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Artifact Relic Upgrade Requirements Analysis

Hey everyone! Here I share with you my data and analysis on upgrading Relics / Artifacts in Wartune. I will present the table of requirements for Star Crystals, Moon Crystals and Sun Crystals, which includes actual data and estimates for higher levels. And I will also present an analysis of Cast Stone upgrades showing the data and expectations.

I am going to start with the crystal upgrade requirements:

Table: Crystal Requirements to upgrade Artifacts / Relics

As we can see on the below table I prepared we will first need Star Crystals to upgrade the Relics, so doing Difficulty 3 in Lord’s Trial is going to block you from progressing forward. The system is built to use first the Star Crystals, then the Moon Crystals and then Sun Crystals.

If we add up the Star Crystal amounts then we can calculate that we need a total of 750 Star Crystals before moving on to the next stage.

These upgrades are very important! The BONUS that they provide significantly increases the stats from Relics and therefore greatly increase the Battle Rating.

Relic Upgrade EXP Crystal Type Crystal Qty Bonus
Star 1 0 Star Crystal: 0 100%
To Star 2 1000 Star Crystal: 100 150%
To Star 3 1500 Star Crystal: 150 200%
To Star 4 2000 Star Crystal: 200 250%
To Star 5 3000 Star Crystal: 300 300%
To Star 2-1 500 Moon Crystal: 50 350%
To Star 2-2 estim. 1000 Moon Crystal: 100 estim. 400%
To Star 2-3 estim. 2000 Moon Crystal: 200 estim. 450%
To Star 2-4 estim. 3000 Moon Crystal: 300 estim. 500%
To Star 2-5 estim. 500 Sun Crystal: 50 estim. 550%
To Star 3-1 estim. 1000 Sun Crystal: 100 estim. 600%
To Star 3-2 estim. 2000 Sun Crystal: 200 estim. 650%
To Star 3-3 estim. 3000 Sun Crystal: 300 estim. 700%

Table: Using Cast Stones to upgrade Relics

In this table I show you approximately how many Cast Stones you will need to upgrade one Relic to the maximum. In the first column I use how many Cast Stones are used and in the 3rd column I show how much the Battle Rating becomes as a result. In the middle column I calculate the total or cumulative usage of the Cast Stones. And at the middle bottom we can see that we should expect to use around 180k Cast Stones to max out a relic (before further upgrades – i was not able to test further due to lack of resources).

While the number might look big I do not think it is a problem, because we earn Cast Stones every day and they started to add them in event rewards as well. Furthermore, all of this increases our strength so all increases are welcome. This will especially help lower BR players to boost up and be able to do some Wartune activities without needing help.

Cast Stones used

Total Cast Stones used
(Battle Rating)
0 0 828
100 100 1,257
1,000 1,100 5,863
3,000 4,100 19,456
5,000 9,100 41,888
7,500 16,600 75,425
10,000 26,600 120,625
25,000 51,600 234,166
50,000 101,600 462,873
75,000 176,600 828,750
2,000 178,600 maximum

Average Expected Stats Gain per Cast Stone

Lastly I share with you a small analysis on how many stats you can expect to gain from using Cast Stones and some other interesting facts.

  • For every 100 points in the base stats (PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF) there is 6 times more HP. So if a base stat would go up 100, an HP stat would go up by 600.
  • For every 100 points in the base stats (PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF) there is 1/4th gain in Block or Penetration. So if a base stat would go up 100, Block or Penetration stat would go up by 25.

Using X amount of Cast Stones

My data shows the following relationships:

If you use for example 10,000 Cast Stones then you should expect:

  • 8,000 increase in PATK
  • 8,000 increase in MATK
  • 8,000 increase in PDEF
  • 8,000 increase in MDEF
  • 2,000 increase in Block
  • 2,000 increase in Penetration
  • 48,000 increase in HP (Health)

Finally, using one single Cast Stone I calculate to yield in average 5.6 stats of any type (Note 1: more for HP, less for Block/Penetration)(Note 2: this will further be boosted by the bonus from Relic upgrades).

