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Hey everyone! This article is a comprehensive Relic guide / reference to help Wartune players choose the best Artifact/Relic for their character. I am going to present analysis / comparison tables I prepared for both parts of the Relic – the stats and the skills. These should help guide the player to pick the best one and I will also give my recommendation at the end. I hope you like my work, please support via Patreon if you are able to.

Article content:

  1. Relic maximum stats, comparison and deviations
  2. Relic maximum skill effects and purpose (PvP / PvE)
  3. Discussion & Recommendations

Relic Guide Part 1

Relic maximum stats, comparison and deviations

Alright, we are going to start with a big table of maxed out (both Cast Stones and Crystal upgrades maxed) Relic stats. At the bottom of the table, the orange rows show the maximum and minimum amounts differences.

Relic PATK MATK PDEF MDEF Pene- tration Block Health
Azure Stiletto 1,032,000 1,500,000 1,032,000 1,500,000 216,000 192,000 6,120,000
Demonic Texture 1,080,000 1,080,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 288,000 240,000 7,920,000
Downfall Spear 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 240,000 240,000 7,200,000
Hand of Riddles 1,440,000 1,440,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 228,000 228,000 7,200,000
Hide of Heroism 1,440,000 1,080,000 1,440,000 1,080,000 240,000 240,000 7,200,000
Oracle Arch 1,080,000 1,080,000 1,080,000 1,080,000 168,000 168,000 10,800,000
Paralyzing Dagger 1,080,000 1,080,000 1,320,000 1,320,000 216,000 216,000 10,080,000
Rapier of Damnation 1,212,000 1,212,000 1,560,000 1,560,000 120,000 120,000 5,040,000
Spear of Slumber 1,200,000 1,200,000 960,000 960,000 360,000 360,000 8,640,000
Sword of Delusion 1,224,000 1,080,000 1,224,000 1,080,000 206,400 480,000 6,840,000
Unholy Saber 1,200,000 1,440,000 1,200,000 1,440,000 192,000 192,000 9,360,000
Valor’s Edge 1,080,000 1,080,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 288,000 288,000 7,200,000
MINIMUM 1,032,000 1,080,000 960,000 960,000 120,000 120,000 5,040,000
MAXIMUM 1,440,000 1,500,000 1,560,000 1,560,000 360,000 480,000 10,800,000
MAX – MIN 408,000 420,000 600,000 600,000 240,000 360,000 5,760,000
MAX vs. MIN % 40% 39% 63% 63% 200% 300% 114%

Attack Observations

For those players interested in maximum damage the PATK and/or MATK stats would be important. Looking at the table we can see that Hand of Riddles and Hide of Heroism have the highest (1,440,000) PATK values whereas Azure Stiletto has the highest (1,500,000) MATK value closely followed by Hand of Riddles and Unholy Saber with 1,440,000 MATK.

The lowest Attack stat is 1,032,000 for PATK and 1,080,000 for MATK so there is actually a pretty big difference between that and the highest which is 1,440,000 / 1,500,000 – picking the highest one would give 40% more Attack power.

Defense Observations

For those players interested in having a high defense the PDEF and MDEF stats would be important. Looking at the table we can see that Rapier of Damnation has the highest 1,560,000 PDEF (2nd is Hide of Heroism with 1,440,000) and, again, Rapier of Damnation has the highest 1,560,000 MDEF (next bests are Azure Stiletto with 1,500,000 and Unholy Saber with 1,440,000).

The lowest Defense stat is 960,000 for PDEF/MDEF so there is actually a pretty big difference between that and the highest which is 1,560,000 fromย Rapier of Damnation – picking the highest one would give 63% more Defense.

Penetration Observations

Penetration should be looked together with Attack as it works to maximize damage output (but Attack is more important).

The best Relic by far for Penetration is Spear of Slumber with 360,000. The worst one is Rapier of Damnation (which is more focused on defense) with 120,000 Penetration. The difference from lowest to highest is 200% more Penetration.

Block Observations

Block should be looked together with Defense as it has a chance to half the damage received (but “pure” Defense is more important).

