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Nightmare Spire Chest Drop Rates (Patch 6.5)

Hey guys, in this article I share with you the drop rates of the Nightmare Spire Chest based on 4575 chests in Wartune. This is the chest content configuration for Wartune Patch 6.5 following my previous report in Feb 2017 done within previous patch.

At the bottom you will also find references to previous Spire reports if you are curious to see them. Spire Chests’ drops changed a lot in the history of Wartune.

Spire Nightmare Chest Feb 2017 item Wartune

Nightmare Spire Chest Drop Rates (Patch 6.5)

The chest drops are similar to that of the previous report (Feb 2017) which confirms that no changes were made following Wartune Patch 6.5 The drop rates remain rather simplified – seems to be a 20% or 1 in 5 rate for all the items except the Fashion Cores. These still remain the rare reward with a 2% drop rate or roughly 1 in 50 chests.

Of course, one could combine Shard and Core drops into 1 as it is the same item at the end of the day. So from 100 chests we can expect roughly 8 Fashion Cores (7.78).

Bound balens are always welcome but there are only about 60 bb (57.53) from 100 chests which is really nothing compared to any other bb reward in the game at present.


Feb 2017 report:

Nightmare Spire Chest Drop Rates (Patch 6.1)

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  • Do you like the these rewards or think they should be changed?
  • Do you like the Spire Dungeon (normal / NM) compared to other weekly dungeons?
  • Did these drop rates surprise you?

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  1. Very surprised 😀 Ya,like rewards,but it`ll bevery good,if in chests were whips of smth else)))

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