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Dragon Invasion Guide: Tips to Clear More Levels

I’m back from all the holiday time with my family and friends, and this is a blog and video I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. Dragon Invasion is one of the most important dungeons to do in Wartune, since it gives a huge amount of gold and other useful items. Here I want to layout all the things my friends and I do to get through each of the levels faster. Though the video I show does go to level 18, these tips are more about how to reduce wasted time and increase your team’s DPS (damage per second) and improve on whatever is your current standard.

Sylph Choice

Bringing an “attack sylph” is really the best way to go — electro, fire, and fire+electro pets increase your attack stat, therefore increasing your damage dealt.

Skill Choice

It may seem trivial at first, but smart skill choices in Dragon Invasion can save you and your team precious seconds. Balancing speed and power is key, and requires a bit of practice. Often I’ll see players use very powerful, very slow skills during the early rounds, when really a much faster attack would have been enough to kill the boss, and saved them a few seconds. If you lead with slow skills like Thunderer or any type of delphic, you’ll most likely have to wait for the boss to deal an attack, instead of clearing the level before the boss wastes your time. Eventually, the fast skills aren’t powerful enough to defeat the bosses in one round, so then it’s appropriate to use slower, higher power attacks. Below I display some good choices for each class.


Fast, medium power: Icebolt, Rain of Fire
Slow, high power: Thunderer


Fast, medium power: Ultimate Slasher, Death Warrant
Slow, high power: Delphic Destroyer, Enhanced Delphic Destroyer


Fast, medium power: Armor Piercer, Multi-shot, Soulhunter’s Arrow
Slower (but not really slow), high power: Delphic Sniper

Rune Choice

The runes you choose depend a bit on your individual needs. I think a safe bet for everyone is a brutality rune.

For players that don’t have a lot of initial rage, a rage rune can really help increase your DPS, by allowing you to use higher damage skills.

Chaos, Amnesia, and Mire runes are nice choices for players that have high level clothing and don’t need a rage rune to help them get in big attacks. These runes can be used to sneak in a little extra damage and gain some rage very quickly.

Eventually there’s a point where the bosses will start hitting you very hard. If you’re a player that runs with people stronger than yourself, there are probably levels that your team can pass, but you’re at risk of dying to the boss. Though other options are better during the earlier levels, you should switch to heal and/or guardian runes once you’re getting beat up, so that you don’t need a mage to heal you that will lower the team DPS much more than using runes.

Enter Fights Faster

The game will stall a fight until all party members have chosen their first skill, so entering each of the battles as quickly as possible is very important. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s much more to this other than your computer power/speed. A refresh before starting and the occasional cache clear will help minimize your lag, but really it’s more about your computer and internet quality (I still wouldn’t buy a new computer to play a browser game…).

Get to the Dice Faster

It’s very easy for your team to lose time at the dice rolls — a few extra seconds each round turns into over a minute of lost time as your team begins to beat higher levels. Though some of this also has to do with minimizing lag, one thing my friends and I do is skip the “Victory” sign at the end of each fight. If you click on the screen as the Victory sign is opening, the game will close it and leave the fight very quickly, which gets you to the dice rolling sooner. It’s easier to explain this in the video (linked at the end of the post), where you’ll see that I never sit through the victory pose at the end fight. If your whole team does this, you can probably get everyone through the dice rolls in under 5 seconds.

Eudaemon Choice

Wind Rangers make all the difference in Dragon Invasion. Even if you don’t want to use a ranger as your main eudaemon for PvP play, it’s completely worth it to build one up a little for PvE tasks like DI and World Boss. If you build a ranger for PvP, you’ll want to get the bleed skills, but for PvE, you really only need to build one skill: Cursed Arrow, and if you’re feeling a bit luxurious, Delphic Charge Shot as well.

Cursed Arrow is key to huge damage, since each one increases the amount of damage the boss takes by 40%. If everyone in a 4 person team has a wind ranger, then the debuffs on the boss will stack to a total of 160% increased damage taken. Your party can then time their skills so that delphics and other hard-hitting skills hit the boss when the debuffs are active, and then build rage while Cursed Arrow in on cooldown (for 30 seconds). These stacked debuffs are so effective that now most parties I go with will not have to use sylphs until level 14 or 15 — I think for a team averaging 2.5-3M battle rating, you probably won’t need to until level 13 or 14.

EDIT: A big thanks to Zorich for crunching some numbers and pointing out that I was wrong about the way the buffs are stacked. Regardless, the point is that the more rangers your team has, the better:

“Just an FYI – the Damage from 4 Cursed Arrows isn’t cumulative, it’s multiplicative.
IE, it’s not 40% + 40% + 40% + 40% = 160%. It’s +40% * +40% * +40% * +40% ~~ (1.4 * 1.4 * 1.4 * 1.4) – 1 = +284% Damage.
It’s why a 2.2M Thunderer pre-arrows turns into an 8M+ Thunderer w/ all 4 stacks of Cursed Arrows in play. If it was only +160% that 2.2M Thunderer would only go to about 5.8M.” – Zorich

Rotation and Skill Timing

Here I’ll outline rotations your party can use throughout the event. The difficulties aren’t anything set by the game; it depends a lot on the power of your team which levels are easy, medium, and hard difficulty.

