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Wind & Water Sylph Skills REFERENCE

Hey guys, this is a reference article for all Wind & Water sylph skills to help everyone check or plan things.

Sylph Fusion of Wind + Water Guide


  • Level 1 skills
  • AP = Awaken Points
  • CD = Cooldown /s
  • Hits = Targets on whom the skill applies
  • Spec = Special or Specification or Focus
  • Note: to access higher rarity skills you need to upgrade (refine/merge) your sylph.

Wind & Water Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Hits AP CD Spec Skill Info
Delphic Swift Wind all 500 60 buff Increase 300 Awakening points for all teammates each turn for 3 turns.
Delphic Holy Water Shield all 500 60 heal Generate a shield that absorbs 40% of Max HP for 3 turns. Cannot be dispelled.
Breeze Blade 1 10 dmg Deals 150% damage to a single target in the back row.
Wind’s Grace 2-4 30 dmg Deals 145% damage to 2-4 enemies and reduces their resistances by 30% for 3 turns.
Ice Armor all 15 buff Purifies debuffed allies.
Windcrest all 45 dmg Generates reflective shield for all party members that reflects 20% damage for 2 turns.
Whispering Wind all 500 45 buff Increase damage dealt by all teammates by 30% for 3 turns.
Steal all 45 dmg Deals 280% damage to all enemies and steals 500 awakening points from their team to your team.
Delphic Acheron Wave all 500 45 dmg Deals 280% damage to all enemies.
Ice Bolt 1 25 dmg Deals 300% damage to the enemy with lowest HP.
Tsunami all 15 dmg Deals 195% damage and removes a debuff for all teammates.
Warm Spring 1 15 heal Restores HP equal to 135% of damage to the teammate with the lowest HP.
Airy Guardian self 30 heal Increases Max HP and current HP by 50% for 3 turns. HP returns to original afterwards.
Ice Shield 1 45 heal Generates a 40% HP shield to a front row party member for 3 turns.
Water’s Spirit 1 500 45 reduc. Makes a teammate dodge critical attack for 3 turns. Cannot be dispelled.
Aquilon’s Blessing self 500 45 reduc. Reduce damage received by 60% for 3 turns. Cannot be dispelled.
Rain Dance all 45 heal Restores HP equal to 180% of damage to all teammates.

Wind & Water Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Spec Skill Info
Wind Elegance awake Reduces awakening points decrease rate by 20%.
Master of Wind reduc.. When character is hit by a Crit attack, dodge rate increases by 30% for 2 turns.
Breath Shield reduc.. 35% chance to decrease damage received by 20% for 2 turns when taking damage.
Spirit of Wind buff When a Crit hits an enemy, its dodge rate decreases by 30% for 2 turns.
Tenacity heal 20% chance to restore 20% of Max HP when attacked.
Divine Wrath awake Chance to reduce enemy’s Awakening points by 300 when attacking.
Blessed Electro heal 10% chance to restore 20% of Max HP when receiving damage.
Blessed Fire dmg Damage dealt increases by 15%.
Blessed Wind reduc. Damage received -15%.
Blessed Water heal 10% chance to restore 30% of Max HP each turn.
Ocean Mirror heal Increases healing effects by 15%.
Divine Howl awake Chance to recover 300 Awakening points when attacking.
Water’s Heart awake Reduces awakening points decrease rate by 30 points every 3 seconds.
Wind’s Breath dmg Increases Crit rate by 10% when attacked for 2 turns. Stacks up to 5 layers.


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  1. Guys, i have 1 question about that windcrest skill. It says that it reflects 20% of damage, but my question is-do you still recieve 100% of damage and 20% of what you recieve is being reflected, or you recieve 80% of damage and rest (20%) is reflected?
    Thanks in advance

    • hi all reflect spells reflect whatever amount of damage, in this case 20%
      when attacking, full damage is applied

  2. hint for dolygames: brad lvl 2 have gived to me a green card demonic spear. so, the lvl 5 shouls drop an orange card. lvl 2 green , lvl 3 blue , lvl 4 purple , lvl 5 orange 8or the color that we’ll have).

    • i meant info , sorry

  3. in europe server, delphic Acheron Wave, deals 280% demage to all enemies and not 350%.

    • fixed to 280% thanks

  4. Windcrest for Frigga and Freya is for 2 moves, but just for 1st hit it is removed (for wind works full 2 moves). That is strange but I can guess why that is done.
    Water’s Spirit is really fun skills, it works once if sylph would recieve death blow (if hit would kill it) then it will be dodged but, have tested, dont work everytime some time sylph still gets killed while skill is active.

  5. Would be very nice if you could display the price as well.

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