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Sylph Upgrade Rewards Analysis – 10 Dec 2015

Hey guys, in this post I present to you the analysis of the Sylph Upgrade event of the 10th of December 2015 and will recommend to all players to do this event fully even if you have no more sylphs left. So check out the total figures in the below analysis and see the exact numbers that you can look forward to:

First, 2 paragraphs to present the event facts:

Sylph Upgrade Event Details as posted

Jingle Bell – Sylph Upgrade I
Duration: 12/10/2015 00:00 – 12/12/2015 23:59
Description: Upgrade Sylph 20 times to receive the following: 200,000 Gold, Mahra x5, and Sylph EXP Scroll x5. This quest has unlimited attempts.

Jingle Bell – Sylph Upgrade II
Duration: 12/10/2015 00:00 – 12/12/2015 23:59
Description: Upgrade a Sylph the required number of times to be rewarded. Each reward may be redeemed once per day.

  • Upgrade Sylph 20 times: 100,000 Gold, Mahra x5, Jingle Bell Chest x1
  • Upgrade Sylph 100 times: 200,000 Gold, Mahra x25, Jingle Bell Chest x3
  • Upgrade Sylph 200 times: 500,000 Gold, Mahra x50, Jingle Bell Chest x5
  • Upgrade Sylph 500 times: 2,000,000 Gold, Mahra x125, Jingle Bell Chest x10
  • Upgrade Sylph 1000 times: 5,000,000 Gold, Mahra x300, Jingle Bell Chest x20
  • Upgrade Sylph 3000 times: 10,000,000 Gold, Mahra x1000, Jingle Bell Chest x50

Sylph Upgrade Analysis

Part 1 – Cumulative Reward gains for Day 1:

Day 1

Cumulative Rewards
Sylph Upgrade Gold from daily Gold from unlimited Mahra from daily Mahra from unlimited Chests
x20 100,000 200,000 5 5 1
x100 300,000 1,000,000 30 25 4
x200 800,000 2,000,000 80 50 9
x500 2,800,000 5,000,000 205 125 19
x1,000 7,800,000 10,000,000 505 250 39
x3,000 17,800,000 30,000,000 1,505 750 89

So here, if you are able to do 3000 enchants then you will be able to collect a total of:

  • 47,800,000 gold
  • 2,255 Mahra
  • 89 Jingle Bell Chests

Part 2 – Cumulative Reward gains for 3 Days:

3 Days Total

Cumulative Rewards
Sylph Upgrade Gold from daily Gold from unlimited Mahra from daily Mahra from unlimited Chests
x60 300,000 600,000 15 15 3
x300 900,000 3,000,000 90 75 12
x600 2,400,000 6,000,000 240 150 27
x1,500 8,400,000 15,000,000 615 375 57
x3,000 23,400,000 30,000,000 1,515 750 117
x9,000 53,400,000 90,000,000 4,515 2,250 267

So here, if you are able to do 3000 enchants then you will be able to collect a total of:

  • 143,400,000 gold
  • 6,765 Mahra, which is actually 75% return on your Mahra investment
  • and a very nice 267 Jingle Bell Chests


This is a great event that everyone should try to benefit from. If you have managed to gather the Mahra then good for you and those who have not will need to purchase Mahra packs from the shop and/or go mad in dimensions killing mobs and/or have to accept lower or no rewards.

In case you have no more sylphs available for regular Mahra upgrade then this event is good enough for you to go grab white sylphs and start upgrading those. When doing this bear in mind to take more useful elements such as Wind or Water where multiple of the same types of sylphs might be useful for you later in events like Class Wars.

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  1. Wow this must be the first time they’ve added rewards for 3000 upgrades. Definitely need to see if i can farm my expert dimension for mahra.

    • not so fast zenkai even expert dimesnions dont give that many mahras unless you want to sweep the whole dimension cloean which will take a week 😛

    • honestly if you want mahra the best way i think it is to have 9 goats in your farm (or whatever the max number of goat you can have) i mean i get like cloes to 1k blood of zeus between event plus the other places where i get, so with mahra i would get the same

  2. found all in what we spend.

  3. very nice event, thanks for advice

  4. perfect, befora i was waiting for mahra event to have the chance the last day to get my 3rd orange sylph, but now, with this event, i will have that chance the first day and the second for sure i will get it, and then i will get a good amount on my 4th sylph, and also all those chests are more than enough to get all the clothing pieces, and have tons to spare, or maybe (if sep event is the same) we could even have the canhce to get by boxes the mount without cashing any chest

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