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Light & Dark Sylph Skills REFERENCE

Hey guys, this is a reference article for all Light & Dark sylph skills to help everyone check or plan things.

Sylph Fusion of Light and Dark Guide Featured Image


  • Level 1 skills
  • AP = Awaken Points
  • CD = Cooldown /s
  • Hits = Targets on whom the skill applies
  • Spec = Special or Specification or Focus
  • Note: to access higher rarity skills you need to upgrade (refine/merge) your sylph.

Light & Dark Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Hits AP CD Spec Skill Info
Delphic Light of Inspiration 2-4 500 45 heal Deals 185% damage to 2-4 random enemies and converts 100% of damage dealt to HP regeneration.
Delphic Apocalypse Judgement 1 500 45 dmg Deals 400% damage to the enemy with the lowest HP.
Heavenly Body self 30 def Reduces damage taken by 60% for 3 turns.
Omnipotent Ray all 45 heal Deals 210% damage to all enemies. Restores 20% HP.
Helios Blessing self 500 45 heal Restores 75% HP.
Awe 1 45 dmg Deals 271% damage to a random enemy and decreases its Awakening points by 500.
Divine Prayer 2-4 45 dmg Deals 250% damage to 2-4 random enemies. Increases their damage received by 15% for 2 turns.
Light Arrow 2-4 15 dmg Attacks 2-4 random enemies dealing 185% damage.
Holy Vow self 45 heal Restores 40% HP and increases Crit rate by 30% for 3 turns.
Delphic Endless Engulf all 500 45 dmg Deals 360% damage to all enemies. 50% chance to deal 50% of base dmg for 5 turns. Cannot be dispelled.
Devil’s Gaze 1 15 dmg Prioritizing players, deals 280% damage to a random target and decreases received healing by 50% for 3 turns.
Devour Soul 1 15 heal Deals 265% damage to a single front row target and converts 40% of damage to HP.
Haunt all 15 buffs Dispels 2 buffs on all enemy targets.
Lightbeam Sword 1-2 5 dmg Deals 180% damage.

Light & Dark Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Spec Skill Info
Agoran Shield reduc. Decreases damage received by 20%.
Mass Assault dmg Damage dealt increases by 15%.
Blessed Wind reduc. Damage received -15%.
Blessed Fire dmg Damage dealt increases by 15%.
Divine Wrath awake Chance to reduce enemy’s Awakening points by 300 when attacking.
Blessed Electro heal 10% chance to restore 20% of Max HP when receiving damage.
Power of Darkness reduc. All Damage received -15%.
Divine Howl awake Chance to recover 300 Awakening points when attacking.
Blessed Water heal 10% chance to restore 30% of Max HP each turn.
Power of Light reduc. Decreases damage received by 20%.
Malediction of Shadow spec 10% chance to “Chaos” the enemy for the next round.
Dementia dmg Damage dealt increases by 10%.
Master of Light dmg Damage dealt increases by 10%.
Redeeming Light dmg Each turn, chance to receive a 20% dmg increase buff lasting 3 turns.


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  1. Delphic endless engulf is just wrong CD 15 sec LOL

    • Or you could be more human and say thanks for the work, please notice the typing error.

      • oh no, i mean nice job, there is nothing wrong the cd is 15 sec, i mean that cd is lol coz all other delphic are 45 sec

        • game bug, coz in time portal i am spam delphic endless engulf for this 15 sec dc

          • ya it actually says 15 seconds in few places

        • thanks 🙂

      • Learn to not be such a pussy

  2. Thanks for the easy to read layout.

    Does the Learn random skill for free work on merged sylphs?

    • welcome 🙂
      i haven’t tried myself but one guy told me he did it that way by doing “Forget” many times
      hopefully someone else can confirm
      – Cosmos

      • Yes it works, but for for a water/wind sylph its hard, becauser there are so many skills xD

        Thor was much easier.

        • Thanks, should be making Loki in the next week.

          Given the cost of skills was really expensive unless they’ve changed it my intention is to use the learn skill feature to a random slot to try and get a reasonable number of skills I want, hopefully more than half and then start forgetting the worst skill and doing another learn skill, the more highly preferred skills it has the sooner I’ll switch to the forget worst skill method rather than random slot.

          I prefer my fire sylph to gaia or athena so taking some time to perfect the skills on the merged sylph is unlikely to be a major issue, at the very least I’ll be waiting until the next adv sep event before doing any upgrading of it that might make it sufficiently stronger than my fire for me to want to use it.

  3. What exactly is the point of this post?

    • I’m don’t know either, why did you make such a pointless post?

      Assuming your referring to the article rather than your own pointless post then it is to put all the skills together in an easy to read format for people to be able to easily compare them rather than having to go through every skill individually and try to remember all the useful ones.

      • No my comment is not pointless. Dolygames team just keeps posting such useless posts and keep calling them hard work. “Hard to remember” you are saying. Please stop joking around mate.

        • So you are coming here just to troll rather than for information?

          Don’t you have better things to do than waste time reading stuff you have no interest in just so you can complain?

        • The article isn’t pointless, nobody is claiming the article is an amazing new source of information you can’t get anty other way but it is easier to look at all the skills at a glance in the simple table layout of the article rather than to individually go through dozens of them

  4. Notice that there is not necessarily a logic behind price of skills. E.g. Blessed Fire (1.000 balens) and Mass Assault (15.000 balens) both increases damage by 15%

    • well did you know that those prices are still the same as they were before they change what each of those element ski;ll effect is? they used to just provide protection from their own element, and each went for 1,000. after the element skills themselves were changed, their costs didnt change with it. so…

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