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Grand Master of Archaeology

Hey everyone, in this short article I share the Archaeology Grand Master achievement, which is the max level & title of Archaeology. Thanks to Harimanna for the pictures and congrats!

This is the mount that you get when you achieve Grand Master Archaeologist – Inferno Dragon:

And the experience bar gets maxed out:

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  1. to me miss 45 exp for this title.

  2. wtf wow i miss 100k or so …

    • no worries, you’ll get there some day 🙂

  3. Got mine before patch. Title is okay looking, mount, meh

    • congrats, it’s a long road to max it

  4. I got title a few weeks ago, unfortunately already had the mount

    • congrats on your title 🙂

  5. i’m not getting that tittle thanks to lag i can’t even get my daily stuff done my laptop can run everything like a champ but not wartune sure its not high-end fancy laptop but it should get the job done i mean its a flash game not a triple A tittle like assassin’s creed or far cry so please cosmo or any one if you know a work around or a fix for lag tell me i need it so bad (i will refresh this page every 5 mins that how desperate i am)

    • A high end laptop is not required for Wartune. You just have to have a clean computer without a lot of crap running in the background and it is also a good practice to use a clean browser for Wartune (e.g. try Opera or Nitro).

      • i will try and see what happen i hope it work thanks for the reply 😀

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