The best Relic by far for Block is Sword of Delusion with a whooping 480,000. The worst one is again Rapier of Damnation with 120,000 Block. The difference from lowest to highest is 300% more Block.

Health Observations

Those Wartune players interested in becoming Jubba the Hut will be excited to learn about the huge differences in Health.

The “fattest” Artifacts / Relics with a massive 10,800,000 Health are Oracle Arch and Paralyzing Dagger. The worst one for Health is Rapier of Damnation with only 5,040,000 – basically half! The difference from lowest to highest is 114% more Health.



Well, archers were always designed for maximum damage output. Still, if you only do that and don’t have any defenses then the wolves will eat you alive. That said, for defenses you can refer to the above observations so here we will look for maximizing offensive power, i.e. looking for the most of PATK and Penetration.

Penetration, being a “smaller” stat cannot be compared to PATK directly, so you actually have to give more weight to it when comparing things. Based on my calculation the best Relic in this perspective is:

  • #1 Hide of Heroism
  • #2 Spear of Slumber
  • #3 Hand of Riddles


Mages would normally come in 2nd place for damage output in the class theory. So the logic is similar to Archers just with MATK. So here we will look for maximizing MATK and Penetration.

Again, Penetration, should not be compared to MATK directly – have to give it more weight when comparing. Based on my calculation the best Relic in this perspective is:

  • #1 Spear of Slumber
  • #2 Azure Stiletto
  • #3 Hand of Riddles


Based on class theory Knights are supposed to be more buff / tanky, however, many Knights play like Archers for many years already. So for “damage” Knights simply refer to Archer class above. Otherwise let’s try to see which is the most balanced Relic and highest defense Relic.

Knights: Most Balanced

  • #1 Spear of Slumber or Sword of Delusion
  • #2 Paralyzing Dagger
  • #3 Hide of Heroism or Unholy Saber

Highest Defense

  • #1 Sword of Delusion
  • #2 Rapier of Damnation
  • #3 Valor’s Edge or Paralyzing Dagger

Relic Guide Part 2

Relic max skill effects & application (PvP / PvE)

Next we have the important section about Artifact / Relic skills. I have illustrated them in the table below and I have also added a column indicating if the Relic skill is for PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Players versus Environment).

Relic PvP or PvE Relic Skill Maximum Effect
Azure Stiletto 90% PvP 40% chance to remove 1 beneficial buff from target.
Demonic Texture 100% PvP 15% chance to cause an enemy to forget 3 skills. Lasts 2 turns.
Downfall Spear 90% PvP 40% chance to remove 3 negative buffs from yourself when taking damage.
Hand of Riddles PvP + PvE After taking damage, 15% chance to recover HP equal to 45% of damage dealt next turn.
Hide of Heroism PvP + PvE 15% chance to cause the target to bleed, losing HP equal to 150% of skill damage each turn. Lasts 2 turns.
Oracle Arch PvP + PvE 5% chance to recover 15% HP when attacked.
Paralyzing Dagger PvP + PvE 15% chance to reduce damage received by 45% when taking damage. Lasts 2 turns.
Rapier of Damnation 100% PvP 15% chance to confuse the enemy for 3 turns.
Spear of Slumber PvP + PvE 15% chance to ignore 30% of an enemy’s PDEF when the enemy is hit. Lasts 2 turns.
Sword of Delusion 90% PvP Each block has a 5% chance to reverse 90% damage.
Unholy Saber 100% PvP 15% chance to stun the enemy for 3 turns.
Valor’s Edge PvP + PvE 15% chance to increase crit damage by 90% each turn. Lasts 2 turns.

Choosing skills can be frustrating because you may be interested in several. However, what I suggest is first look at the Part 1 analysis and pick the Top 3 according to your category and then come and see which of those Top 3 have the skills that you like. For example:

3 Methods How to Choose YOUR Relic

Choose Top 3 Stats then Choose one of their Skills

If you are an Archer looking only for maximum damage output then you look above in Part 1 under the “CLASS PREFERENCES Based on STATS” for Archers and see 3 Relics which are best for you based on stats. Then look at the skills they have: #1 Hide of Heroism gives you bleed – more damage (nice), #2 Spear of Slumber gives you also more damage by bypassing enemy defenses and #3 Hand of Riddles is a healing Relic. So if any of those 3 skills are to your liking then you have chosen the best Relic for you.

