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Nightmare Spire Chest Drop Rates (Patch 6.1)

Hey guys, in this article I share with you the drop rates of the Nightmare Spire Chest in Wartune. This is the chest content configuration for Wartune Patch 6.1 and we do not expect any changes in it for 6.3 but I will try to do another drop rate report after 6.3 to confirm the figures.

Brief Background for Curiosity

Spire Chest drops have changed a number of times in Wartune. Most notably in Patch 5.8 it was going to be made into a Weekly dungeon with 7 times the rewards to compensate, which is the drop rate report I did previously. Shortly after it was decided to give 7 times more chests rather than increase contents by 7 times, so most players did not even see this brief change. Below is just for reference:

Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest drop rates Patch 5.8

The chest name was also slightly changed from Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest to Nightmare Spire Chest:

Nightmare Ruins Chest Spire NM

Spire Nightmare Chest Feb 2017 item Wartune

Nightmare Spire Chest Drop Rates (Patch 6.1)

The drop rates seem to be rather simplified. There seems to be a 20% or 1 in 5 rate for all the items except the Fashion Cores. These still remain the rare reward with a 2% drop rate or roughly 1 in 50 chests.

Of course, one could combine Shard and Core drops into 1 as it is the same item at the end of the day. So from 100 chests we can expect roughly 8 Fashion Cores.

Bound balens are always welcome but there are only about 60 bb from 100 chests which is really nothing compared to any other bb reward in the game at present.

Nightmare Spire Chest Drop Rates Feb 2017 Patch 6.1


  • Do you like the these rewards or think they should be changed?
  • Do you like the Spire Dungeon (normal / NM)?
  • Did these drop rates surprise you?

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  1. Guys, i have one question that is not related to this subject: do you know how many days we can wait before we collect EXP from that button on the left of the screen?
    Thanks in advance

    • i don’t know of any max but it keeps on accumulating over days
      but if you login daily just click and collect that’s best

      • Thanks đŸ™‚

  2. I got 800mill exp running black hold cavern 21times lol

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