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Free Player Reaches Knighthood Achievement

Hey guys, in this short post we want to show an example of a 100% free player reaching Knighthood. Here is some information and video from Panzer (thanks!).

  • This was especially possible due to the reduction in Knighthood requirements – see our article here
  • Panzer is playing Wartune for 3 years
  • He has never recharged and shows on the video proof of this (First Recharge Pack is still active, RES Shield not unlocked)
  • So it is very much possible unlike some people who make huge complaints.

P.S. The bit about the VIP is no longer possible. He achieved the level 9 via old Fishing system VIP daily cards.

Video: Knighthood Achievement

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  1. 10 lwl dragon profession. everyone free to do Biliran

  2. Taking 1 “crazy” player as example does not show what reality holds…..

    • Why “crazy”, my COSMOS Knight account also has more than enough for Knighthood all gotten 100% free, just I am waiting for a good henna cleansing event compared to this player who did not wait and activated immediately.
      There are also lots of other players completely free very near knighthood.
      – Cosmos

      • If people actually PLAY the game that is the result, if people COMPLAIN well then there is no result.
        I’m another Free player with knighthood and I was getting 4k adv henna almost each event, sometimes I had to skip forge event because I had not enough materials to do it so saved for next 2-3 weeks.
        Spending 2 billion+ gold on both normal forge and forge with clamps can give you alot of boxes which can be exchanged for alot of chests, but I guess its much easier to not do wb, not do di not do anything that gives gold because what is the point I can’t get knighthood without cash.
        I have last res shield unlocked I spent alot of time gathering balens from free offers but patience pays. Before the offers for free balens got changed we could watch videos now its nearly impossible to find a good offer.
        I’m lvl 0 vip, never was a vip except for 1h cards.
        Got 28k bound balens myself but instead of spending on talents I’m leaning towards saving and merging a sylph another thing that can be achieved for FREE if you play right. I’m just missing those 32k blaens, got maxed athena, maxed gaia and enough those thingies to evolve + enough moon rock and moon dust to make it into an odin just those bound balens.

    • It is very possible, so do not get discouraged. I do pay for vip and recharged once for ten dollars to do a res. shield. I am only 1700 adv henna short of making KH and that is with missing a couple weeks playing and not getting aggressive with earning it for a month. Ask advice from people and some wll be forthcoming on ideas. And I do feel for those who paid for it and also those struggling with it.

  3. He has vip points, he is not a 100% free player, he is an ex-casher.

    • Well perhaps you could fully read the very short post where it is very clearly explained where VIP points come from 100% free way before you accuse people of being untruthful.
      – Cosmos

      • you know that when you stop recharging your vip you start to lose vip points? and then you have level 1 vip again? i use to be level 5 vip and when i stopped recharging i go back to level 1 again . i am sure he is a casher specially you said “VIA OLD SYSTEM” so he must have gone back to lvl 1 by now

      • That’s simply poor knowledge of Wartune. Old players who played during the old Fishing system have accumulated sufficient VIP cards that they are still not finished using. And yes you do lose points if you lose VIP but not if you know what you are doing (think at what exact points the system decides to remove points or not). So you are free to continue accusing good people – that’s your freedom of choice, but be clear that it is far from real facts.
        – Cosmos
        P.S. furthermore, if anyone recharges at any point they would not have the first recharge pack available, which is clearly shown.

      • sure wartune will give you 3 years of vip from a fishing system:D 😀

      • He is free player if you noticed at the beginning he still has the initial recharge package that you get automatically when you recharge minimum of $5.00. as for VIP it was indeed possible to get 3 years of free VIP if you do it right. So i agree with Cosmos on this that this toon is a free player and not an ex casher.

      • Not true.i get vip lev 9 and stop paying about one year and i qm still lev 9

      • PAYING!!! NOT FREE you can’t just get level 9 vip.. plus i was level 5 vip and now i am level 1 , do you think my toon is bugged?

