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Lord’s Trial Success Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone! In this post on Wartune’s Lord’s Trial I am going to share with you tips & tricks and “how to” strategies to maximize your success and rewards! I hope you like my work, please support via Patreon if you are able to.

We are going to cover:

  1. Info about maximum keys per day.
  2. When to do Sacrifice for maximum effect.
  3. When to fight for maximum rewards.

1) Lord’s Trial Max Keys per Day

Recently I made a post about Day 1 rankings achieved by players with an attached picture showing them receiving up to a whooping 12 keys per day. However, in the discussion of that post we discovered that players have received as high as 13 and even 14 keys in 1 day. When you compare that to the average of 6-8 keys that’s like double the amount of keys in just 1 day! So what’s going on – let’s have a look at it right now:


First let’s clearly document all the reward possibilities:

  • 1 Card = 1 Key of Trials
  • 2 Cards = 2 Keys of Trials + 3 Cast Stones
  • 3 Cards = 3 Keys of Trials + 5 Cast Stones
  • 4 Cards = 4 Keys of Trials + 10 Cast Stones  + 3 Star Crystals
  • 5 Cards = 5 Keys of Trials + 20 Cast Stones  + 5 Star Crystals

Sacrifice info

A sacrifice can open one or two cards (I’ve never seen 3). This is actually an important point so we will remember it for the 2nd part of this article.

Edit / Update: Thanks to Michael who showed me a video that opening 3 cards via Sacrifice is possible.

Prayer info

A Prayer can open one, two or three cards. Three is rather rare, but does happen.

Edit / Update: Some players commented that perhaps 4 cards per go is also possible. Further confirmations would be great.
2nd update: up to 4 cards from 1 prayer is confirmed! It is possible but very rare.
3rd update: up to 5 cards from 1 prayer is apparently also possible but extremely rare. Here is a nice proof picture that a 5 card Prayer is possible in Lord’s Trial (thanks File). You can see on top that 2 Prayers and 3 Sacrifices still remain.

So what’s the daily maximum?

A super lucky Wartune player could Pray 3 times 3-4 cards and 3 times 2-3 card sacrifices yielding for example (4 + 1) + (3 + 2) + (2 + 3) = 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 Cards in 1 day!

Alright, now let’s move to the 2nd section:

2) When to do Sacrifice for maximum effect

I will explain this by telling you the mistakes and you will understand:

Scenario 1 – Using all 3 Sacrifices on 1st Prayer

This is probably the worst mistake. Say you pray for the first time and get 1-2 card(s) then use all 3 sacrifices and end up with 4 or 5 cards.

This has 2 negative consequences:

  1. You burn at least 1-2 cards, i.e. cards that could have been opened but don’t have space as all 5 are opened.
  2. You get less rewards in total as you have no Sacrifices left for the next 2 Prayers.

Scenario 2 – Using a Sacrifice on 1 Prayed Card

In general this is wrong / bad to do. If prayer opens only 1 card and you use a Sacrifice then you could get just 1 additional card yielding you only 2-card rewards of 2 Keys + 3 Cast Stones which is not an attractive reward.

However, if your 2nd prayer also gives 1 Card then, due to Scenario 1 explanation you cannot (or should not) keep all the 3 Sacrifices for the final 3rd Prayer.

So what do we learn from this?

  • If Prayer #1 gives 1 Card don’t use any Sacrifices.
  • If Prayer #1 and #2 give 1 Card use 1 Sacrifice on the Prayer #2 (as you cannot risk leaving 3 Sacrifices for the 3rd Prayer)


Never use more than 1 Sacrifice if you get 3-4 Cards from Prayer. This is because if Sacrifice #1 gives 1 Card and there is only the 5th Card left then using another Sacrifice risks burning 1-2 Cards (if it was a 2-card or a 3-card Sacrifice).

