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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 21 Apr 2016

Hey guys, R2 announced upcoming maintenance and 2 small changes in the game:

  • Maintenance on Thursday, the 21th of April at 4:00 AM EST (1:00 AM PDT, 8:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT +8) for all servers.
  • Remember to claim any unclaimed Astrals.
  • “Standard” compensation: 500,000 Gold + 500,000 Daru + Extreme Stamina Potion x1 + Level 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 + Double Honor Scroll x1 + Hennax50

2 small game changes

  • Added Cross-server Bullhorn to the Shop.
  • Fixed the issue in which some players were not able to complete class advancement.

Regarding clothing engulf problem related to titles

Regarding this problem which we announced/explained in the article “New Clothing System Supplementary Specification“, various sources from R2 informed that the system is as it is right now and they are considering to change it in accordance with all the feedback from players but this could take a long time as they need to program from zero the modifications. They also promised that if they do change the system then the players will get the titles that they did not get. Of course these are just promises that they will perhaps make changes in Wartune with an unknown future fix date and unclear how they will track back into the past to see who didn’t get their title, so don’t hold your breath.

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  1. They need to remove that cross server crap, not add more

  2. Should add back wings for hot events exchange chests

  3. i just hope they give me back my Titan heal rune they stole after the last 4am maint we had

  4. Weekly dung for knighthood was so laggy that a few people on my server could not pass last boss also toons got frozen when refreshed was dead the only people that got through was in teams of 4 plz pass on to r2 to sort out during maintenance ty

  5. I don’t know why they don’t just program the title to “activate” when the player sets all clothing looks to that style from the clothing id/refine page. Rather than doing something that scans all unlocked clothing.

  6. in our server the bugs are making many angry the main 2 issues are the cross server no one is able to join the rooms and then there is issues with not being able to pm friends from rooms or in runs

  7. În the end, to get a title for the clothes in thesr bersion, you have to have all clothes in inventory?

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