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Dragon Invasion All 20 Levels Completed

Hey you guys, huge tattoo stats and incredibly strong knighthood skills have helped me and many other players clear even more levels of Dragon Invasion. Previously I claimed that level 18 was the final level, even though it seemed like a strange place to stop. Turns out there is a bug where the level 19 boss doesn’t show up unless you refresh your page. Once you beat level 18, one person from the team can refresh and hit level 19, and there aren’t any other issues aside from defeating the bosses. I can now say quite definitely that there are 20 levels of Dragon Invasion, and that’s the end of the line!


VIDEO: Wartune Gameplay – Dragon Invasion ALL 20 LEVELS!

Checkout the gameplay of me and my guildies beating all 20!

Note: In the video we don’t have enough time to see it, but in fact there are 20 levels and if you have more than 30 seconds at the end of the last fight, you’ll see this congratulatory message:


Tips to Clear More Levels

I’ve previously written a guide to speeding up your team’s Dragon Invasion run, and I don’t think much has changed in that respect. Check it out here:

Dragon Invasion Guide: Tips to Clear More Levels

Players with Knighthood will need to adjust a bit to the speed of their new skills and how much rage they cost, but otherwise there isn’t anything I’d add to the guide.

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  1. why you say all 20 level? you get kicked before the countdown to boss 21 ends, so why you know there are only 20 and not more?

    • This time I’m almost completely positive. Yes, I would’ve liked to show that there’s no boss 21, but we didn’t have time with this group. I know others that have passed all 20 with plenty of time to spare and they got a congratulatory message.

    • I added a picture from a friend that shows the message

  2. Funny how this was created by Elitan the day after Cane from the East coast sent in the information and he was not mentioned.

    • I made it pretty clear in the video that I recorded this a few days ago. This is something I’ve known about for quite awhile now and was just trying to assemble a team that could illustrate it.
      Regardless, thanks to Cane for taking the time to send in info; we always appreciate it.

  3. Could you guys have a knighthood knight do a character overview? pretty please

  4. Elia,

    You should show a Spire NM video using the same tactics with wind kids. We use two Thors and two wind sylphs. Right after level 15 stuns everyone pops. Wind sulphate just keep stealing and Thors keep using Delphic. Throw in the Vulcan skill, which also doesn’t cool down, and you are done with the last nine levels in no time.

    -PoisonArrow KabamS83

    • Oh wowwww this is awesome, thanks!

      • Have you tried it that before Elia?


      • Hey I hadn’t until last night after you mentioned it. Eventually the thing that gives 0 cooldown goes away and we had to get out of sylph. Do you get it so that the cds never come back or are you guys so op that you one shot everything lol.

      • If there are only three of us it takes longer. But with the right 4 people you should make it to the end or pretty close. The key is the Vulcans and the Thor/Herc delphic. The wind rangers keep throwing cursed arrow because they have no cooldown and no other option. The wind sylphs keep stealing so you have plenty of awakening points. If done correctly each delphic pretty much one shots the boss. -PA

      • Okay awesome thanks 🙂 I’ll give it another go soon

      • Hey just wanted to say thanks again 🙂 Recorded a nice run and I’ll publish it within the next couple of days.

      • Thx for the shoutout in the vid. I noticed a comment you had about amnesia rune and doubling up on a skill. Pretty sure that doesn’t work. It takes away the skill, not just the skill slot. Easy way to figure it out. Just load the same skill in all 5 slots and then duel someone. Have them amnesia you. I just dont have the patience to do it lol.


    • My team has beat spire nm and if IIRC, most of us was using oracles for the healing. One was 8.5 mil BR with thor and the others counting myself was anywhere from 3.5 to 5 mil BR, I am a little over 5 mil. It was a real challenge especially once you get to level 21.

  5. Gratz on beating all 20 levels in DI, really impressive. Will be a long time before I will ever get that far. So far, level 15 is the highest my group has made it.

  6. all accounts showed in the video are yours? i see you change screen of 4 accounts/characters while recording lol is weird

  7. So in shot 1 min must complete 1 level to beat entire thing

  8. I always kept sayig there where 20 stages!
    Wartune itself said it the first time DI was introduced (or just either before or after…cant recall)
    It was only a pure test-to-see thing..BUT IM GLAD U DID IT! 🙂
    stupid stage 18 bug btw…..!

    guys….just 1 question….how many knighthooded ppl do u have in ur servers??
    Cause i met only 2/3 of them..and since patch hit everyone at the same time….i was wondering whether u have more bigger cashers or what….. 🙂

  9. I got one question Eliatan, how do I get more points to lvl up my KH skills? with exp, how much, where can I see that? ty

    • Ah darn I haven’t kept track of how much for each level, but it’s 1 skill point every 4 levels.

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