If Prayer gives 2 Cards you can use 2 Sacrifices only if the 1st Sacrifice gives 1 Card. This is because the Prayer would open 2 slots / cards, then 1 slot / card would be open by the 1st Sacrifice leaving 2 places open, which is exactly the most probably maximum ability of a Sacrifice (3 is rare) so in this case it would be OK to use the 2nd Sacrifice as nothing could be burned.

So all those rules are efficiency tips & tricks to maximize your gains every day. Their purpose is to avoid burning possible extra cards.

3) When to fight in Lord’s Trial for maximum rewards

Next, this is an important trick that I tested / discovered that normally players don’t like to share, but I don’t want to benefit from it alone so I am sharing it with you.

In various Wartune features when the first person / player achieves the maximum level they naturally get rank #1. However, when other players achieve the same the first player (the original #1) gets pushed down and the newest maximum level achiever gets the first rank.

I thought it would work the same way in the new Wartune feature Lord’s Trial, so I gave it a shot and collected enough keys to reach stage 30 thinking that I could grab the 1st rank. However, after this this I discovered that I am at the bottom of all the players who achieved stage 30 and not on top as is usually the case in Wartune.

So Lord’s Trial specifically rewards those players who achieve the highest stage first!

So what does this mean?

It means that those players who stay awake or login after the daily server reset can do their Prayers and Sacrifices of the “new day” before anyone else and be the first people to achieve the highest rank. Doing this rewards you with the highest ranking rewards at the completion of the Lord’s Trial week.

I am aware that some players will see this as a great unfairness (which they would be correct to think as everyone cannot sit every day and wait for the daily reset) but I remind you that I am not the owner of the game so, for any complaints, send them to the Wartune’s developers or publishers – don’t be an idiot posting insults towards me for bugs and game problems as if I designed this game (apparently some people don’t seem to understand the simple concept that I am a blogger who is helping players and not the employee of Wartune companies).

Last words

So, there you have it. I have done my best to write this long comprehensive article on Lord’s Trial giving you lots of info, tips & tricks to help you succeed and get better rewards, so I hope you enjoy it, share it with friends and support my work if you are able to. If you have more tips on Lord’s Trial feel free to share them in the comments below or email me if you want to contribute any Wartune content.

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  1. 4-card flip prayer is possible as well.

    • 4 cards from 1 prayer? really? if that’s true – WOW. Can other players confirm if they have received that?
      Thanks for sharing,

      • i did more then once……tho it’s rare most times i get only 1 but yes i got 4 cards from 1 prayer even twice in same day….sadly i don’t have the vídeo or print to show

      • I remember it distinctly because I had 3 sacrifices left going into the 3rd prayer. On my 3rd prayer, 4 cards flipped and I was only able to use 1 sacrifice. It’s rare, but because of this, I try not to have more than one sacrifice card for the last prayer

    • I have received this as well but only once so far

      • i have received 4-card flip off of prayer but not sacrifice, twice today total of 16 keys (plus accompanying cast shards and crystals).

  2. 4 cards 1 time, 3 cards 5 times and 1 cards all the other times.

  3. I have updated the article 2 times with additional inputs, so please refresh if you had already opened this page before.
    Thanks to all the players here and via messages who supported in confirming stuff.
    – COSMOS

  4. I pray first got 4 card then i do 2nd pray i got 2 card and use 1 sacrifice got me 1 card and left me 2 sacrifice for my 3rd card but then my 3rd pray i got 5 cards! And i still have 2 sacrifice! Never save sacrifice for last pray u never know when u get 5 cards. I dont believe the strategy, its just random and luck

    • I disagree because you simply got really lucky on your rolls, so even with 2 Sacrifices left you got 4 (almost max) + 3 (good) + 5 (max) = 12 cards which is significantly above the average of 7.
      Most days you don’t get such rare rolls which will need the Sacrifices.
      – COSMOS
      P.S. yes it is a chance based roll, but this strategy is not for 1 day only, it is to maximize total yield to have an above average result over 7 days.

