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Sylph Merge of Wind + Water Guide

Hey guys, the test server just got the 5.0 patch and one of the features that was added is the Wind + Water Sylph. The Electro + Fire Sylphs were not added, but I am pretty certain we will get them soon.

ORANGE Wind + Water Merged Sylph (Freya):

To make a orange wind + water sylph, you need the following materials/items:

  • Orange Quality Medusa
  • Orange Quality Triton
  • 60,000 Balens (cannot use Bound Balens)
  • x500 Sun Core
  • x500 Blast of Sun
  • x300 Wind and Water Emblem

Sun Core:

Blast of Sun:

Wind and Water Emblem:

Once you make the orange wind + water sylph, you cannot upgrade it to Mythic Quality (red) but, you can refine your Freya (Orange Merged Wind + Water Sylph) to Frigga. Once you refine your Freya to Frigga, you will be able to upgrade that Sylph to red quality with Advanced Mahra as well as enchant with Advanced Sepulcrums.

RED Wind + Water Merged Sylph (Frigga):

Big thanks to Hony for sharing this image with us.

The red wind +water merged sylph cost remains the same as the orange wind + water sylph but the materials needed are increased. You need the following materials/items:

  • Red Quality Goddess of Prosperity
  • Red Quality Poseidon
  • 60,000 Balens (cannot use Bound Balens)
  • x1,000 Sun Core
  • x1,000 Blast of Sun
  • x500 Wind and Water Emblem

Wind + Water Sylph Skills:

 After you merge your wind and water sylph, you will get random skills for your new merged sylph. The normal skills (Wind Skills and Water Skills) can be bought for 6,000 Balens, Bound Balens are not accepted. The new skills, which will be explained below can be bought for 15,000 Balens and Bound Balens are not accepted as usual.

Delphic Holy Water Shield – Wind & Water:

Casts a Holy Water Shield over entire party which absorbs damage equal to 40% caster’s Max HP, cannot be dispelled and cannot stack with other shields.

Delphic Swift Wind – Wind & Water:

Receive the blessing of wind and gain 250 Awakening points each turn, lasts 3 turns (cannot be dispelled).

Holy Water Blessing – Wind & Water:

When following character or Eudaemon in battle, defense turns in to Holy Water. When attacked with non-divine attacks, defense will be PDEF or MDEF (the stronger of the two). Resistance turns into Wind or Water (the stronger of the two).

Tenacity – Wind & Water:

5% chance to restore 10% Max HP when attacked.

Wind Elegance – Wind & Water:

Reduces Awakening point decrease rate by 20% after awakening.

What do you think of the Wind + Water Sylph and its skills? Comment below and be sure to ask questions.

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  1. that 60k balen cost is just bullshit.. I could see the light/dark fee for loki since those were cash only sylphs, but gdi, let the rest of us enjoy merging some too, ffs

    • Agreed, heck, I could even see them having a fee on this one, but $600 and $60/$150 for a SKILL?!

      Or at least offer something like a 1:2 BB for Balen exchange…

      But I do plan to have a fused sylph…next april, after my tax refund.

      • U guys can use fusion spirit from fusion chi exchange which replaces the 60k balens for sylph merging

      • how many bound balens is needed after using fusion spirit?

  2. Wow, those are some awful skills. Not impressed at all. The Group Shield is the only worthwhile one, and even that isn’t worth close to $20, let alone $150.

    Will not be getting, which is a shame, because I really like both my Goddess and Poseidon Sylphs – and if there were something that made the upgrade worth the cost, I’d do it.

    Got any info on how the regular skills upgrade after merge? I know all the Dark / Light ones added damage % onto all attacks as well as gave an additional damage boost vs. weakened enemies. Do the Steal, Ice Bolt and Delphics at least gain extra damage after merge?

  3. Any idea if if the new learn sylph skill for free every 8 hours works for merged sylphs?

  4. where is this test server? I`m searching for it for so long…

    • Oh, sry 🙂 Ik what you meant by that. hehe my bad

  5. I agree with Zorich, horrible horrible skills for the cost, and also would like to take a look at the standard skills, very very disapointed

  6. Could you please upload more skills/passives of wind and water fusion and the stat bonus it gives once equiped to character? Thx 🙂

  7. 5% chance to restore 10% Max HP when attacked on the tenacity skill is bugged and heals the enemy.

  8. Excuse me DolyGames: 1 question, if we need Frigga we must those red sylph right? Orange Goddess of Prosperity and Orange Poseidon can’t be merged to Frigga, right?

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