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Events Schedule Analysis – Sylph Upgrade, Enchant & Exchange

Hey everyone! In this short analysis post I share with you the timing of Sylph related events such as Sylph Upgrade and Sylph Enchant. This also includes the Advanced Sepulcrum Enchant which even free players can accomplish with good planning and, most importantly, the Sylph Road Exchange, which is a very important event for upgrading and refining sylphs.

I dug into my archives and extracted the dates of my “tomorrow’s Wartune events” where these specific events occur. The result is very clear, which allows us to easily predict the next occurrence.

TABLE of Events’ Dates – Sylph Upgrade, Enchant & Exchange

Events’ Launch Date Days From Previous
Events’ Launch Date
16-May-2017 28 Tuesday
18-Apr-2017 28 Tuesday
21-Mar-2017 28 Tuesday
21-Feb-2017 28 Tuesday
24-Jan-2017 28 Tuesday
27-Dec-2016 28 Tuesday
29-Nov-2016 28 Tuesday
1-Nov-2016 28 Tuesday
4-Oct-2016 28 Tuesday
6-Sep-2016 28 Tuesday
9-Aug-2016 28 Tuesday
12-Jul-2016 29 Tuesday
13-Jun-2016 28 Tuesday
16-May-2016 28 Tuesday
18-Apr-2016 28 Tuesday
21-Mar-2016 Tuesday

Analysis Results

So as you can see from the table this Sylph Upgrade & “Friends” event cycle happens exactly every 28 days and launched always on a Tuesday. This indicates that the schedule for these events is programmed into their administration tool as it is clearly very regular without any deviations of even one day.

Assuming nothing changes this means that the next launch of these events will be on the 13th of June (not next Tuesday but the one after) and the one after that should be on the 11th of July (unless the next Wartune patch somehow affects the schedule).

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  1. Great analysis! Ty for taking the time and sharing!

    • 🙂

  2. Did you make this because people kept wondering why the Merged sylph exchanges never appeared when the sylph upgrade/enchant event happens? This event to me is the most popular because players HAVE these materials to get hundreds of event items to exchange! With r2, I don’t think they want to be THAT generous and just give everyone a merged sylph!

    • I made this to help people.
      There is no “why”.
      – Cosmos

      • If everything in this game was so easy to achieve, you’d become bored very easily. I think R2 know this. that’s why even though they’ve made it so that ‘free’ players can get a merged sylph, you MUST put in the chair time to attain one.

  3. OMG!! Thank you so much I really appreciate all that you do!! This is exactly what I have been hoping to see.

    • 🙂

  4. ty vm Cosmos, I was just wondering when the next sylph event will take place… Keep up the good work!!!

    • Thank you, I keep on going and hoping that more players will support.

  5. i was just wondering 1 minute ago then i opened dolygames site and saw this
    thx alot for helping :)))
    1 Question what event comes before sylph events with the same event items , holy forge ?

    • You are welcome 🙂
      I will post other analysis as soon as i can

      • Excellent Cosmos. Keep up your outstanding work. How about the same for other major events? Thanks again….

      • Thanks. I will post other analysis as soon as i can.

      • Please don’t quote me but usually the holy forge event comes before the merge event. At least I noticed it a few times. Holy forging is the other event that I get 50 or less event chests so when it starts on a Friday I usually guess that sylph events are about to happen.

  6. I knew about 28 days cycle 1+ year ago lol

    • so over that 1+ year did you put effort to share your knowledge to help or benefit thousands of people?

      • I shared it with my friends. I thought ppl are attentive and can remember same event cycles every 4 weeks

  7. Also dont know if you have notice but rave and merge xchange are in a 14 day cycle as well both lastin 7 days so once one finish the other pops so consider the 28 event cycle we are always getting them along with the same events
    (just saying that cause have Heard a lot of ppl wondering if we are going to get merge sylph xchange and syylph stuff same time which is an obvious no :p)

  8. ty for sharing this

  9. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the info. We greatly appreciate all the effort you put into this.

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