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Oracle Damnation vs Wind Curse

Hey guys, in this article I focus on 2 skills of 2 popular Eudaemons in Wartune – Battle Oracle and Wind Ranger.

On my main character I was very pro Wind Ranger due to the 40% damage increase of his Cursed Arrow and a decent damage output. Many players use the Wind Ranger frequently, especially for Dragon Invasion every week. His damage output however was nerfed in the last patch making his bleeds a lot less effective – this leaves for me only the 40% curse as his main benefit. A very important point about this skill for the purpose of this article is the skill duration which lasts for 2 turns (good enough for 1 strong attack).

On the other hand we have the Battle Oracle who could also buff the damage output but also heal and do damage – a very versatile Eudaemon. His Damnation was OK, but not amazing, giving just 15% damage increase at level 5 before the patch, but this was significantly increased after patch 6.2 (see table below or before and after article here), which has pushed me to become very pro Battle Oracle right now.

So to help everyone I make this simple comparison:

Eudaemon Skill Comparison

Skill Level Battle Oracle
Increases Damage taken by all enemies by:


Wind Ranger
Cursed Arrow
Increases Damage taken by 1 enemy by:

Cursed Arrow icon Wartune

Level 1 15% 40%
Level 2 20% 40%
Level 3 25% 40%
Level 4 30% 40%
Level 5 35% 40%
Battle Oracle Skill - Damnation 2 icon Wartune Cursed Arrow icon Wartune
Level 6 40% 40%
Level 7 45% 40%
Level 8 50% 40%

Damnation vs Cursed Arrow

Damnation vs Cursed Arrow Conclusion

It is clear to see that following the patch 6.2 changes Damnation, in the long run, is more powerful. However, a lot of players, especially free / light cashers and those who are not super active may not get there for a very long time or at all. So for an immediate benefit of 40% in situations like Dragon Invasion or World Boss then definitely Wind Ranger Cursed Arrow is better to choose. However, I would argue that starting from, and including, Level 5 skill then the Battle Oracle Damnation is better. The reason I took it from Level 5 which is 35% and not 40% is because it lasts for 1 additional turn which gives more damage in total. Lower % I did not take because a lot of battles end in 1 turn, so really 1 attack is the most important and sometimes 2 is good, which is why I draw the line at 35% on Level 5. So if you are someone who can get your skill to Level 5 then I recommend that you pick Battle Oracle vs Wind Ranger.

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  1. wind ranger is anyway the best. true, the cursed arror do “only” 40% but the cd of 15 seconds is very nice. other buff +40/50% have 30 seconds of cd.

    damnation is very good in bounty target , because is a buff aoe.

    • yes, that is true, but for dl for example, you do not need more then 3 turns to kill the bosses, so more %s are better… beside the advantage that the battle oracle is as first eude better prepared (equip, diamonds, etc).
      from the first moment of eudemons, in my oppinion, the oracle was the best eudemon, because the heal-skills, strong damage-skills, and good aoe.
      After the last patch it is also better then the ranger.

      • i prefer the wind ranger anyway. when we’ll have the DI nm the cd of 15 secs will be very good

        • DI only need 1-2 hits .. so i prefer BO .. CD no need anymore

          • 1 2 hits what lvl of boss? lol

  2. blood warrior is the best for starter since he got 3 skills to increase damage of 50% sigle and aoe (before fix 20%

    • but isnt the damage done by him and not the damage received by the enemy?

    • I think “Blood demon” you ment it has skill which boost all party damage 50%. Blood warrior doesn’t have such skills.

      • He does, he has 2 skills which boost dmg recieved by enemy by 50%. In my opinion, that is even better

        • your wrong….it increases the blood warriors damage by 50% NOT damage done to the enemy by 50%. please be a bit smarter

      • yes but the 50% is for lvl 12 Demon. For a normal lvl 10 demon with lvl 5 skill it only gives party 35%. I thought the same thing too at first

  3. Yeah blood war best in dmg is delphic was way to versatile. Even before patch was 30% not 40% but u could freely use it anytime no timing needed it also could be timed so u get both turns effectively not just one like timing wind ranger. Also the delphic came fast no long wait to use it again.