Choose Top 3 Skill then Choose the best stats of those

Alternatively you can do it the other way around. Pick Top 3 skills that you like and look back in the stats analysis to see which one of those 3 are also good for you in terms of their stats. So for example say you like the skills of Valor’s Edge (more crit damage), Unholy Saber (stun in PvP) and Azure Stiletto (removing enemy benefits/defenses). So then you look at the stats for damage output of those 3 Relics and see that they are giving bad attack stats. Azure Stiletto has the worst PATK with 1,032,000, Unholy Saber has better offense than the Stiletto but still far from the best. And Valor’s Edge has poor PATK but has high 288,000 Penetration.

Skill only thinking

Some skills are very different and players might pick them no matter on Relic stats. For example:

  • Some players love stun. So they would always pick Unholy Saber even if it had the worst stats in everything.
  • Some players are much more into PvP. So they could pick Demonic Texture to make enemy forget skills giving them a big advantage in battle. Again they would pick this even if their preferred PvP Relic had the worst stats.

UPDATE: I have prepared a full explanation video going over all aspects of this article and explaining all things which some players did not understand very well:

VIDEO: Wartune Guide Choosing the BEST ARTIFACT RELIC for Your Character

3) Discussion & Recommendations

It is definitely interesting to have a system like this, because it forces players to make a choice, which makes players more unique and makes the game more interesting rather than having everyone a copy/paste of one another.

To those players thinking of only choosing a skill I’d suggest not to abandon stats completely. There are significant differences in stats, so they do matter. Stats are also guaranteed and work 100% of the time while skills are a chance based activation.

Similarly don’t only choose based on stats. Skills do matter. If you keep on putting up shields to defend and someone with Azure Stiletto keeps on removing them every 2-3 turns then you will be at a disadvantage.

Assume that you will have only 1 Relic. It will take us a long time to max out 1 Relic. Until it is maxed out the skills are much much weaker (have much lower chances to work). So pretend like you really have to pick only one of them.

In the distant future (many months or 1-2 years) most probably we will be able to max out several Artifacts / Relics and switch around between them as we need, such as PvP and PvE. However, In the future our stats will grow as well with new features added to Wartune. So in the future the skills of the Relics will matter a lot more than the stats. 10 million extra Health is still a significant number today but it will be less significant in 1-2 years.

Last words

So, there you have it. I have done my best to write this long comprehensive article to help Wartune players select the best Artifact / Relic. Hopefully this guide / analysis will help you succeed, so I hope you enjoy it, share it with friends and support my work if you are able to. Another good reference is the article Artifact Relic Upgrade Requirements Analysis.

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  1. The Unholy Saber also works in PvE, saved me a few times on lvl30 of Lords Trial, and also saw it activate in Broken Space, so listing it as 100% PvP not really true, but ofc for PvP it is the best way to use it.

    • Hi Ron,
      I was working under the assumption that PvE bosses cannot be stunned. Is it a bug that you described that you were able to stun the boss on level 30 of Lord’s Trial and Broken Space or is that a new thing that perhaps I missed?
      – COSMOS

      • Hi COSMOS, well it seems that it is not only to Lords Trial where I see the stun work for me, even in Titan Temple or Road to Glory it activates, and even for 2 turns, where my relic is only 2 star and should give only 1 turn stun. Really in PvP like Arena, it stuns for 1 rnd, but some PvE things it stuns for 2 turns.

      • interesting, i was hoping more players could confirm about it

      • Hi Cosmos, Unholy Saber also worked for me in Time Portal. I was able to stun the fatal blow, thereby allowing me a full second round, which was an unexpected lovely surprise.