I hope my Wartune research and analysis was interesting and useful to you – please support my work if you are able to.

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  1. Doing the harder ones because you can is a common mistake, thanks for putting it into words

    • I start in the 3rd level and when I’m finished go to the 2nd level. you end up getting stars from the prayer thing anyways. Right now I have an almost even amount of all 3 types.


  3. Enchantress need move to Trinity group becasue of Trinity know Enchantress’s weakness LOL

  4. max 800% test russian server

    • thank you for sharing

  5. 178k cast stones for max 1 relic…from Lord`s Trial we can get 1k cast stones per week…just 178 weeks or about 3 years to upgarde 1 relic! for 12 relics will be 36 years!!! funny joke, R2!

    • To the last poster, you must not play Wartune that often. They always offer additional ways to get the materials, not just one way, usually by purchasing. Remember.. Free to play, pay to win. Give it time, it will get much easier to get cast stones (either by purchase, or offering as reward in an event is my guess)

      • even if they will give us 10k cast stones per week – its still will be 4.5 months for 1 relic and 4.5 years for 12 relics!
        and after what time they let us to get 10k?? give it time, give it time…we still havent event adv. mahra for free players! also no events for smelting stones…give it time again?

      • You must not play Wartune often. Divinity Souls have been around a long time and they are still incredibly hard to get. I have lv12 diamonds, gems, but not even close with Divinity Souls. Don’t expect a new source for them, but hopefully they have events for using them.

    • Is your first day in wartune or what?new feature came out and you expect to max out all in few weeks?eventually things will go faster via events,but even now,gains are nice.and we will mostly use 1 relic as main,really dont see the need to max them sir,just posted dumbest comment of the day.gratz

    • I can’t imaging needing more than one or two of those in the scheme of things

  6. You get tons of Adv Mahra during Rave now.. I’ve been playing this game for a while, and this is a game of patience, and it’s a marathon and not a sprint. One thing you failed to mention was Adv Henna, which used to be cashing only to get.. How about now? you get it in henna lab, in exchanges, and even in the gifts in cloud city. Trust me, give it time. Even the polishing orbs which were considered cashing only, are now easier to get. Remember it’s a game of patience. Agree with Smelting stones, but that’s there hook. If you want to pay for that, you can.

    • you can be patience till 2020 when flash will rip. good luck

      • Violent, R2 defender try explain about lags or give it time?

      • just FYI, to assume that 2020 is the doomsday for flash based game is not true. At that time most browser won’t support even maybe won’t allow flash plugin anymore, but the greedy devs can just tell us to use the “client”. it’s a fake game client, simply a mini custom IE based mini browser. you can learn to make one in less than few hours.

        Flash is so obsolete, by no means is not a game engine, but those efing turds won’t care as long as those stupid whales keep giving them tons of money every month.

        I’m not naive, every game devs want to make money, but this game is beyond greediness. Most of those whales won’t make the cut with other real game because other game devs still have decency in making money from their game, so the balance is still decent, unlike in this game where some stupid people can just write some checks and become false gods.

        just move on to other real games where we can have hundreds players in battle in real time and no lag at all, unlike this stupid game, 2 v 2 arena will already make the game so sluggish.

  7. Not defending R2, anonymous Just stating their MO. I too, like many players, are frustrated with the fact that they cant fix lag, but yet I, and others still play. As for 2020, let’s see what happens. Who knows and to be honest who cares, and what does that have to do with Cast stones, and any other items that can raise your BR? Just to be clear, there is no correlation between game lag and (cast stones, adv mahra, etc..)

  8. Hopefully they won’t forget to add more ways to get the items. You know; like the center Cards in Great Card Hunt that have been missing for 4.5 years.

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