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Wind Elegance vs Water’s Heart

Hey everyone! In this article we compare the Wind & Water Sylph skill Wind Elegance versus Water’s Heart and show which of the two is better. Note: I corrected this article on 27/28th of May – thanks Annabeth & Marcha.

Skill Descriptions

Remember that you can refer to all Wind & Water Sylph skills in our reference article. And other relevant articles for other sylph types.

Icon Skill Name Spec Skill Info
Wind Elegance awake Reduces awakening points decrease rate by 20%.
Water’s Heart awake Reduces awakening points decrease rate by 30 points every 3 seconds.

Analysis: Wind Elegance vs Water’s Heart

As we can see Wind Elegance is a percentage based effect while the Water’s Heart skill is a fixed / absolute value reduction effect. Usually, fixed values are more efficient when we deal with small numbers (remember Aegis Astral with low damage figures) and percentages are more significant when we are dealing with larger figures.

So, what kind of numbers are we dealing with?

Our base number is the full energy or awakening points when a sylph is activated in Wartune. This is a fixed value of 3000 points.

The next element we need to know is the rate at which the awakening points reduce. For this I just activated my sylph and started counting and I observed a 100 points drop in awakening points every 3 seconds (various skills affect awakening points).

However, this was the points drop while my Eudaemon was active and Eudaemons have a Passive Skill called “Awakening Master” under General Skills. This skill reduces the rate of awakening points reduction by 10 points per level (mine was level 5, so -50 points). Therefore, the base awakening points’ drop is 150 points per 3 seconds.

Now that we have this info, let’s look at the effects of the 2 skills in question:

Skill Effects Calculation

Wind Elegance

Wind Elegance will reduce the rate at which awakening points decrease. We now know that they decrease by 150 points, so this skill would reduce the 150 points by 20% and turn it into 120 points reduction (or 70 points with the Eudaemon’s level 5 skill).

Base points 100 150 200
20% Reduction 20 30 40

Water’s Heart

Water’s Heart will reduce the rate at which awakening points decrease by a fixed value instead of a percentage – 30 points. Therefore 150 – 30 = 120 points reduction every 3 seconds, which is exactly the same result as the Wind Elegance.

Percentage Application on Base

The game is setup in such a way that the percentage is applied on the base value of 150 points. So it is not affected in any way if you have other benefits (e.g. the Eudaemon), it still continues to take the percentage from the base 150 value.


Therefore, if you might be picking between these 2 skills then both the Water’s Heart and Wind Elegance (at present) result in a 30 points benefit. Wind Elegance will become better when the 20% effect is more than 30 points. This would happen if the awakening points reduction rate would be changed to more than 150 per 3 seconds instead of the 100 that we currently have or if the rule of application on base is changed.

Last consideration when picking these Sylph Passive Skills is that perhaps it might be better to get the awakening points slower decrease via the Eudaemon skill upgrade and instead pick other Passive Skills for the Sylph. This also has an additional benefit of working on all sylphs rather than one.

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  1. ty for your work.

    • 🙂

  2. Actually both passives reduce the reduction rate by 30 points.
    I once had both passives, and with a lvl 7 eudeamon awakening passive the rate was only 20 points every 3 seconds.
    Base point reduction is 150 points minus 70 from my eudeamon and 30 from water’s heart leaves 50 points, so wind elegance must also reduce the rate by 30 points.

    • YES, both skills reduce aweken drop by 30 points. Just mistake what is made in article is base value what is 150 not 100. 100 is only because of kid passive aweken point reduce (what for author would be 5th lvl so 50 points)

    • I updated the article with correction made and wrote thanks to both of you at the start.
      – Cosmos

  3. Helpfull analysis.didnt knew that.Thax 🙂

    • 🙂

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