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Prayer & Sacrifice Data Collection for Analysis

Hi everyone! This is just a short article related to Lord’s Trial where I want to collect data to analyze the numbers of Prayers & Sacrifices versus opened cards. Once I collect sufficient data I can make a report for you to show you the final numbers and expectations. Then we can see for example how often Prayer gives only 1 card (expected rate = 50% – 75%).

I have also prepared an Excel template so all you have to do is just fill in your daily results and after a week or so email it back to me. Here is the link to download the template:

Every day we get 3 prayers and 3 sacrifices. So you input for example 1 for number of prayers and 2 for opened cards. Then you do your 2nd prayer and get 1 card you add 1 to number of prayers and 1 for 1 card opened. And so on.

You can email me on cosmos at dolygames dot com once you have gathered some data. I suggest 7 days for version 1 which will be 21 data points for prayer and 21 for sacrifice. Then we can continue to fill in the data for version 2 report. I will aim to do version 1 with at least 100 total received data.

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  1. useless work…it`s all depends on luck

    • seriously… your grasp on math is so bad you really should never comment on anything related to math ever again.

      • how your grasp on math will help you get more keys in lord`s trial?))

    • I agree.. its luck! This game is 50% luck and 50% money

  2. last week: 44 keys (20×1 key prayers + 1×2 keys prayer, 20×1 key sacrifices + 1×2 keys sacrifices)

  3. I think it is also day dependent. On mondays I usually get 6 keys. I dont think I am that much unlucky. I know there are some that gain more keys on mondays. I suspect a day wise algorithm.

    But after tuesday, I start to see 3 card prays or sacrificies.

    • you can open Lord`s Trial ranking in monday and see how many keys got another players from your server. its only your luck or unluck to get 6 keys on monday

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