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Dragon Invasion 20 Levels Team – Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo

Hey guys, here we share another team who had successfully completed 20 levels of Dragon Invasion: Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo. Below you will find the pictures of the team fighting 19 and 20 bosses as well as each person’s character detail (note just for clarity: Cosmo here is a different person than Cosmos from DolyGames).

Reminder from Cane about solving the problem of level 19 boss not appearing: “the trick is to refresh after collecting piles from level 18. Once you refresh the boss of level 19 will appear.”

As you can see from the Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo team, there is a high BR requirement for completing Dragon Invasion, which also will include obtaining of knighthood skills for the greater damage output.

Dragon Invasion Boss 19 with Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo

Dragon Invasion 19 Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo

Dragon Invasion 20 with Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo

Dragon Invasion 20 Cane, Xerxes, Essobee, Cosmo

Dragon Invasion 20 Cane character view

Dragon Invasion 20 Cane character

Dragon Invasion 20 Xerxes character view

Dragon Invasion 20 Xerxes character

Dragon Invasion 20 essobee character view

Dragon Invasion 20 essobee character

Dragon Invasion 20 Cosmo character view

Dragon Invasion 20 Cosmo character

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  1. thats so kewl!! congrats all

  2. Initial credit for the refresh trick goes to Camages who told me during a BG session.

    • Hugs Cane..glad to help

  3. And on behalf of our group, thank you to the Doly team for doing such a nice article.

    • * wink *
      thank you 🙂

  4. Who gives a fuck if you can pass it you all spend shit ton of cash so yeah you’ll pass it the rest don’t have a fucking chance at it fuck this stupid shit

    • dude clam the fuck down

    • We don’t have a chance YET. But now we know what we need to have in order to complete it.

      And eventually we will have enough too.

      So chill out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m jealous too, but I’m not going to let myself get angry about it. Life is too short for that.

      • yes ull have chance next in next 10 years lol

    • wow they show us the time to show us what the levels look like and this is the way you act. It’s their money to do with what they want and should never come into question. If you do not like something just don’t post and if you don’t like the way the game is done don’t play but don’t be rude to these guys.

      Thanks guys for showing us this and gratz to you guys

    • King highly every person is welcome to have their opinion but i am sure you are able to communicate it in a human non-hurtful way.

      Thanks in advance for respecting this in the future.

  5. nice to see u people pass an yes what they do is there bisness with there money but its also true, not spender like them dear ull need another 10 years to pass lvl 20 lmao AN SHURE AS HELL WONT SPEND THIS MUCH TIME ON THIS GAME me …
    me almost 4 mil 2 years play an happy with it an 15 bosses di is ok for me 🙂 gratz again niku 😀

  6. gz for showing us these important lvls i know i will not see them yet but its nice to see some 1 willing to show us

    yes i agree its their money they can do what they want with it

    some ppl who dont want to cash its their prob they not strong enough

    i only buy vip and spirit con now and then and i can get to lv15 – 16 with my team and thats good enough for a noob like me lol

  7. Sorry for the hateful response it just makes me mad knowing it will take me years to beat one dungeon that’s not worth my time. I love the game but with recent changes its gone to crap

    • I agree that this game has gone to crap. But you are mad about not being able to beat this dungeon and yet you say it is not worth your time. If it is not worth your time, why are you so worried about it?

  8. I just don’t do it lol

  9. I just wanted to add that having little to no lag is a huge factor in making it to level 20. Even with strong players just a few extra seconds per round lag can make the difference between finishing and not

    • Yes lag plays a big factor. I would bet if lag was a non factor for everyone, each team could go 1 or 2 more levels further than they normally do. Another thing that would help is add a done button to the collection timer. When each person gets done collecting gold, they could hit the done button and save several seconds each round. Even with the lag, my team is usually waiting 10 seconds or more for the next boss. I know that would never happen because it would be helping us.

    • Once helpful tip shared by Eliatan is to click the screen to bypass the Victory Scene.

  10. The lag good luck with that its been almost four years and the lag is still there they will never fix it

  11. Of course they will never fix the lag issues for a few reasons – 1) it benefits the player if they fix you won’t spend to raise BR which you need to beat it as is, 2) they are probably the most incompetent bunch of programmers and coders developing games out there today (they would have found a way to screw up PONG), 3)they need to upgrade servers which would require them to spend money on something other then themselves the greedy POS’s

  12. My group decided to go for a challenge last night. 3 knighthood archers highest BR at 8.75M no fourth person on team. Cleared all 20 stages with 40 seconds left after final boss. Will try to do again and upload video next time.


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