      • Hi Rio, what do you mean “stun the fatal blow”? Were you able to stun the enemy boss?

      • I also use unholy sabre and it helps out by stunning, maybe when it’s higher it’ll be even better. Haven’t seen him get wb but does work.

  2. awesome article. i just want to ask pls, why some numbers in the table are in green?

    • Waiting for cosmos to call this question stupid

    • Hi Amonymous #1,
      Thank you. I highlighted the highest numbers by column to make it easy for everyone to read the table. So for example if you are looking to find which is the highest Health you would quickly find the 2 green ones to be the highest.

      Hi Amonymous #2,
      Just wanted to say that I have no problem at all to answer polite people. Amonymous #1 asked his or her question in a kind / polite manner.


  3. I wonder what can a mage do with the skill of Spear of Slumber? PDEF reduction does not help…

    • It seems like you did not understand the article. I have made a video to explain in detail – check that out and you should understand everything.
      Best of luck,
      (refresh the page if you don’t see the video or watch it on my YouTube channel)

  4. Im personally going for Valor’s Edge as Archer. Couple of reasons behind that.
    Its balanced one and crit dmg skill is the 2nd. Hand of Riddles was 2nd option for me but we already have so much healing skills/abilities everywhere that lot of times that heal would go to waste imo. Whereas more crit dmg buffs stacking can make the dmg go very high. Fights are going to get longer and longer with ppl being able to combo more titans so the sweet spots of multiple passives stacking is more likely and that enables one hit kills even against stronger opponents.
    Overall you really cant ruin your character whichever you pick, it will be long time before the differences between relics will even really start showing and who knows if we have 50m atk and 100m hp by then.

  5. ”15% chance to stun the enemy for 3 turns” I hope we later get a lot of influence, whitout we gonna get be stunned forever.

    1 turn take sometime up to 40 sec in 4v4 battle, so 2 min.

    i’ve that one, but i hope they fix it.

  6. UPDATE: I have prepared a full explanation video going over all aspects of this article and explaining all things which some players did not understand very well.

    Please refresh the page to see the updated version. The video is inside the article or you can watch it on my YouTube channel.


  7. I went with stun, which is a big mistake since it never fires for me. I even put a bunch of talent points into making my influence higher. yes, it’s only 3% activation, but all the venus wars fights i probably attacked 200 times and didn’t see it activate once, let alone 6 times (on average it should have activated 6 times, more or less). Anyone know what other stats factor into stun rate? Wartune refuses to explain things and the numbers you see for skills are total bs. 35% chance to remove a buff for an opponent, for instance (mage passive). I wish.

  8. interesting to note some relic gives higher overall stat boost (if you add up all the numbers across)

    • Yeah because some relics favor penetration/block which overall are lower stats in units and if im not all wrong they give more BR per unit. It seems that BR wise all of the relics would give the same, just distributed on different stats.(ofc toons % stats on other gears and such mess that up but the raw stats from relics should be about equal br wise)

    • All stats do not have equal weight!

  9. that was outstanding

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. where is more high pdef with matk for mage class to defence archer class?

    • Hi, sorry I did not understand your English.

      • well these ancient relic not right for me what i want THANK YOU

  11. “Mages would normally come in 2nd place for damage output…”

    What dreamland are you living in?

    The reality:

    (assuming only class skills)
    Damage out in 1v1: Knight > Archer > Mage
    Damage in 4v4: Archer > Mage > Knight

    (assuming sylph skills)
    Damage out in 1v1: Knight > Archer > Mage
    Damage in 4v4: Archer > Knight > Mage

    • I am living in the dreamland where people would read properly before making such comments ๐Ÿ™‚
      “in the class theory” was a very important ending that you took out.
      The Class Theory was always from the origin:
      – Archer: highest damage low DEF / HP
      – Mage: high damage + AOE / low DEF / HP
      – Knight: lowest damage high DEF / HP
      Times have changed a lot since the original Class designs and this article is not a discussion about classes. I have only mentioned the classes to help discuss about Relics in this article.
      – COSMOS

      • Oh, I read it, and even indicated that I was only quoting a part though whether you are cognizant of that fact or not is very much in doubt.