    • u can get balens from offers,i know totaly free player,ho get bi slyph on tree,he wos save about 1600 balens.3-4 hard work with offers but he get odin.yes is hard way but its possible.i now farming For Res shield.ok i dont spend lot time,but in 5 day ,ok with today 260 balens,without recharge…oferrs are still on;)

  4. Do i count as a free player or no casher if i recharged only 500 balens and wont recharge more ever?

    • even if you only recharge 1 balans you are no freeplayer anymore

    • For me you are basically a free or near-free player, but I am a relaxed person. Some people are very extreme with words and definitions and will say that no you are a casher putting you in the same group as people who spend 100,000 dollars, which I feel is silly.
      I suggest just don’t stress about that, play, enjoy the game and don’t get involved with silly discussions like “you are evil if you have money even though you worked hard to earn it and normally should be free to enjoy as you wish”.
      – Cosmos

  5. After this recent reduction in tattoo requirements, there will be more free players getting knighthood. Just need to plan ahead more and be active, it just depends on how bad you want knighthood. I am over halfway there now with 5500 stats without spending anything on adv henna. May have to skip the next adv henna exchange to let my resources get built back up.

  6. dunno weather to believe or not…the most hard working free players in my server dwelling around 3.5k to 4k max. So forget abt 9000 according to the new patch…those gift piles in cc help a bit though 🙂

  7. Be prepared to spend bale a for the knighthood skills it gets expensive u f u cks
    Quit this shit game and get a fucking life u morons this company is stealing ur money since u all are dumb enought to recharge for anything have fun b ing top br players agains cashers only
    I’m leaving this crap hab

    • dont proyect yourself man 🙂

  8. hmmm

    lets see how far knighthood he can go with no cashing XD

  9. Cosmos you dont have to respond to anyone’s accusations. There are a lot of butthurt terrible wartune players out there who dont know how to use their resources/build their toons correctly. At my server there are at least 4 free players who are nearly knighted for free(including myself).

    • You are right, thank you. I was just trying to defend the person who actually put effort to record a video and send us information to share with everyone. If we let people attack all creators then nobody will be motivated to create.
      I am the first to know how inhuman and retarded haters are but I tend to be stronger since I am doing this for years, so they cannot hurt me, but new people might get upset and stop sharing.
      Thanks again,

  10. sorry but somehow hard to believe in this,,,and he also have spare henna,,,no way

    • I have 6.5k stats + 11.8k regular henna + 7.2k advanced henna on my COSMOS account all 100% free. So I have no problem with “believing” this also since it is clearly shown on the video.
      Any high level player who is following our website, studying events, planning and thinking smart should be having knighthood 100% free within 1-3 months max.
      – Cosmos

      • COSMOS PLEASE you are 100% free the last titan war video you had like 1k+ balens 🙂

      • Reading problems? I said i’m getting knighthood 100% free, i did not say my account is free. OoOo 🙂
        – Cosoms

      • any recharge you do will get you some adv henna so no that’s not correct 🙂

      • you are a light cahser comos and you are only 5.5 mil br and a tottaly free player is 7 mil br ye seems like wartune 😀 😀

      • Firstly there are very few 7 mil BR free players. Secondly, I spend a lot of hours writing articles for you and so i am not able to do all events in the game every day, which is why my character is weaker, which is my loss for helping you.

  11. I think I’m leading on my server for non-cashers and my stats are at +3300… Still a long, long way from Knighthood. Yes, lowering it will help but for free non-vip players it’s another 6 months… At least. Congrats for him doing this but 99% of free players will reach Knighthood in 2017.

  12. Ок after 3 year we all will be knighthooded – viva la this game!

    • Also fortgot! Ffter been knighthooded you would need to pay for upgrade alot of knighthood’s stuff or play another 3 years to get it (maybe) free sometimes LAWL)

  13. So much angry on this site…there are just players..write that stuff in forums not here.we can say only thanks for hard works to cosmos and other for share info whit us
    In 3 years hard eorks we learn a lot of stuff.they give as a joice a way to go and play.normal henna u can get a lot when is dimesios event.skip one or two event and u can do henna event.its hard but all can do.we older ppl have some benefits from fishing vip cards.but we earn that.its ur problem that dident play before.not only fishing.there wos underground palace too.i wos take break one year and missend some good stuff.but that is my problem.if someone cashing.that his problem.take 500 is not big deal.what about person ho spend more that u have in one year working.that his problem not yours.i have few paysafe card to buy 500 balens.or buy somthing on internet.its my choice.Totaly respect to cosmos and his team.and thank u for spending ur real life time to put info about game.i know its somtimes big stress.keep going with good work.and heads up;)

  14. Totally lie. i’m playing since april, 2013. I have 5.8 Mill br, +2670 stat from henna. Used every free event at the maximum possibilities. Buying only 3 month vip for balens and thats all of my spending. This is bullshit…

    • right. have no balens or vip does not mean he never recharged. vip can expire and balens can be simply consumed.

