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Locked out from Holy Sword Temple

Hey guys, a short post to share / inform you about getting locked out of the Holy Sword Temple; thanks to Toonatickz for the info sharing and trying to help others.

So the recommendation is not to refresh Wartune when you are inside the Holy Sword Temple. Toonatickz had a full team and got to the last boss, at which time, RedJade needed to refresh due to not being able to pick skills in the last boss fight. When she came back into Wartune she was in the Cloud City but the game / system was still counting her as being still in the room for the rest of the party so they could not complete the run.

They tried kicking her and re inviting her back but it said to us she was still in the room when she actually wasn’t.

Note: this does not mean that everyone is going to have this problem. This is a warning that you might have it, so better not to risk it as it is an important weekly dungeon. For other dungeons like DI which we have tested thousands of time we can be more comfortable (or even fine if we lose the rewards) but we all did not have sufficient history with Holy Sword Temple to know all the bugs and as the rewards are good you really don’t want to risk at all, so refresh before entering.

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  1. My team been having an issue where once we finish HST, none of us was able to leave. We have to refresh to get out. Once we refresh, we are back in cloud city but if you go to do digging afterwards, it will not let you dig until you switch maps.

  2. That is not just a HST issue. I had it happen to me in Imperial War. I got kicked out of the battle, but it said I was still in the room. Had to both log and wait for it to time me out.

  3. also me got this problem and solved , sending a ticket and many photos . wartune have gived to me the rewards misseds

    • good job with pushing and getting the compensation

      • yes. they have gived to me all the times the compensation. 2 times on 2.

  4. My team faced the same problem when i refreshed, i am at cloudcity after refresh and they invited me but i only can get to room and they still see me in dungeon. We lost the last boss attempt. Wrote to the developer and they still no news after 3 weeks

  5. Need only back go 1 floor and go 2 floor and np

  6. i got exactly the same problem in bi
    when they kicked me and reinvite me and i accept i enter the room not the dungeon,if i left the room again i can still see party chat but can’t speek in it , if they send world invite it says undecided room .

    but i didn’t think about sending a ticket didn’t honestly think they will give me the rewards , but will try next time

  7. I did speed recently and clicked wrong, ended up at home page, i didn’t refresh but i clicked reverse/backstep button, i found my self back in speed.

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