        In you article you just mention “class theory”, which when read in the present context, should refer to the current theory, not the theory that held at some point in the past, though even taking that into account, it’s not true…

        The original standings of the classes:

        Single target: Archer > Knight > Mage
        Multi-target: Mage > Archer > Knight

        As for the artifact portion of the article, about the only useful part was presenting the skills and stats… the rest of it is rather superficial. I did a comparison of them for my own use to figure out which one I wanted and it may have or may not have been several excel spreadsheets comparing them in numerous ways…

      • Firstly, I spent many hours and created a big article and video to help people. I have no idea why you are attacking & insulting me for that. If there are some negative things happening in your life I am very sorry about that but it is not my fault, so it would be unfair to take it out on me, I have done nothing to you.
        Secondly, there is no “current” class theory. The original class theory remains true today as it was previously. If you are unhappy how the Wartune devs have betrayed the class balance and the game’s strategy then your frustration should be pointed in their direction and not mine as I have no connection with them and I am not responsible for them changing the game.
        Thirdly, I disagree with your assessment about classes but I do not discuss that because this article is not about that. You are 100% free to have your own opinion on classes and I have no problem with that.
        Lastly, I call BS on your several Excel spreadsheets as this subject does not contain enough information to use more than 1 Excel spreadsheet. That said, you are more than welcome to do your own analysis and not share it with anyone, but you are not welcome to come and insult me and my work which I shared to help everyone.
        – COSMOS

      • Not enough information to use more than 1 spreadsheet?

        That entirely depends on how you analyse it. Means, medians, standard deviations, comparison to th standard deviations, comparisons to the means… then mapping these down into rankings to make comparison simpler…

        The you add in variations to the weightings of each attribute depending if you want to go for def, hp, atk, penetration, block… and for block and penetrations adding in factors to estimate damage blocked or inflicted…

        Then of course there’s trying to factor in the skills as well, and how good each skill is and the weight you want to give skills.

        Doing all of this produces a large amount of data, yes it could all be put into a single spreadsheet, but I chose to spread it out to make it easier to deal with and separate it into logical components.

        Nothing negative going on in my life and I’m not taking anything out on you. The simple fact is that this analysis is superficial and not up to the standard quality that is usually done – you haven’t gone beyond the min and max in each stat… how do the overall stats compare? How do you weight the various stats and why? It’s obvious that you heavily weighted the penetration stat,more so than than matk/mdef… why weight it so high? Penetration only matters when blocks are done, so you need to calculate how much damage it would add into atks that get block, how frequently blocks should be expected and compare that to damage lost/gained by the atk stat… some basic statement of assumptions or guesses to back those decisions up is needed at the very least.

        There was no attack on you, just simple feedback that this article was superficial… what you do about it is up to you.

      • Compared to what other classes got, knighthood feels like a big nerf to mages.
        That said, as far as damage potential, I would say mages come in #2 in many situations. Unlike archer and knight, mages have skills that have a guaranteed def debuff on opponent. If you have the rage for it, you can debuff and smash with another hard hit right after for extra damage.
        Mage passives are also strong, but feel designed more for team support than solo play.
        My personal preference is to build tankier and provide a support role with my mage while the rest of the team does the damage. Mage heal book has some very powerful passives.
        Thanks for the research and the helpful article. I think your recommendations for mage are solid, but due to the support role I usually play, the relic I chose is Downfall Spear since the stat boost is fairly balanced and the skill description (if accurate) gives a chance to puri self when taking damage, which would be the one possible counter to stun spammers.

  12. Hello, concerning the hide of heroisme skill (bleeding 150%), any idea of the real output damage ?

    Cosmos did you try it on test server ?

    Thank you for your answer,

  13. very insightful article ,it will help many. with the lack of transparency from the developers you are the first source about the game .well done

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. how about unholy saber to amage is penetration and block more important or patk+matk

  15. Very thx for this guide
    Now i be sure with my choose

    • welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

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