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Wartune Patch 7.7 Various Changes & Optimizations

Hi everyone, here I share with you the Developer’s guide for Wartune Patch 7.7 “Various Changes & Optimizations” with some additions by me.

I also put below my video playlist for Wartune Patch 7.7 (best for you to see and understand) which is an ongoing work that you can refer to for all aspects of the Patch (some still being prepared).

1A) Wartune Patch 7.7 – all other VARIOUS Wartune Changes a.k.a. Optimizations:

1B) Patch 7.7 Video Playlist:

2) Patch 7.7 Various Changes & Optimizations

Titan Buff Adaptations

Boost to the Titan Blessing buff effects in the Titan Temple. See table below:

Titan Equipped Previous New – Patch 7.7
1 DEF +100% DEF +200%
2 HP +100% HP +200%
3 RES Reduction +100% RES Reduction +200%
5 Resistance +100% Resistance +200%
7 Awakening points +100% instantly Awakening points +100% instantly
9+ Strength, Intellect, Defense, Endurance +20000 Strength, Intellect, Defense, Endurance +50000

Changes in Shops, Check-in & VIP Weekly Gift

  1. Athena’s Shop: Lowered item prices and added some Willpower training items.
  2. Ares Shop: Lowered item prices and added some items relating to Eudaemon Guide, Relic and Titan.
  3. The Imperial Shop: Lowered item prices and added some Holy Sword and Relic training items.
  4. Adjusted Daily Check-in rewards.
  5. Adjusted VIP Weekly Gift Packs rewards for VIP4 and above.
  6. Added new items to Mystery Shop.

Athena’s Shop Patch 7.7:

Ares Shop Patch 7.7:

The Imperial Shop Patch 7.7:

Daily Check-in rewards Patch 7.7:

VIP Weekly Gift Packs Patch 7.7:

Added Auto-buy to following panels. Players could use Balens or Bound Balens to purchase items here:

  • Eudaemon/Willpower Upgrade panel
  • Eudaemon/Willpower War Emblem panel (valid for Eudaemon Warpath Crystal consumption)
  • Eudaemon/Willpower RES Reduction panel (valid for Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence consumption)
  • Eudaemon/Willpower Resistance panel (valid for Eudaemon Resistance Essence consumption)
  • Mount Refining
  • Holy Forge
  • Marriage Satisfaction training

Unlocked Bound Balens purchase for following functions:

  • Refresh Gift Party Shards in Gift Box.
  • Help partners to improve Satisfaction.
  • Add Exploration Points in The Outlands.
  • Purchase challenge attempts in Titan Temple.
  • Spin Wheel of Fate (Fate Stone, Tenacity Mark and Bead of Influence included).
  • Unlock Diamond Shields in Battle Protection.

Other Changes

  • Info on Talent Stone owned will be displayed in the Talent panel after class is knighted.
  • Updated items’ description with regards to their sources.
  • Fixed the issue where materials stored in Guild Vault was used when improving Holy Sword Inscription.

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  1. Are they ever gonna make world boss stronger? Maybe something can take more than a second to kill.

    • They have stated several times that they are not going to adapt World Boss but have instead increased gold income for players via other means such as Dragon Invasion and various events.
      – COSMOS

      • FALSE! They removed Bloody Inferno, so that is 80 millions gold less! They removed 10% of gold taken when attack a player in wilds, limited to 800 k gold. And so on!

    • Remove BI was good riddance, Broken Space gives lot more gold than BI did…

  2. pff and for those who can not do it is events or it’s too late in the night, they can never have pts to exchange all his items

  3. great job cosmos keep up the good work…a friend of mine pointed me to you thank you for the info

    • Thanks for appreciating my work.
      Plz consider to support via Patreon if are able to.
      And thank you to your friend as well for helping share the info.
      – COSMOS

      • yea Gift Box for refresh was use Balen and I guess now once that come Patch 7.7 will change to Bound Balen. Also Outland Exploration still pay Balen for enegry & Titan Temple. But whatever show in your video it seem everything are change to Bound Balen can use to refresh or added attempts 🙂

  4. Nothing new in Venus Shop, (old)Market, Wild Shop ?! Why are so expensive Charge Fragments and Animation Stones? Why they keep in Shop 1 Adv Henna with 50 balens? That is 5000 balens for 100 advanced Henna !!!!! Why Underground Pallace not come back?! Why not added new limit of Tattoo from 40 k to 100 k? Why not change the old chat with new chat, we are in 2018 soon, not in 1918. Why not add option with page 2 of ASTRO to do more astro with same stats? Why in wilds cant attack more times, and get at least 1% of player gold and bound balens? Is WAR game, is WARtune, than let be WAR! Get strong or die! Simple as that!

    • Pay to Win it’s not War 🙂
      It’s like legal cheats or fake competitions in boxing or horse racing.

  5. No new Titan Temple Buffs, despite them saying so in the patch. A bunch of people have written in tickets and complained… I hope we do get adequate compensation but we won’t.

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