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Chances of Prayer & Sacrifice Cards in Lord’s Trial

Hi everyone! In this article I present to you the results of my data collection on Prayer & Sacrifice Cards in Lord’s Trial. In total data for 81 Prayers was collected and 79 Sacrifices. That’s a nice sample size for us to get an idea about the chances for the different cards.

However, I did expect some people to help with the data collection and unfortunately only 1 person helped with the data, so the sample is not as big as I wanted to share with you. So thanks to Mambo for downloading my data collection template and emailing me his data. There was 1 more person who posted his data in a comment, but I found the data to be not reliable after comparing it with mine and Mambo’s collections, so I have not used that.

Ok, with that intro, let me show you first the charts and then the table of the results.

Prayer Card Chances

This chart shows the # of Prayers done on the Y-axis and I have plotted the chances on top of each bar. As I wrote already, in total 81 data points were collected for Prayer Cards and out of this:

  • 59.3% opened only 1 card
  • 27.2% opened 2 cards
  • 11.1% opened 3 cards
  • 2.5% opened 4
  • and although during the data collection 5 cards did not open, it is actually possible, so here it says 0.0% based on the collected data, but there is actually some very small chance (probably 0.5%)

Sacrifice Card Chances

This chart shows the # of Sacrifices done on the Y-axis and I have plotted the chances on top of each bar. As I wrote already, in total 79 data points were collected for Sacrifice Cards and out of this:

  • A very large 86.1% of the time only 1 card was opened
  • 11.4% opened 2 cards
  • 2.5% opened 3 cards
  • 0.0% opened 4 (but supposedly it is possible)

Weekly Expectations

Based on the chances, from 1 week of activity in Lord’s Trial, one can expect:

  • An average of 33 Cards from Prayers, which is made up of 12 x 1 card, 11 x 2 cards, 7 x 3 cards and 2 x 4 cards
  • An average of 24 Cards from Sacrifices, which is made up of 18 x 1 card, 5 x 2 cards, 2 x 3 cards
  • That makes a total of average 57 Cards for 1 week

That feels to me slightly more based on my experience (not much, maybe 3-5 cards more) , so perhaps the data collection got a bit more luck drops, but even with this data it confirms that players should not expect to reach 2 x 30 Cards to blitz 30 levels after beating them.

With these cards players can do 1 x 30 levels to beat one of the difficulties and then use the remaining cards to do 1 or 2 other difficulties.

This also confirms that my previously posted tips / strategy for optimizing your success in Lord’s Trial is very much accurate because the 2+ cards drop rates are indeed very low. The link to that article is again added below in the references section.

Tables of Data

I also present to you the tables with the collected data:

Prayers Data

PRAYING # of Prayers Chances / Drop Rates
1 card opened 48 59.3%
2 cards opened 22 27.2%
3 cards opened 9 11.1%
4 cards opened 2 2.5%
5 cards opened 0 0.0%
TOTAL 81 100.0%

Sacrifices Data

SACRIFICE # of Sacrifices
Chances / Drop Rates
1 card opened 68 86.1%
2 cards opened 9 11.4%
3 cards opened 2 2.5%
4 cards opened 0 0.0%
TOTAL 79 100.0%


Prayer & Sacrifice Data Collection for Analysis:

Prayer & Sacrifice Data Collection for Analysis

Lord’s Trial Success Tips & Tricks

Lord’s Trial Success Tips & Tricks

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  1. 1 time open 4 cards with sacrifice, so it`s possible

  2. Thank you for your time and effort
    Sorry I did not send my data
    Since it started I have averaged 7 keys a day if that helps

    • Thanks for appreciating the work.

  3. no point to know chances if all depends on luck

    • No, you are wrong, statistics and probability are solid sciences and a clear strategy can be made once you know the numbers and I have already published that strategy which you can refer to in order to maximize your gains
      – COSMOS

      • how knowing chances will help you get more keys? without luck you always will get 6 keys and only luck will let you get more keys

  4. If you know a rough figure you can best way to max stars
    I clear to level ten then wait till I can blitz to ten again getting a constant 50 stars a week already at 3rd level and part way to 4th

    • i’ve 4 stars

  5. I sure got a surprised when I did my Pray and opened all 5 cards the first time. The second and third Pray weren’t as good but when it was over I ended up with 11 Keyes. So I know you can get all 5 cards on a Pray.

    • you can also get 4 cards from a sacrifice had it happen once to me so the chances are small but it is still possible

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