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Wartune Titans icons and names

Hey guys, a small / short post to share icons of Wartune Titans and names:

(in order from left) Time, Revenge, Ocean, Just, Light, Moon, Orderly, Wise

Got a better image:

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  1. What do Time, Revenge, Ocean and Just do? I guess they start showing up in new patch? Are you still limited to selecting 5 at a time?

    • Details in 2 days 🙂
      Dec 1

      • do you allready have wrote all the articles and will make them all public at december 1st, or do you start writing them at december 1st and we will have to wait some days to see all the changes?

  2. how do you go further than the first 3 ?

    • you have to pay for the rest

      • 🙁

  3. you said 4 of the titans name but there is 5 .. in 2nd picture its to the left of just titan

    • That is Dark Titan.

      All of this information is available on the R2 Wartune forum already. Patch 6.3 on News and Events.

      • It looks like the Wartune companies have tricked us by forcing us not to publish; what can I say, they keep on not-surprising us with their unprofessional/evil behavior
        – Cosmos

      • How does them posting a day before you’re allowed to making them unprofessional and evil?

      • because we could have posted everything weeks ago and the only reason we did not is because we were forced not to where Dec 1 was supposed to be the publish date for all
        now we find out that they posted the night of 29th which means they had all information way before that while they told us they do not have the information and told us that they are receiving it now and will send later today to us
        – Cosmos

    • will publish full details shortly, this was just a brief post

  4. cosmos bro plz post video explanation is more convinient.

  5. when they asked you to not publish till Dec 1, I saw it coming they will publish before 🙁

    • It only takes 1 time to break trust – now we clearly know they lied to us, so we will remember that next time.

      P.S. Our work is significantly higher quality than what they post so even though they cheated us we will still come out on top both in quality and in moral values

  6. the only way to beat r2 is post vids about patch

    r2 doesnt post vids cuz they too dumb

    vids are highly popular at least it shows us the gameplay not just the pics

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