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Fire & Electro Sylph Skills REFERENCE

Hey guys, this is a reference article for all Fire & Electro sylph skills to help everyone check or plan things.


  • Level 1 skills
  • AP = Awaken Points
  • CD = Cooldown /s
  • Hits = Targets on whom the skill applies
  • Spec = Special or Specification or Focus
  • Note: to access higher rarity skills you need to upgrade (refine/merge) your sylph.

Fire & Electro Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Hits AP CD Spec Skill Info
Delphic Deadly Kiss all 500 45 dmg Deals 315% damage to all enemies.
Delphic Roaring Lion 1 500 45 dmg Deals 570% damage to a random enemy, but increases dmg received by 20% for 2 turns.
Jupiter’s Wrath 1 30 dmg Deals 275% damage to a random enemy (player priority). 100% chance to disable 2 skills for 2 rounds.
Delphic Thunder Wave 1 500 45 dmg Deals 470% damage to a random enemy.
Vulcan’s Blessing self 500 45 buff Increases damage by 60% for 3 rounds.
Delphic Vulcan’s Judgement 1-2 500 45 dmg Deals 430% damage to 1-2 random enemies.
Shock Chain 1 15 dmg Deals 187% damage to a random enemy and boosts its damage received by 15% for 2 turns.
Infernal Inflammation 1 10 dmg Deals 270% damage to a random enemy and increases damage received by the target by 10% for 3 turns.
Consuming Flames 1 10 dmg Deals 150% damage to a front row enemy and causes the target to lose HP by 64% of base damage for 3 turns.

Fire & Electro Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Spec Skill Info
Lightning Splash dmg 20% chance to deal 100% base damage to an extra target when attacking.
Molten Might dmg Increases damage dealt by 5% each attack for 5 turns. Can stack up to 20 times.
Blessed Electro heal 10% chance to restore 20% of Max HP when receiving damage.
Blessed Wind reduc. Damage received -15%.
Divine Wrath awake Chance to reduce enemy’s Awakening points by 300 when attacking.
Divine Howl awake Chance to recover 300 Awakening points when attacking.
Blessed Fire dmg Damage dealt increases by 15%.
Blessed Water heal 10% chance to restore 30% of Max HP each turn.
Static Field reduc. 20% chance to prevent an enemy Crit next round.
Fire’s Might dmg 10% chance to deal +20% damage next round.
Spirit Fire Mastery dmg Chance to increase crit rate by 30% for the next 2 rounds.
Razor awake 20% chance to increase Awakening points by 150 for oneself when combatting a crit.
Unstable Voltage dmg Increases damage dealt by 5% for 2 turns when taking damage. Can stack up to 10 layers.


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  1. Only merged sylph that I’m interested in 🙂
    Thanks for post guys

    • welcome 🙂

  2. are they still going to release a sylph skill up?

    • not sure what you mean

      • he ment the skills are only on level 1, if we sometimes can level the skills

      • in the future, yes

  3. ohh ty very much cosmos ellia for your hard work.just one Question which fused sylph is best overall.odin,thor or frigga.

    • There is no such thing as best. Sylphs are tools and we should use the best tool for whatever job is needed.

  4. Was Thunder Ablution skill replaced by Vulcan’s Blessing?

  5. Isn’t Infernal Inflamation CD 5s?

  6. Is Firestorm, AOE skill, not available for Thor? If so then it sucks.

    • Firestorm isn’t there and neither is devouring Lava which I find to be great in titan temple. The fact the merged sylph doesn’t have those along with the fact that 3 of the skills I’d take are delphics and so require 500 awakening points is why I’m picking Loki for my first merge.

      I have BBs just waiting for sylph event on Tuesday, mainly for the adv sep event but hoping they may update events and put adv mahra in as well, I’m also partly waiting to see if they they give fusion chi in next weeks events, if I could get a fusion spirit in under a month I’d probably wait and save the BBs, probably for use in riders box but from just rave it will be at least 2 months, probably 3 and that would mean missing out on too many orbs.

  7. The Tyre/Thor skills are indeed pretty awful in a way. The fire/electro exclusive passive may be awesome but the active skill rooster looks horrible.

    1) The merged Delphic Vulcan’s Judgement has got a lower output percentage compared to the Fire Delphic Vulcan’s Judgement. Don’t get me wrong: I know the final damage value will still exceed the Fire Delphic because the merged one is patk+matk and Electro + Fire, thus resulting in more power. But that doesn’t compensate sufficiently for making it look, aesthetics xD

    2) Infernal Inflammation and Consuming Flames both got double cooldown lengths. Their damage output percentage did increase though, so I guess I’ll let this one slide.

    3) Delphic Roaring Lion has got a debuff on the caster despite being the most powerful sylph Delphic. Not a big deal, but just a stupid implementation I’d say.

    4) Jupiter’s Wrath may have achieved a slightly higher damage output percentage and applies amnesia on 2 skills instead of 1, but the cooldown being 3,75 times as high (3,75 x 8s = 30s) is just a redundant change.

    5) Nearly every single good Fire and Electro skill is gone:
    -Thunder Absolution (30% heal; reducing damage income by 30% for 3 turns and increase damage output by 30% for 3 turns)
    -Devouring Lava (very decent damage to an entire front row + targets will take 15% more damage for 3 turns)
    -Flash Storm
    -Thunder Strike
    -Firestorm (an AoE which applied 80% bleed for 5 turns)

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