    • noob, try play smart and you will able get 3-4k adv henna from exchange in some good events

  15. vip bonus cards we got fishing in the past, do not increase vip level and they are only 1 hour vip each, so even if they would count for increase vip level, would need very much of them for do a vip lvl 9 which take months…

    • noob, if you will activate it before reset – you will gain 10 points

    • U r wrong. VIP card increase VIP lvl over time. I have 20 VIP cards more and rise my VIP lvl to 5. Use VIP card be4 reset. Never recharge. I have 3500 tatoo stat and 3.2k adv. henna all from exchange events.

      • Upss. Comment refers to Anonymous comment.

  16. he has 28k BB without recharge? don’t kidding. would take 20 years for a free player get all those (without spend them in the meanwhile also). BB you get as a bonus, together with normal balens, during recharge.

    • Very silly comment. I have 80k bb and some of my free friends earn a lot more. Just because you have poor knowledge of the game does not mean it takes 20 years to achieve something. You wanna crank up your bb 100% free? then run dimensions to the maximum getting as many mines as you can and do all your Archaeology and daily logins and anything you see bb on. 28k is not that much for an active and smart player.
      – Cosmos

    • 10k bb I got in sky adventure for 1st place so another 18k you can get from 15 rare balens mines in dimensions, if it takes 20 years from you – you are noob

  17. Easy to get BB in Dim, it’s just time consuming, in 2 months I collected over 60k BB with mines.
    so stop complaining about BB 25k is nothing

    • You need to be really lucky to find mines in dims. There was a point where I searched through several dims completely trying to find mines and nothing. I would bet there are some that do dims regularly that have still not found a mine.

      • so you gave up, other people did not give up and ran dimensions every single day – that’s the difference

      • I still run dims just about everyday, just don’t have the time to search the whole thing, only kill towers and move on.

  18. With patience any player can accumulate enough items and hit the highest reward tiers of hot events before/around the expected time of tattoo event, then reap thousands of advanced henna when it comes.
    The point is it happens at a different pace for everyone and people are put off at the perspective of working and planning for months, especially if they don’t have help. I’m a free player who’s lucky to be part of a great team so usually have enough gold or mount whips for when events are up and attained knighthood as soon as the stats were lowered.

  19. Nice! MB you can give some tips how to get knighhood for a free player and to a post about it. I guess it canbe better that just showing some toon.

    • You want a tip ? Do DI, WB, BI, Narra, tara and save as much gold as you can. purgatory maze for those stoves and vulcan hammers, make extra equipment to holy forge, save enough to make a reasonable amount of forging

      • 100 percent correct, works like a charm. If I figured it out the first month I would be KH now.

  20. How is it possible i am a true free players who does everything possible for my normal and adv henna and i am nowhere near this…did his server get knighthood and tattoo’s 6 months earlier? if not then i sense some BS

    • Save your gold, hammers, stoves and stuff to make 80 legend equipment and holy forge 1k times or more during event. I am 2900 stats away from making knighthood by doing this and not spent anything on adv henna. If I would have figured this out sooner, would probably be knighted by now. Takes alot of time and effort but can be done.

  21. nice im working my way up to knighthood as well and ive also been playing for about 3 years but i stopped playing for about a year but im back at it and hard at work grinding out to reach it , gratz to panzer for making it , its well deserved

  22. 3 years to get knighthood? Haha, i get knighted within a year, never recharge and vip zero. I should post a picture of my toon 4m br and knighted.

    • The only reason you were able to do that is because of all our work and player complaints which resulted in higher rewards distributed to everyone. So kindly stop laughing at other people when you don’t seem to know the history of the game.
      – Cosmos

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