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Archaeology Levels

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the 5 Archaeology Levels, requirements, rewards and all Archaeology references/analysis. The Archaeology Levels are achievements based on accumulated Archaeology experience and they are: Novice (or Basic), Junior, Expert, Master and Grand Master. Furthermore, although we do not have solid proof, we seem to see by doing Archaeology that it becomes easier to get higher rewards as you “level up” as some rewards were just not dropping at all on lower levels.

Archaeology Levels and Rewards Table

Archaeology Level EXP Needed Title unlocked Mount Unlocked / Item Rewarded
Novice or Basic
Junior or Advanced 5,000 Junior Archaeologist
+670 HP
Plump Hippo Card
+30 stats mount (Gentle)
Expert 25,000 Expert Archaeologist
+95 Crit and +95 Block
Chubby Guinea Pig Card
+30 stats mount (Gentle)
Master 125,000 Master Archaeologist
+190 PDEF and MDEF
Orchid Spider Card
+40 stats mount (Magic)
Grand Master 625,000 Grand Master Archaeologist
+220 PATK and MATK
Inferno Dragon Card
+100 stats mount (Magic)

Archaeology References

  • Archaeology Furniture and Items Table – REFERENCE [click]
  • Daily Archaeology Experience Data Analysis [click]
  • Beast Souls and Nickel from Archaeology [click]
  • Archaeology Rewards Guide [click]




Grand Master:

(Thanks Alex)


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  1. This inferno dragon is temp mount like usual? Figures lol

    • nope

  2. The Inferno Dragon never was temporarily (the former Hall of Fame Mount).
    Are you sure, that you dont mean the incubus dragon mount (you can synthesize with inferno dragon shards?

  3. very nice post, love the graph

  4. Ty for the info, just made master today.

  5. justmade master yesterday geesh 625k till grand master think everyone will have quit doing it by the time we reach that much

    • 625000points/1282pointsaday= 488 days to get Grand Master… hehe

  6. yep rlly tempting

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