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Wartune Tattoo Maximum Capacity

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the maximum capacity of the Tattoo system in Wartune giving big thanks to Andrew for sending the info. As you know the initial investments in the Tattoo system are not entirely exciting, but the maximum levels shown here do confirm the significant benefit of this system (after considerable investment).

The base language is in Russian, but I have included clear translations to English directly on the image (again thanks Andrew). So, what do we see?

  • Adv. Strength Tattoo: Strength +5000 and Charisma -2001
  • Adv. Defense Tattoo: Defense +5000 Strength -1727

Henna Effects and Maximum Negative Effect

Normal Henna ; Advanced Henna

Also, normal henna increase Wartune tattoo limits with amounts such as +1 to +5 while advanced henna increases limits with amounts such as +30 to +50 (so about 10 times more effective). With normal henna you can achieve an impact of around -3000 to your negative attribute while with advanced henna the damaging impact can be as low as -1700 (exact limits of these have not been established).

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  1. From what server is this screenshot?

    • Seems like some kind of test-server, this amount of henna can’t be obtained via legitimate game methods.

    • Looks like russian or something?

  2. It is russian, so that’s why i’m asking. Coz every ru servers i know, don’t have tattoo system yet.

    • I believe, russian version also have a test-server. Maybe russian test-server got a tattoo update.

      • maybe you’re right. But still, there’s possibility that it’s normal server, and maybe someone knows where to find it.

      • normal server cannot have such things 🙂
        it is probably some kind of a test server or in any case a non-standard server

  3. OMG! Looking at chinese to russian translation with google translate on this screenshot I swear no more jokes about typo errors in maintenance report 🙂

    • Well, I’m absolutely sure that russian translation comes not form Chinese, but from German. But they certainly could use a spellchecker and some grammar QA…
      Actually, this is not the worst translation in the russian version. There are some true masterpieces…

  4. Почему скрин на русском языке? Может и игру всю перевести можно?

    • Она уже давно есть, называется Demon Slayer. Отстает от вартюна на пару месяцев, а перевод в лучших традициях пираток 90-х.

      • Translation is not important.
        Donation is important.
        I believe, they don’t have issues with donation system?

  5. no events for the 7th ?

    • I posted on our facebook page: No events loaded yet for tomorrow – most likely they will be loaded at the server maintenance: Maintenance on Thursday, the 7th of January at 4:00 AM EST(1:00 AM PST, 9:00 AM GMT, and 5:00 PM GMT +8) for all servers

  6. why do people come on here to be assholes I don’t get it if you don’t like this site or the info provided go elsewhere with your negativity thx for all the work u do cosmos

    • thanks PREACHER
      i don’t know the reason behind all idiots, but today i deleted 20+ comments from 1 idiot from Italy who spammed multiple articles with copy pasted insults
      such losers will get nowhere in life and since they are losers in their own life they just try to hurt other people

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