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Advanced Henna and Expert Tattoo Event (Video and Guide)

Hey you guys, after making Freya, I ended up with a lot of Advanced Henna for the Expert Tattoo cleansing event that was going on. The video (at the end) shows all of all the cleanses I did, and there are huge gains to be made from tattoos, which is why I decided to exchange for Advanced Henna instead of saving chests to exchange fort the Sapphire Whale Card. However, I also want to layout some words of caution and clarity here in the blog, since there are crazy tattoo requirements for the new Patch 5.5 “Knighthood” Class Advancement feature coming up.

Regular vs. Expert Tattoos

So far there are two qualities of tattoos:

  1. (Regular) Tattoo – can be upgraded with Henna and Advanced Henna
    • Using Advanced Henna on a Tattoo has a chance to turn it into an Expert Tattoo (visually indicated by the shiny halo around the icon), but is not guaranteed
  2. Expert Tattoo – the increased (“+”) stat can only increase using Advanced Henna.
    • The ratio between the increased and decreased stats is much better for these (better than +2:-1) as long as you don’t use regular Henna on them again
    • You can use regular Henna to change the tattoo type (Intelligence, Defense, Endurance, etc), however this will revert to the regular Tattoo stat ratio (noticeably worse than +2:-1)

Moral of the story is that once you start using Advanced Henna on one of your tattoos, be prepared for it to become an Expert Tattoo, and for you to only be able to use Advanced Henna on it in the future. Since there is no guarantee that your normal Tattoo will upgrade into an Expert Tattoo when you use Advanced Henna, while your tattoos are still normal quality, it’s safe to use regular Henna to adjust which type of stats they have.

“Knighthood” Requirements and Revised Plans for the Future

We have a big upcoming patch (Patch 5.5), which includes a new type of Class Advancement called “Knighthood” (I think this term applies to all the classes…), where once you meet the requirements, you get a completely new set of skills that have two possible paths. I don’t know what sort of expectations I had for this feature I had, but I’m stunned by the tattoo requirements needed for it.

This is just crazy. On average you gain about +30 to your tattoo from Advanced Henna, and +5 from Henna. You need a total stat increase of 12,000 to qualify for Knighthood, so that’s approximately 40,000 Advanced Henna or 240,000 Henna in order to reach the bare minimum goal. After having used more balens than I have in many months, I’m only one third of the way there, so this is a really steep climb for the average player.

I previously did a blog post about wanting to have all Intelligence tattoos, but clearly that’s out of the question now if I want to class advance (and I want to!). I think in order to switch between the two paths at will, we’ll have to have +8,000 Strength/Intelligence, +4,000 Defense, +4,000 Endurance. From what I can tell, it’s best to work on one tattoo at a time and work toward one +Defense, one +Endurance, and two +Strength/Intelligence. I also claimed before that I wanted to subtract Charisma from my tattoos, but that’s probably not the best option now. You need at least 1 Troop Count in order to get Troop Enlightenment, which is quite important. At the time I said that, I didn’t know that the maximum tattoo attribute was so high and subtracted so much. Now that I know otherwise, it’s really best to subtract your non-main attack stat, so Intelligence for archers and knights, and Strength for mages.

VIDEO: Wartune Character Upgrade – Expert Tattoo Cleansing / Advanced Henna Consumption

Checkout the huge MATK gains I made from all the tattoos in the video!

Lucky Mount Draw!

So just as a little aside, even after exchanging all the chests I got from spender events (making Freya) for Advanced Henna (x200 chests for 1,000 Advanced Henna), I ended up getting very lucky when I opened less than 200 event chests and received the Sapphire Whale Mount Card and one of each of the Holiday Cheer pieces of clothing! I haven’t had a mount drop from chests in a long time, so I’m convinced that the game is just happy I finally made a merged sylph 😛


What do you guys think of the Tattoo system? Please discuss with the DolyGames community in the comments section! I think it’s clear Henna and Advanced Henna need to be available in greater quantities, or we’re going to be waiting ages before we see anybody “Knighted”. If you have questions about the upcoming patch, there’s only so much I can answer (because there’s only so much I know) — Cosmos posted the patch notes here: Guides for Wartune Patch 5.5 by R2_Sanguine.

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  1. that’s crazy, no one will get knighthood without cash for a very long time 🙁

    • Thats how it is in this business…New things they will milk the casher and then after maybe 6months to 1 year they will start to hand things out free…

  2. I believe tattoo became “Expert” when you hit +2000, regardless of the henna used. Maybe you can check this out later.
    As for troop enlightenment – it is a thing to choose. You either lose like 5500 atk for having negative troop count. On the other hand you will lose like 12000 defense (at max). So, this is a thing we will figure out with time.

    • It might be the case that at +2000 it’s guaranteed to become expert, but for sure I’ve seen expert tattoos at much lower amounts.

      • If you use advanced henna you are guaranteed to get an expert tattoo, but if you use normal henna on the expert tattoo it will revert back to a normal tattoo.
        After 2000+ could be the max for normal henna, which is why it will stay as expert.

  3. Definitely a nice increase in matk. Almost a 10k increase. So can you only get advanced henna if you spend? You said in your post you exchanged 200 chests for advanced henna. Was there an exchange for this?

    • yeah in one of the event exchanges (dont remeber what specifically) and in previus event i saw it too, but usually i go for other stuff, but considering the tatoo requirements i might use some of my chests in events to get adv henna

    • Yes there was a 3 day exchange at the beginning of the event set where you could exchange for them. It was pretty hard to get 200 free chests at that point though.

  4. Well at first when i saw the new class advancement i was like “well i will need to stop lvling up my talents toget max level (i´m 1 dragon sord master so only need those 10lvls)” then you said that you also need maxed talents so i that already means i wont get that in a long time, and then is tatoo requirement and well i already have 600 strenght but for all my tattoos so will take me a while to ge the 8k AND also the 4k DEF and END, well at least no need to rush a lot to lvl up

  5. ages… u are not prepared!

  6. Whats the max u can reach per tattoo? 4000 would means 500 pe tattoo. Is that the cap?

    • 5000 per tattoo

  7. I love the translation. I’m not sure if we keep old talents in the new class advancement or not.

    “New skill talents will be transferred” sounds like they DO get transferred.

    “old talents cannot be restored” sounds like they do NOT.

  8. didnt have a drop in a long time? well i have opened atleast 4000 chests in the past 7 months and have received none of the mount cards, my last one was franken rabbit which was the last mount to not have a title so it is pretty frustrating being a free player and working against those odds with the few chests i have access to but you made it sound like saving up chest for outright mount exchange is a common thing for you and that is disgusting

  9. Hey Elia,
    I noticed that on my cross-server section our top player Kelbeans has -1756 Charisma but still has 564 troops – could this be because Charisma and Troop Count (from academy) are seperate stats? This could allow you to make all your tattoo’s -Charisma. This is a trend with many of our top cross-server section players that despite the minus charisma stats; they still retain troops.

    • -1756 Charisma isn’t enough to drop your troops to 0, so yes she’s still going to have troops. There’s someone in our cross server with a negative troop count so I’ll ask them about it a little.

  10. casher what else
    nothing special.

  11. Elia, Europe servers, Nacc has got more than 30k stats in tattoos, so it is not hard to get for cashers. We wont wait long for knighthood to see 😀

  12. in two words: it sux

  13. yes using adv henna can turn a tattoo to an expert at random chance, using regular henna on it will make it normal again but can still be made expert again. you can only use regular henna on a tattoo up to 2k after that you will need to use adv henna to upgrade further.

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