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How to Get Multiple Ranking Rewards in Lord’s Trial

Hey everyone! In this Wartune guide I share with you the way to get 3 weekly ranking rewards instead of 1 in Lord’s Trial.

I have also prepared and published this in a video, so if you want to watch instead of reading then scroll down to the video or go to DolyGames Wartune YouTube channel.

Brief Background relevant to this article

Lord’s Trial is a new feature in Wartune Patch 7.6 where players can earn Cast Stones and Crystals necessary to upgrade their Relics / Artifacts.

There are 3 difficulty levels. At the end of the week all players receive a weekly ranking reward based on the rank they have achieved in their selected difficulty.

Getting Multiple Rewards in Lord’s Trial

In order to get multiple weekly rewards there are 3 conditions:

  1. You must participate in all difficulties instead of doing only one.
  2. Your server must have less than 100 players participating per difficulty in Lord’s Trial.
  3. If there are more than 100 players then you need to rise sufficiently to enter the Top 100.

How to:

The system resets on Monday and a new week starts.

Lower BR:

  • Start on difficulty 3 and do a couple of stages until you die. That’s it for Monday. Keep the remaining Keys of Trial.
  • On Tuesday reset and start on difficulty 2. You will be able to do more stages since it’s easier but still go until you die.
  • On Wednesday reset and keep playing on difficulty 1 until the end of the week.

Higher BR:

For higher BR I cannot give a clear path because it will depend on which resources you will need as i explain in the video.

You will also need to have a good understanding on what is normal for your server – how many players are participating and how busy are each difficulties.

Naturally you want to put the maximum effort for Difficulty 3 but you will still need the lower crystals to upgrade the Relic on the lower stages. So based on what I have explained so far, showed in my video and based on the situation specifically on your server make the best balancing decision for your character.

VIDEO Guide: Multiple Ranking Rewards in Lord’s Trial

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  1. I can’t figure out how to change difficulties. I have tried clicking, using the arrows. Nothing seems to work, so I am stuck on 1. Any help?

    • Difficulty is fixed after you start fighting. It can be changed by clicking RESET (which will also reset everything).
      On Monday RESET is not allowed.

  2. very nice info indeed cosmo but surley r2 and the devs will put this down as a glitch exploit and change it somehow

    and spoil every 1 fun fun fun

    • hi, thanks
      i do not think that this is an exploit or abuse – this is 100% respecting the game rules and as i mentioned i am not sure that this is even the best way as you may get more rewards if you focus on 1 area, so i just presented this to show players that this possibility exists
      – COSMOS

  3. Pay attention carefully to what each trial takes away from you. I didn’t pay enough attention on one of my not so huge (but not tiny) alt last week.

    Someone also said that if you have 4 keys, don’t sacrifice, save it for another, good advice, since you only can max 5 a prayer cycle

  4. Thank you, Cosmos for this info.

    • 🙂

  5. I am 20M br player and get to stage 10 on difficulty 3 and still alive all keys i got are exhausted. What should I do now?

    • Blitz same or jump to another difficulty. It depends on what strategy you are following and what you need.

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