  4. Anyone know if the damnation stacks if multiple eudamons use it just like the cursed arrows?

    • cursed arrows NEVER has stacked since begin, but different level of damnation yes, i got sometime 3-4 damnation on me in tok like 35% 40% together, but cursed arrows only overwrite the old cursed Arrow debuff like extend it it limit time only, sample curesed Arrow u friend used 1 turn before got 2 round damage, and now u eud use it, it take place of old one and get 2 round again

      • You are completely incorrect. They stack.

        • Cursed Arrow definitely does not stack… Damnation stacks 3 times.

      • You’re misinterpreting the buff/debuff icon that you can see. Cursed arrows do stack although you don’t see it multiple times. The difference in dmg can clearly be seen in DI or if you run solo… just run with 1 or 2 cursed arrow wind rangers in WB-fights or divine altar.

        • Cursed arrow DOES stack…so does damnation. so does any other skill casted by eudaemons. I love how so many ppl on here talk so confidently like nobody is right but them, while they are totally wrong. By the way Frost Panther is the one with the highest eudamon damage skills. PLUS he has a %Patk gain for passive dealing even more dmg with his skills. Take a look n see what i mean

      • your dumb…

  5. My two cents –

    That mage / blood demon once at lvl 6 are the more beneficial overall.

    The AOE factor plays into the matter.

    Mage – debuff on target.
    Blood Demon – Buff on team of attackers.

    In battles were multiple bosses or target then AOE on team better. Spire NM / Bounty / Eudaemon Arena

    In single boss or one team battles then debuff on target works better. TOK NM / WB / GA

    Then comes into play the sub eudaemon –

    With the possible combinations unlimited –

    Mage / Blood Demon

    Mage / Mage

    Blood Demon / Blood Demon

    Frost Dwarf / Blood Demon

    Wind Ranger / Blood Warrior

    Mage / Knight

    All have difference passives that can stack.

    Dwarf – 30% damage buff and 55% chance extra 30% buff with Blood Demon 30% damage buff. looks good.

    Mage – Heals and damnation and knight shields and defense has it’s promising points too.

    Guess does sub passive trigger in fights will determine this… will have t otest and see.

  6. Hi Dolygames team,
    I greatly appreciate the quality work you are doing. I have been following your blog for more than a year. I find great solutions to my unanswered questions here. One thing I’d like to know is how to configure divinity souls and equipment refines for merged sylphs. What to use and what not? How does the patk/matk mechanism works for these sylphs against opponents? Your response would be of great help as I could not find any article on this aspect. I recharged just 500 balens for the first time and luckily got an Odin from sacred gold tree. Please help me out. Thanks.

    • Hi buddy, thank you.
      Most people are using, for that specific topic, in the following order: Attack, HP, defenses
      attack is to maximize damage output
      hp is because it adds to main character
      the rest is the rest 🙂
      for the dual question, as i remember the weakest enemy defense is selected (from the 2 attack / element types) which is one of the main benefits of dual or fused sylphs

  7. Anyone know if you lose fear of fangs if you leave the guild?

    • i believe not because we often do that to reset bags and i did not lose mine
      i am not going to say 100% certainty because i did not look but i still have my fangs
      – Cosmos

    • they stay

  8. Blood warrior is best for DI because it de-buffs the enemy for 50% and it has 3 skills (even at lvl1) that de-buff the enemy and de-buffs of blood warrior stack just like that of WR.

  9. talking about debuffs wind kid can give u 35% mdef resistence 3 turns illstill stey with wind as a mage

  10. to all i should add in any fight and in DI ou boy i se some sey 2 hits but wich lvl of DI boss there talking about ? 🙂

    • Im 1 hit killing DI bosses level 1 thru 10. And im 8.5m BR. Buff and debuffs, for players like me (or stronger), will not become useful until about lvl 12 or 14 since the bosses die b4 the eudamon can even cast the buff on the first turn.

