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Level 5 Sylph Skills – Wartune China

Hey guys, here to share with you info on Level 5 sylph skills which comes from Wartune China, thanks to Ezio. This gives us 3 pieces of information:

  1. That we will be able to level up sylph skills.
  2. That this could result in big strategy changes as skill effects are greatly increased.
  3. We can see specific value examples from the pictures showing huge damage.

Let’s first have a look at Thor (Electro + Fire):

Thor – Level 5 Sylph Skills

What we see on this picture is the 2 strong damage dealing skills “delphics” where one does 648% damage and the other 850% damage. Those numbers are pretty massive! For example if we talk about Delphic Vulcan’s Judgement the current damage output that we have is 440%, so by leveling this up it goes as high as 648% and that is a huge increase in damage. You have to consider that this is “free” damage that goes beyond any armor / defenses. So pretty scary stuff, which might indicate that the game might be becoming “who can kill faster” type of a thing, because I am not sure it is possible to defend against this.

Odin – Level 5 Sylph Skills

And here we have the example from Odin level 5 skills where the delphics go to 560% and 520%. Naturally, not as high values as Thor, but the Delphic “Endless Night” is an AOE and it is also a big increase compared to today where we have 310% for Endless Night. Dangerous stuff indeed, but pure damage output against a single target will remain in the area of Electro (with Fire).

Casher vs. Non-Casher

Of course players should wonder about the difference between cashers and non-cashers or light cashers, because if these things (double element fused sylphs + sylph skill upgrades) will be for casher only then the others will have a much more difficult time. That said, let’s hope that they put some kind of a system that all players can develop, even if slower, so everyone can continue to enjoy.

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  1. wat about none delphic skills ?

    • that’s all the info i had, but is enough to indicate that all skills could be increased by as much as 50%

  2. and lvl 5 is max ?

    • don’t know honestly, just posting what we could find / receive

      • but that said, since these are top players, it’s safe to think that indeed level 5 would be the highest

    • Yes what i saw was lvl 5 max…but could increase a lot….

  3. Lions Roar is a very nasty skill…today my friend (winner of current classwar) told that lvl 1 Lions Roar hit the world boss with 12m+crit damage…so imagine about the 880%+1000.

  4. dont have to worry if its for all kind of players, cause its not. this wont effect free or light cash players enough to make big diff for them. only diff will be that worldboss will become complete useless for us, cause in time we make 1 mio dmg big cashers will kill it, so another part of game that is useless for all free players.

    also makes all pvp parts useless. big ones go afk and normals cant even make 1 dmg. seems time to quit

  5. what will i choose for my main sylphs , hecate or arise? i am an archer

    • Since you are an archer you should use Poseidon (or a Triton or an Iris) if you want healing and aoe,Zeus (or Hercules or Eve) if you want damage or Venus(you can call her Aphrodite too) (or use Athena or Apollo) if you want aoe,damage and/or healing.Hecate and Aris are physical sylphs and they are useful to mages.

  6. How can I get up to 5 levels in my delphic?

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