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100 Henna and 1 Clothing Shard Exchange

Hey guys, in this post we talk about the recent Hammer Chest Exchange II, specifically focusing on the 100 Henna and 1 Clothing Shard Exchange.

Leftover Mini Event Items

Firstly, if there are leftover mini event items (Milk) then it is a no brainer to exchange for these. In this post we are not talking about leftover Milks but using Hammer Event Chests to exchange for Milks to exchange for these items – if that is a good idea or not.

Is it a good idea to make this exchange?

As you know 1 chest will give 10 milks, so in fact this translates to:

  • 1 Hammer Chest = 1 Clothing Shard
  • 20 Hammer Chests = 100 Advanced Henna

So let’s look at this 1 by 1:

Exchanging for Clothing Shard?

1 single clothing shard is one of the “worst” or “easiest” drops from the Hammer Chest. Based on this we believe it would be crazy to exchange chests for this. You are much better off simply opening the chests (at least for a chance to get 10) or by using the chests in much more interesting exchanges (such as 1000 advanced henna for 120 chests).

August 2016 update for the 10 clothing shards:

10 chests for 10 clothing shards is actually a good deal for smaller players who are usually still behind in getting all the clothing sets. So if you still need clothing shards in order to get all the sets then definitely use 10 chests to get 10 shards (this is the same as forcing a 100% drop rate of a 1 clothing shard). After you have all the clothing sets then naturally the above recommendation holds.

Exchanging for Advanced Henna?

Also, not a good idea. We can exchange 1000 advanced henna for 120 chests, which is 8.33 henna per chest. This exchange, 100 adv. henna for 20 chests is just 5 henna per chest, which is 40% less. So no, this is not a good idea either.

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  1. Exchange milk for adv henna can be a good idea from the moment that get 120 chest with forge event it is almost imposible for free players who need clamps( we dont have enough) we need make 300 forge each day to get 120 chest.As always we must wait till last day of event and see what is better.In my case even get few advanced henna is good.(sorry my english)hope u understand what i mean.

    • Not sure you are aware of this but you can easily make extra rings so you can do forge events if you don’t have enough clamps.

  2. like snowball said if we cant get the 120 chests by the end of the event at least we can get some henna from this like if we get 100 chest then we can get the 1k but we could get 500 for exchanging the chests yes its the half for 20 chest less so not a good deal but at least we can get some adv henna, of course if we do get enoguh we will use it for 1k adv henna

    • You can only exchange 200 milk for 100 adv henna once.

  3. i would exchange all my chests for cs if it was unlimited
    u only get maximum 400 cs from 1k chests so if i need the cs really bad i would do this event

  4. 120 chest for 1000 adv henna…thats the only time free players get adv henna eventhough the ratio of exchanged was nerfed compared to months ago…

    i did exchg 120 for 1000 adv henna in apr event i think

  5. Are you displaying adds on the website now?

    • yes we always were i believe, doing out best to get some money in
      still in big trouble financially, but doing our best

  6. About holy forge, im stil colecting clamps to do 1k holy forge and get all the rewards and exchange it for 1k adv henna but faster i will die in a car accident rather do that haha 😀 hope they will add res event tomorrow 🙁

    • making 1k holy forge is quite impossible unless you earn 3-4 months of harvest and do them, the best way to do 1k holy forge is make a new lvl80 equip and do holy cast.

  7. hello cosmos i just ask if we can talk in something like pm i have one question i hope i get answer from you

    • if you have a private question that you don’t want to post publicly you can always email > Home > Contact

  8. nice article ^_^

    • thank you 🙂

  9. U forget about 1 thing Cosmos. In way they do events now (for few weeks already) we get 120 chests for 1k adv henna exchange on begining on new week with almost no or 1 semi event for free players. Its almost impossible to get 120 chests before exchange ends without cashing. Exchange ends they add events like sylph sepu/mahra res crystals etc. SO its still better exchange milk for some adv henna than nothing.

    • well it is never “nothing”, there are other things you can do with 20 chests such as exchanging 1 missing clothing with a bit more, 30 chests to get the title, that would be more effective than 1 advanced cleanse click

  10. I know it’s old, but you use this article as reference often.
    Exchange for clothing shards isn’t bad. Most of stuff you get from chests is crap anyways, and clothing shards don’t drop from every chests. They generally drop from 1 in 3 chests. Chance for 10shards is minimal.
    So if clothing shards are what someone is after, this exchange is godsend.

    • Hi, you have a good point, I will add it, thanks

  11. where can you exchange clothing shards?

  12. I’m not sure if I understand this update from August 2016. Where can I actually exchange 10 chests for 10 clothing shards? I am free player and I’m way behind with costumes. If you could explain with new event items names it would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

    • Look in Hot Events, event item exchanges.
      Good luck,

      • The only thing I can see is exchange 10 mini items for 1 clothing shard. But what you meant I guess is to first Exchange 10 chests for 100 mini items to get 10 clothing shards if I’m correct.

      • Yes that is how the system worked, we exchanged chests for mini items to buy/recycle shards/mounts.

  13. i saw noe in this event that will be something like 4 exchange of 100 adv henna each so for 80 chest u can get 400 adv henna. maybe will be better to exchange at the finish if u don’t get 1k adv henna.
    Is my oppinion.
    Adriah s226

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