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Archaeology Reward Amount Maxed

Hey guys, with this post I remind you to regularly check your Archaeology rewards window because there is actually a collection limit and it is very easy to just continue doing daily Archaeology and not notice at all that you are not getting any rewards.

The only information you receive is via the chat window which says, as on the example below, Entire Map-Item-Star Sand x0 – amount maxed. And if you are using Spirit Covenant or doing Archaeology while watching a movie or listening to music it is super easy to not-see the chat message and keep on going while not collecting rewards.

There is a “magic number” 33 for the max quantity of many rewards (which adds up to the 9999 points) while others can go beyond this number such as the 49 quantity legendary stone in the picture below. And while high BR players for example might not care about some items like Soul Crystals it is still a good idea to check and collect more useful items if they are anywhere near the limit.

Lastly I remind that we have nice reference articles for Archaeology such as this Map comparison table which allows you to quickly choose which Map to collect from based on your character needs:

Another reference post on Archaeology:

Our Wilds / Archaeology category articles listing:

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  1. wtf there is a limit? … oh mein gott wie hohl … hollow earth hollow head … wheres my mom … i wanna cry now

    • it’s not that bad 🙂
      just make sure you collect so it opens up more space

  2. omg they … he … really did it … meant it serious … its 42 … it has always been 42 … they always wared us … it was so obviously … but nobody really saw … einstein was right …. the universe has mmore borders then stones lol

    • answer to.everything…42…shhh

  3. Why would you let these build up lol just stupidity

    • Low inventory space since not everybody has the bucks to unlock all three pages nor the long enough gameplay to collect enough Bound Balens. Meanwhile thy items have to go somewhere…

  4. most peeps know this long time already

    not only chat window the main window has a flashby wording warned you is maxed ^^

  5. Back when archaeology was a new feature, it used to be possible to crash the flash player running WT, simply by digging. Synthesizing items that were close to the limit helped prevent the crash.

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