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Wartune Patch 6.5 Teaser Pics 5 – Holy Sword

Hey guys, for you: Wartune Patch 6.5 teaser pictures #5. This Wartune update is being prepared/finalized during February 2017 and is expected to be released in March 2017 for all players to enjoy.

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Patch 6.5 Teaser Light & Dark Shadow window Holy Sword

Patch 6.5 Teaser Light & Dark Shadow window Holy Sword

Patch 6.5 Teaser Wind & Water Pour window Holy Sword

Patch 6.5 Teaser Wind & Water Pour window Holy Sword

Patch 6.5 Teaser Fire & Electro Lightning window Holy Sword

Patch 6.5 Teaser Fire & Electro Lightning window Holy Sword

Patch 6.5 Teaser Holy Sword Animate

Patch 6.5 Teaser Holy Sword Animate

Short Video: Light & Dark

Short Video: Wind & Water

Short Video: Fire & Electro

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  1. so this is only good if u got a merged slyph thats me out then cuz i dont wanna buy one lol

  2. Of course these patches are for the big cashers, after all who’s gona spend $600 on this? Crazy right? Anyways this game is dying off…… mostly cashers beating up each other……the free players have abandoned this game…….when it finally goes away the cashers will have what to show for their heavy $$ investments? A big fat 0….lol peace out…..

    • to share a different point of view, every single year people say comments as yours and nothing like that happens; many players continue to enjoy the game, some spend money, others don’t

      there is absolutely nothing wrong for companies to profit from their “services” and we all should be thankful for cashers who “sponsor” the game for many thousands of other players to enjoy for free

      – Cosmos

      P.S. special thanks to a casher friend who helped me clear 20 stages in DI today 🙂

      • I’m “player free” and I’m happy with the game. (I’m have 3kkBR)

    • I happen to be a non-casher for the last 4 years to be exact, except for V.I.P. I thoroughly enjoy the game as well as having cashers there as part of being sponsors, it gives us non-cashers something to work towards. Like i said previously I’m a non-casher that’s been playing for 4 years,my BR is 7.71 million and even I can kill some of these cashers. So suck it up, enjoy the free game that the sponsors allow us to play, or move along with your negativity.

    • Eso es mentira, en mi server de kabam hay muchísima gente free y somos ayudados y disfrutamos del juego con gente de balens, así que no digáis tonterías

  3. Hmm… I wonder if they’ll make merged sylphs available for free, hoping to encourage players to cash for these new things. I remember with the dark and the light sylphs, they were casher only, and now they are easy to get for free. I hope merged sylphs will follow suit.

    • they are technically free now. You still need 60k balens, but you can now use bound balens, instead of spending cash for them just save your BB’s.

    • I’am a free player and have got a merged sylph(Loki) had too save bound balens for over a year

      • omg , i don’t have your patience , specialy with KH talents now , but Way to Gooo my friend :))

        • That’s what cahing is for, but this talk of $600, with it now being on Bound Balens, using a recharge event you can get for $200… $200 = 20k balens and 40k Bound.

          No sensible person would spend $600 on one.

      • Did you get it recently or a while back? I think the bb was a glitch and may have been fixed recently. I haven’t heard of anyone doing that in the last month or so.

        • I just got one using bb last week….is a good thing.

  4. free players have managed to make merged sylphs from bound balens. Granted takes ages to save them but u can get there in the end if you save them all up

  5. LOL yeah free players are flocking to this game…… dream on…’s a revolving door…. when most people realize it’s spend money or wait years to be competitive they’re gone…..

  6. I’m a free player on S1, playing since the day it started. Have 13.5m BR and a merged sylph made from BB.

    • and you wait for sylph how long 5 years thats stupid

      • Well first it did not take me 5 years to get 60k bb. Took about 6 months. Second, sylphs did not exists at start of the game and when they were introduced, they could not be made red, nor could they be merged. Seems you have some envy issues.

  7. none casher siting at 9mbr

  8. Will Sylphs “Br” be Boosted with this?

    how about skills of sylphs?

  9. Cosmos,
    tell me any interesting MPD or Quest of interest – all KH equip + all done
    > ToK is gone and Magic Square is crap
    > Spire NM i can kill alone and there is still no title for full run anyways
    > Sylph Atoll Boss: get boring shit and nothing happens
    > KH Dungeons: daily does not get any interest if all KH equip is done
    Please us your influence… lolol


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