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Orderly & Wise Titans

Hey guys, regarding the 2 new Orderly & Wise Titans in Wartune we have the following basic info we share in this short post. If you have additional info please put in comments or email me.

Wise Titan Seal

Orderly Titan Seal

Orderly Titan:

Immediately restores all awakening points.

Orderly Titan – Iron Will

Wise Titan:

Removes cooldown for the next active skill.

Wise Titan – Arcane Power


Thanks to all the people who helped gather / share information on the new Titans as well as point out the correction of visa versa posting of the description.

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  1. Ah… cool… not as overpowered i and some other free players had feared.

  2. It looks like you have to get your Titan to level 4 in order to get the new Titans. Do you get them both then? Or can you choose which one you want? If you only get one, which one do you get, and when do you gt the other one?

    • you spend 80k bal in big spender to get 1

  3. u can get 1 now if u spend 80 k balens

    • I’ll pass on that – thanks though. 🙂

  4. so, what does the next active skill mean? is it any skill that you click on that is under cooldown ? If you click on one thats not under cooldown instead, does that just blow ur chance to use one on cooldown after that? if u time it to hit just before u awaken, could you then use ur sylph delphic first. it normally starts on cooldown? I love a game where nothing is explained when added.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

  5. I want to know is there a chance to get titans for free or its only for balans? Tnx for info

    • seems to be for cash for now, however it is not clear if some day free way one can get it by getting to 4.0

  6. What are stats for Orderly titan?
    Image attached for wise titan but not for orderly titan

  7. looks like orderly titan signals an end to using your character skills at all. just set it as the first titan to proc and then sylph almost immediatly. Saw that twice in latest class wars.

  8. On this topic,

    As a Mage with Knighthood skills.

    I have just got the Orderly Titan.

    I’m just testing it out, but using Lightbringer first move. (100 rage – As clothing lvl 190+)

    Then rage rune, and awakening point maxed by round 2-3 then going slyph mode.

    Then by round 5 using orderly to see if it re-tops my slyph awakening while in slyph

    As in team fight this would be huge advantage if awakening point restore while in slyph mode.

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