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Damage Power Chart of Merged Sylph Skills

Hey guys, previously I have published reference articles for sylph skills, for Light & Dark, Fire & Electro and Wind & Water. In this article, I pick out all the damage dealing skills from the 3 different merged sylphs in Wartune and plot them on a ranking chart from the highest damage dealing skill on top to the weakest one on the bottom. I have also color coded the bars and added an identifier tag so it is easy to recognize the different sylph types.

This chart should not be used to say which sylph is the best, but only which sylph can dish out the biggest damage output. I often tell or reply to players’ questions that sylphs are tools and there is no such thing as “the best” – we should use the most suitable tool for whatever task we have in Wartune. For example for Dragon Invasion you want pure damage, but for Time Portal you need a healing ability, etc.

Skill Damage Chart Observations

  • As expected we find the most powerful skills with Fire & Electro sylph. On the chart the top 3 positions are taken by these. The disadvantage however is that they are mostly 1 target hitting skills.
  • Next 2 belong to Light & Dark sylph with 400% and 360%; one of which is an AOE, which is helpful against multiple opponents.
  • Wind & Water is, as a more of a support/healer sylph, lower on the damage chart. This is not a surprise. However, the 300% Ice Bolt and the 280% AOE are nice damage skills.
  • If we take 3 best damage skills and add up their percentages then Fire & Electro will have 1470%, Light & Dark will have 1040% and Wind & Water will have 860%. So roughly speaking one could say that F&E hits 50% harder than L&D and about double as hard as W&W (but bear in mind that F&E has very little on the protection / defense side of things).

Damage Power Chart of Merged Sylph Skills by COSMOS DolyGames

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  1. Now, when it’s free, i can finally nake Thor 🙂
    One question, tommorow same events as today?

    • yes just big spender – i posted on our facebook page (

      • Oh, dont have fb acc:)
        Thanks guys a lot

        • i believe you can visit the page even if you have no account
          for very short phrases i post there as it is not enough to make an article out of it

          ur welcome 🙂

          • Oh, k, will try that some other time, now i have your lin

  2. When is the free sylph merge? Without balens and bound balens.

    • There is no such thing.

      • yes there is the fusion spirit lol

        • HoneY was asking “when” is the merging free completely and I accurately replied – never.
          As you mentioned we can try to get fusion spirit to pay the cost, but that is not a simple or automatic task – requires work.
          – Cosmos

          • requires cash also it seems so its either pay 60k balens or bb or pay for fusion chi to get fusion spirit lol buying fusion chi is more expensive i think lol

          • As Cosmos states it take patience in which i have. i have 412 chi already and not a penny into game for a month. The way i look at it is wartunes wants everyone to have a merged sylph now or they wasted time in doing holy sword. It will take time but free players will in deed have merged sylphs

  3. Quando Entra Evento De Sylph

    • Gostaria De Saber

  4. When Does Sylph’s Event Come On ?

  5. Hurry and make it Patron Exclusive

  6. Hi Lavash/Ellia, big question here /big fan..
    I`m an archer and I wonder about ivnesting in matk, I have around 400k patk and 10k matk, (hate to invest in something I don`t need) and I wonder: if I get a double atribute sylph, like loki for ex; matk & patk, while in sylph mode will I do more damage if I have more matk on my archer or that stat doesn`t affect sylph-mode`s damage, as my toon is based on patk. Rly need your knowlege on this. Apreciate all your hard work, keep it up.

    • Only the highest amount of atk works. If you have 400k patk and your sylph 100k matk and 40k patk, you will get 500 atk in sylph mode.

    • to our knowledge the attack values would add up but we suggest to follow the “natural” attack type rather than having both, i.e. look in the sylph attributes which one is highest, strength or intelligence and use that attack type

      as far as your character, it does not matter what attack type he is, it will work fine with any sylph

      • Thank you David and DolyTeam, you`ve been most kind and helpfull ^.^
        Good Day to you.

  7. Very nice work Cosmos. Haha im sure even publishers dont have this kind of chart lols. Very nice.

    • thank you Fiero 🙂

  8. Thank you for all you do COSMOS!! 😀

    • Kind of you AURORA 🙂
      With support of good people I continue to work 🙂

  9. im a former player from 2013 who quit playing at lvl74, just wanted to know if now we just should be skiping all the lvl60-70 legend farm and go straight for lvl80 content, since audaemon rise alot the br, even tho have no idea how accesible they are once lvl80 is hitten , ty

    • You might already know the answer but skip the lvl 60 and bellow stuff and go straight to lvl 70, base equipment is now lvl 70 and you need to upgrade it to lvl 70 legendary, then from legendary to lvl 80 and so on.

      At the rate we get exp you hit lvl 80 in couple of days depending how much you play.

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