      • you are wrong because each pray and sacrifice has a chance to be 1-5 if you will save sacrifice after 1st pray with 1 key in 2nd and 3rd pray you can get situation when 1 sacrifice will useless

  5. Thanks for the tips cosmos, as always very usefull, been doing it wrong since i pray and sacrifice in all attempts.

    Now for the rankings i agree and disagree. Think the first to get the 30 stages cleared should be in first as its logic and would also be unfair since many clear the 30 stages, think about it, someone in last day close to the reset time decides to do the 30 stages and bam 1st place, really unfair in my opinion as it is also unfair for those that dont play much time per day and would never had a shot at 1st place.
    Think the solution for this wouldnt be by 1st, 2nd or any place but by stages cleared, everyone that clears the 30 stages gets the same rewards and maybe just some extra for the top 10 or 20 to clear first would be fair for all and wouldnt hurt anyone, but the basic concept is everyone that clears all gets the same rewards.

    Just a opinion, keep it up cosmos.

  6. 3 cards = 1 pray confirm 🙂

  7. 5 cards one flip is possible had once so far

    • Thanks, I added an update under Prayer

  8. I got a 3 card sacrifice!

  9. I have decided to run Lords Trial twice in one week, better rewards then just waiting for the end. Plus, it still shows my toon as “My Ranking 1” even though I currently on level 19 again. If I get 11 keys tomorrow I’ll probably just start a 3rd time on Sunday.

  10. Got in 1 sacrifice 5 cards!!!First time ))

  11. Never in the history of wartunes had the last person to get to a particular point in an event been the one to be ranked first. In all previous instances it has been the highest br person who gets ranked first, which is complete garbage – high be does not mea you have done better, in fact it probably means you have done worse relatively.

    Also, making it first in is as fair as it gets. How else would you have them determine it?

    • High risk/Low Risk it is all a risk! But is it?The scenarios leave out the possibility that wartune has some form of balance to keep it fair (or to promote spending and be deterministic for their reporting). The risk is often perceived but games have to give to players equal (often over time) or a disturbance will form in the force. It is wartune, the balance is likely not perfect!

      I think poor strategy will get you less possibly.

      They manage it or the game would be total loss of control! They know before any event starts exactly what they are giving away per player/server and likely server group or overall system in anything that seems like chance. Add to this the number of players taking part in it (I’m not sure its that smart).

      Lets steer clear of if it was luck how much the force would be disturbed if a couple of lucky players passed all the ones they tease into spending. Sure they adjust now and then to tease more, close the gap a bit to scare some into spending.

      Strategy I suppose could be viewed as luck but it is not.

      So lets apply this idea to praying – I have been able to repeat 4+ card flips on an pray on an alt I am testing on. It has only been a few weeks so the tests are not conclusive but I suspect it is like everything else tested.

      Anyone out there click thousands of more times to complete holy forge on a piece? Got bad luck and still working on the same piece for a year?

      When they stick a flashing light that says chance in our face we think it is. When they stick 4 card to pick from we think we have a choice and never think all 4 card are the same because they predetermined the outcome.

      It is a game, everyone at each participation level has to get the same or very similar or there is going to be a lot of yelling.

      I would bet keys are profiled as total for the week so far and total for all weeks. The weekly is profiled against their average as to more/less chance today to get more keys (catch up or fall back) and total overall is used to increase/decrease the chance of your the player that gets a couple of more this week.

      Luck does not really exist in computers per say, yes the increase/decrease chance is fed into their randomizer and there is a bit of luckish stuff there depending on what the increase/decrease factors actually are. Luck would completely destroy their ability to manage the game.

      If it is random, ever see 100 players use 10 free tokens and get the mount? 90%? 80%? 20%? They know exactly how many they are giving away per server per server group. No random! Who happens to get that 1 when the success rate is high is somewhat random based on who was attempting at the right time. Anyone get 5 card flips in a row ever pray? Over days?

      I would bet that their formula attempts balance. Likely the used attempts for the week also has some factor in the success/failure rate to add what looks like strategy into it.

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