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Henna Lab Guide

Hey guys, here we present a guide for the Henna Lab, which is a new feature added to Wartune in patch 5.2.

Henna Lab is a feature which is required for the Tattoo system available to all players who have completed the Class Advancement. It is open the whole day and, similar to the farm, the player can construct labs and harvest or collect Henna.

Main Henna Lab Window:

Clicking on the Henna Lab icon brings you to the window below:

Here you will be able to construct labs, raid other players, check the rules or the Lab Log (record of raiding activity).

  • You may construct from 1 to 3 labs at any one time and you decide which duration they will be for.
  • You can also dismantle labs if you change your mind.
  • You will receive 5 raid attempts per day.

Henna Lab Raiding

When you click on the raid button you will be presented with 3 possible targets to raid. Note that you do not have to raid these and it is probably best not to rush but check things first. Note the below points:

  • The 3 target choices will renew every 2 hours, so if your gains are not good enough it is better to wait for the refresh.
  • You can also pay 200,000 gold to refresh targets immediately. This can be ok to do, but note that doing this a lot will cut into your gold income.
  • If you hover on the enemy you can see how much Henna you would get if you raided. Try not to take small amounts.
  • You can also see how strong the enemy is before raiding by pressing the magnifying glass, so make sure to attack only if you are sure to win.

Remember that if you are not sure if you can login again it is better to raid smaller amounts then not get anything at all.

Henna Lab choices and yields

There are 3 types of labs to construct: Basic, Advanced and Expert Lab.

The yields from the labs are all exactly the same, however the longer duration labs are much more prone to being raided, so try to construct labs according to your online time and the longest 10 hour duration you should construct for example before going to sleep.

Lab Research Duration (until collection) Henna Yield Henna Yield per hour
Primary Lab 1 hour 5 5
Advanced Lab 5 hours 25 5
Expert Lab 10 hours 50 5


Harvesting Henna from Ripe Labs

Once your lab has “ripened” (which is normally a term for plants but hey apparently in a fantasy world buildings ripen too :P) then you can harvest or collect your Henna. A lot of players have been stuck on this point, because the way to harvest is very counter-intuitive. You have to dismantle your lab and confirm the dismantle, which can be scary, but that is how 7Road/R2, in their wisdom, have constructed this feature. Below you see a picture of a successfully dismantled Advanced Lab:

Update on Lab Harvesting

A new Henna collection icon has appeared on top right part of the labs, which allows much easier and logical Henna harvesting than the previous dismantle method. Here is the picture:

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  1. How do you get advanced henna?

    • they said via events (and probably spend/recharge/shop)

  2. thank u very much

    • thanks for taking a moment to say thanks :)))

  3. how do you collect the henna once it has rippened?

    • some say you have to dismantle to collect once it is ready.

      I have a little henna icon appear at the top right of the lab once it is ready.

    • please see bottom of the article “Harvesting Henna from Ripe Labs”

  4. Is raiding even worth the effort? From what I saw, you get at most 5 henna, and 5 attempts, so max 25 extra henna, when just growing your own you can easily get 300 per day (less some raiding).
    Seems like it’s mostly just a way to be a jerk to other players.

    • Yes I saw comments about this as well, but it is the same yield as if you had constructed 1 hour labs, so it’s not too horrible, but you will certainly miss little if you don’t raid.

  5. how can i open henna lab

    • do the main quests after level 80 until it unlocks

      • i need tatto im lvl 80 please

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