Early/Easy Levels

  1. All Players – Fast class skill (listed earlier)

Middle/Medium Levels

  1. Wind Ranger – Cursed Arrow
  2. Boss Attack
  3. All Players – Thunderer/Delphic

or as things get a little tougher:

  1. All Players – Brutality Rune
  2. Wind Ranger – Cursed Arrow
  3. Boss Attack
  4. All Players – Thunderer/Delphic
  5. Boss Attack
  6. All Players – may need something very small to finish off the boss, like a basic skill, chaos/amnesia rune, or fast class skill

Late/Hard Levels

  1. All Players – Brutality Rune
  2. Wind Ranger – Cursed Arrow
  3. Boss Attack
  4. All Players – Thunderer/Delphic
  5. 1-3 players – Awaken
  6. Boss Attack
  7. Awakened Players – Non-delphic Sylph Skill x2 (some times only time for 1); non-awakened players – build rage
  8. Wind Ranger – Cursed Arrow
  9. Awakened Players – Sylph Delphic; non-awakened players – Thunderer/Delphic

It’s pretty normal for groups to arrange which players will use their sylphs at which levels, and when they do, they usually awaken immediately when the battle starts. The rotation for late/hard levels very specifically does not sylph immediately, because there’s no way to use the sylph delphic while the first set of cursed arrow debuffs are on the boss. It’s better to use a strong class skill, then awaken, and wait until the second round of cursed arrow debuffs have struck.

VIDEO: Wartune Guide & Gameplay – Dragon Invasion 1 to 18

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I hope there’s something here that can help take you and your friends to the next level! Is there anything else you guys do to speed things up in Dragon Invasion? Get talking 🙂

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  1. Just an FYI – the Damage from 4 Cursed Arrows isn’t cumulative, it’s multiplicative.

    IE, it’s not 40% + 40% + 40% + 40% = 160%. It’s +40% * +40% * +40% * +40% ~~ (1.4 * 1.4 * 1.4 * 1.4) – 1 = +284% Damage.

    It’s why a 2.2M Thunderer pre-arrows turns into an 8M+ Thunderer w/ all 4 stacks of Cursed Arrows in play. If it was only +160% that 2.2M Thunderer would only go to about 5.8M. I’ve tested this out quite a bit. Feel free to number crunch to verify.

    • Thanks for this! Your calculation seems sound to me; I’ll put an edit into the post 🙂

  2. Great info, need some practice, but already did 2 bosses more then normal, and it was our first time.

    • Awesome 🙂 Keep trying stuff out and figure out your best routine. For awhile we could only beat 16, but we managed to shave off more time until we could beat 17 regularly.

  3. You forgot to mention something quite important. If you use a ‘fast’ skill, you will do the skill before the curse shots. You would almost be better off to wait half a turn, or to use a slow skill so you can hit after the curse shots. (aside from the first few levels where they die quickly anyways)

    • To amend my statement – I felt like you were implying that in your guide, but not explicitly said.

      (Sry btw, can’t edit posts)

    • You’re right if I were talking about using the fast skills after the boss attacks, but in general I use them before the cursed arrow buffs, during the early levels where those buffs aren’t necessary to kill the bosses quickly. I think if you’re going to let the kids attack first, you might as well use a higher power skill.

  4. agree with other,, but not bout death warrant skill for a knight,its a wasted,, i am 3,2m br knight.. and allways reach stage 13,even i go with 2x 2m br char,, death warrant waste our rage + the damage not higher as ultimate slasher do..

    • Wellmy friend that’s not quiet right, in fact death warrant does about 1/3 more damade

      • Evidently I cannot spell very well, lol

  5. Rain of fire is a multy target attack. Why use it in dragon invasion where there is a single target? if you use multy target attack on single one, it no reduce the damage?

    • There’s actually one mob at boss 15, where it helps if someone has an AoE equipped. Rain of Fire is a low rage cost skill that deals a bit more damage than lightning bolt. Since icebolt has a 30 second cooldown, it doesn’t hurt to have another option 🙂

    • It is a reasonably fast attack, and it is also the single most rage efficient attack a mage has available, and it has a short cooldown compared to Icebolt.

      Also, at least in the case of RoF, single-target or AoE doesn’t affect the damage against any target, as far as I know.

  6. COSMOS see this topic in the forum, can you have any ideas or tips what to do, we can not hear. We ask for help, but in response to silence. Let us unite our efforts and extend wherever possible in their posts and forums of this message.

  7. level 16 (and i assume subsequent) drops clamps instead of hooves.

    • Yeah I forgot to mention that in the blog post, but I did talk about/show this in the video. The post is more about clearing more levels, not so much about the rewards.

    • lvl 16 does drop clamps, but not all the time. some teammates get clamps while others don’t.

  8. If you are strong enough to kill first 1-5 bosses without eudaemon support, take them off for those fights. They add to the time loading their skills without needing their damage. Every second counts in DI so that may be enough to gain the next boss. Just don’t forget to put them back on. 🙂
    PoisonArrow Kabam S83

    • You can only do that if you have “Lazer” in your team carrying you guys, lol

    • Haha thanks this is a good point, I’ll give it a try soon.

      • Same strategy works in spire very nicely as well.
        Kabam S83

  9. Can someone dive into the files and tell us how many levels there actually are, and what their stats are?

    I expect that there can’t be more than 18, just due to time constraints, unless they add some new mechanics to it, or change the current mechanics.

  10. Well Well there is more than 18 stages on DI…

  11. I believe there are more bosses after 18, is that true? Someone said that one person has to refresh to trigger boss 19, but I am not sure how accurate that is. Anyone have more info?

    • Just seen the post above mine lol

  12. We usually have a non knighted mage at 4th place hitting in damnition on first round does. its another extra 30% for the big skills

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