  11. Blood warrior more beneficial for DI for free casher. 50% damage buff + delphic that buff 50% damage. If it take your team more than 2 turn to kill each boss, the team not strong enough to clear DI. You can still clear it with few round hitting 3 turn though.

    Hitting world boss with my main account with 2 blood warrior, as long my hit crit, i’m hitting around 25% of the total world boss damage (around 55m+ gold) with fatal strike, cluster bomb, etc.

    • why cant you people figure out that blood warrior’s 50% only effects the blood warriors damage, NOT the players!! Lol….you must read the description of the skill bud. After reading the description and you STILL dont get it, try doing some research lol. If you STILL dont get it, then theres no helping you. Keep using blood warrior then nothing will tell you otherwise lol

      • No.Really? why don’t u do the research by getting a blood warrior.It de-buffs the targets just like wind ranger.
        I have already done my research

      • I can provide screenshots of damage values with and without debuff for “player” damage.I can also provide proof that these debuffs actually stack just like that of wind ranger

  12. YOUR ALL STUPID AND WRONGGGG…..PANTHER has the best…his inspiration skill at level 5 gives you 45% dmg increase for ENTIRE party for 2 turns. Cursed arrow only hits 1 target. so its only good for dungeons with 1 target. damnation gives you 35% dmg at lvl 5 so its weaker…but it his all targets. HOWEVER what if those targets die and new ones come out (like eudaemon bounty)? PANTHERS inspiration buffs the party so even if enemy dies, the buff still stays. Your all dumb

    • and yes…panther is a buff, and oracle and wind ranger has a “debuff”…But in the end a buff is ALWAYS better than a debuff. for the fact that enemies can change….but your party will not during the fight. You know im all right

    • I am sure you are capable of sharing your opinion without insulting everyone. Please consider that for the future.
      – Cosmos

      • welp sorry but some ppl, here, are….

  13. how do you delete/edit messages you post here

  14. Frost Panther for the win in my opinion. Highest skill damages, plus Patk % buff passive! i think he also has 45% party increase bc ive been using him for that reason lately since the new patch came. He also can heal a little too and become immune for a turn just like we can with holy seal now. He is versatile just like oracle is but only with a little less healing benefits. I think panther far exceeds all other eudas right now and might even be a little overpowered. In fact is better than blood demon as well. Ive tested both out deeply and Panther has scored much higher than all others

    • NICE…i thought i was the only one who knows the true power of the panther. it used to be kinda weak but now its become quite a powerful force lately with the patch yes. the players that have been using panthers since the very beginning when they released are very lucky to get the buffs from patch now are super strong

  15. Each kid has their good and bad. For DI, I still think ranger is better because of the 40% damage increase and the 270% damage cursed arrow does vs. the 100% damage damnation does. And until you get damnation to level 6, it only gives a 35% increase in damage while cursed arrow gives a 40% increase in damage.

  16. Actually, those who are saying that the blood warrior 50% damage for itself is incorrect. At first it was actually broken and was a 20% buff, but an update fixed it. Think i’m wrong, go see for yourself and use it in eudaemon arena. It is just like damnation and cursed arrow, but 50% for 2 turns. This is on 3 of its skills. Only downsides is 30 sec cool down for all 3 skills and for 2 turns only in certain occasions.

  17. Blood war skills have been tested its 50% 2 turns and easier to use and time unlike cyrsed arrow. Panther good to but u need to time his inspiration buff and only one skill. Blood war has 3 and i tested it works as a debuff for player damage not eude. BLOOD WAR IS BEST PET FOR PVE. Pvp i think mage or sacred knight for survivability and useful buffs. Flying rabbit also gives shield 45% like knights anuran and removes debuffs very useful in pvp.

  18. using 4 wind rangers in di gives the entire party a damage buff of 160%, right? will damnation work the same way, if say 1 player has a lvl 6 damnation and the rest has lvl 5 cursed arrows.

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