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Daily Archaeology Experience Data Analysis

Hey guys, in this post we analyze the daily experience earned in Wartune’s Archaeology feature based on the data I received from Brian S384 (thanks :P). I have prepared a visual, easy to understand, chart which I share with you below:

Daily EXP Gain by Map Type

For this chart we have 71 data points or 71 days of Archaeology and here are our observations on the results:

  • Experience earned falls between 1010 and 1710 per day.
  • Erandel gained the lowest, but my theory on this is because it was the first map to be done by Brian and I am expecting that EXP rises per expertise level (you get more rare items the higher you are in Archaeology level). That said, Autaric Plains were also one of the first data gathered and they did have high scores in their data set.
  • All the maps are roughly in line in the daily EXP earning, so although we do see high and low points there is not enough sample size / data to say that one map is better than another in terms of experience gained in 1 day.

Daily EXP Gain without Map Type

We also have additional data without map type, so we we combine the 2 data sets we have 114 days of data which we also plot on the chart below.

  • On this data the minimum daily exp in Archaeology was 995.
  • The maximum was 1710 (visible also on the chart above).
  • And the average daily gain was 1282 EXP.

Archaeology Level Requirements

We also know that:

  • Archaeology Advanced level requires 5,000 experience
  • Archaeology Expert level requires 25,000 experience
  • Archaeology Master level requires 125,000 experience
  • (next unknown)

, which means according to the data that you can reach:

  • Advanced in 4 days
  • Expert in 20 days
  • Master in 98 days or roughly 3 months

Archaeology References

  • Archaeology Furniture and Items Table – REFERENCE [click]
  • Archaeology Levels [click]
  • Beast Souls and Nickel from Archaeology [click]
  • Archaeology Rewards Guide [click]


  • Does your daily EXP gain from Archaeology fall within this range?
  • If you gather a lot of data including map type you are welcome to email to Cosmos.
  • If you reach Master level please share a screenshot of the experience required while hovering mouse on it to see the little window as well.
  • Generally people have been happy with the new Archaeology feature in Wartune: do you think they will nerf it or improve rewards over time once we get all the items?

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  1. knowing wartune, the rewards will at best stay the same, or get worse

    • They’ve already gotten worse, they exchanged the 999 roses with 99… then again, maybe that’s better… I do NOT like the lag and major mess up on the eyes those showers create. 😀

  2. over all I like it – however the maps are very small unlike the old maps of various sizes, the other thing even lvl 20 players can get to Erandel now….

  3. i am sending u another archeology related excel file 🙂

  4. btw i think it stops at master level, since i dont see any more titles after expert-

    • There is also a grand master

      • Than ancient master lord

  5. acho que o wartune esta deixano de ser jogo agradavel para ser um jogo totalmente cash, se para o futuro eles num coloca itens melhores para os jogadores provavelmente vai perder muitos jogadores, no meu servidor acho que ja tem uns 100 servidores unidos se tiverem umas 50 pessoas online é muito é quase ninguem gosta de fazer arqueologia porque acha muito chato.

  6. Looking at the list i have 76k exp in archeology and have done every day since released. Not sure but thought i was getting about 2k-2.5k a day at times.

    Areas with Adv sept / adv marha and beast souls get 150 exp for them so better daily returns.

    While most items range 20-80 generally.

    Tip is to dig in AP as it gets expert dime chests once a week if not more and stock up.

    Also 70% of handbook items completed by spending a week in each map then going to handbook and counting which has the highest amount of items left to complete.

    • I do like digging in AP,good xp and expert dims,working on unlocking everything in my handbook,then will stay in AP i think

  7. The only thing that i dont like is that they split the same item to 2 or 3. Only thing im missing in eran is “mystery runestone” and i have done “mystery runestone II” 5 times already, very anoying.

    • I had trouble with that one too. Took me forever to get it.

  8. Next level in Archeology probably 625 k. When are they going to fix Marriage “advantages”… war, shop, quizz, mpd for married players and all that they promised?!

  9. I’m wondering if the “All maps” items you can find are found in the same amounts and same rarity on every map.

    • i will record this data for a while and see what we come up with 🙂

  10. Well I like looking at your posts as its the best place that I’ve come across so far.
    I tried to post a picture/screenshot for the next archo but I do not know how to get it on here.

    To get to the next title Grand Master is 625000 and the mount is Inferno Dragon

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