/Spirit/LTime but if i am constantly muted and who knows maybe banned then I have zero confidence to put money

  11. About the main topic, R2Games harassing you for promoting their game, instead of sponsoring you:
    They make so many mistakes, all that is opposite the logical, during game management (just see the recent server merges, where they merge 2 crowded server clusters, kicking down everyone in rank and forcing people to quit); why would you expect them to react logically and reasonably to your blog?

    • Thanks a lot for the support
      I don’t expect too much from them based on their behavior, but trying to defend myself from the harassment somehow

  12. R2 is muted same to no reply to my ticket removed my banned for no reaoson R2 suck now only want money idc of ppl

  13. Seems a silly argument. I come here to find out what’s coming up so i can plan my game, as do many others on the same server. There are also people who don’t and would rather just play. We all have choices. So really only a place for spoilers if people want them. If Dolygames wasn’t here would i be able to get the information from R2 to plan my games ? no…so my style of play is not suited to their “uninformative approach” would i stay playing? no…u see where this is going don’t you….
    As for legal and illegal doings…why has a lawsuit not been forthcoming ? R2 surely have enough money to win it !!!!
    And Besserwisser. i stopped reading your points of law when u got the first one wrong. There is a huge caveat you have missed i believe intentionally. so you obviously have some sort of agenda

  14. players dont quit or stay because of blogs or infos from websides, they do it because games become shitty or devs do a (say it nice) bad job. to mute players in a game cause they give info to others only shows that they dont respect any players at all. cause if players dont get respected they dont do it for players but just for the money.

    yes its profit addicted company but there are enough examples where game devs run games in cooperation with players and still get enough money (example? eve online). and there are the same examples that show game devs who ruined their own work and games get closed cause they where just stupid idiots (want example ? need for speed world, just to say one popular one).

    players should take consequenses and quit hese games and ignore all other games runned by same company. enough good games out there, enough to stay away form companies that dont respect their players, cause after all the players are those who keep their games running and at the end players pay their checks.

    maybe some devs should visit some universities to join some lessons in economy, so they would learn some things from the real world.

  15. weird. game blogger usually got full sponsorship from the game developer. u can see how rich the game bloggers are from that by googling them. u re just an unlucky blogger LOL… and u knew R2 already so i dont think i have to add more comments LOL

    • Thanks Haura, yes indeed, unfortunately we got unlucky with such a horrible unprofessional game publisher 🙁
      We will certainly never support R2Games or their servers in the future.

      • Best advice DON’T PLAY THEIR GAMES!

        They use to be legit back in the days BUT they are now money hungry morons.
        They are rigging their game server’s and they are NOT even BBB accredited. There is a number of legal cases as we speak ( So it is only a matter of time ) But in saying that lol the people who are spending are feeding these morons.

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