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Wartune Events 21 June 2016

Hey guys, in Wartune Events 21 June 2016 we have just 2 spender events:


Summer Kickoff Consumer’s Gift – 4 days

Note: bound balens excluded for spending counting.

Marshmallow Chest

Bound Balens
Spend 60,000 balens 2000 2000 600 200 20,000
Spend 120,000 balens 5000 5000 1200 400 40,000

Big Spender – 24 hours

  • Up to 20000 balen spending rewards, giving:
  • Event chests, Gift and Blessing of God and sylph enchant items

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  1. hey Cosmos, i visited also your other website for wartune hall of heroes, and clicking “about” at this link // i saw you wrote (copy and pasted words): “I am also an official GM of Wartune Hall of Heroes so I work as a link between the players and Kabam, I create events and do many other things.”. so i have to ask, by “GM” you mean game master right? do you work for wartune hoh then? i asked because i am very surprised. cheers

    • Hi, no problem, yes I was working as a GM for WHOH for a long time and many players were extremely happy with my daily support until Gaea took over and that relationship just did not work out so I had to stop working with them. It was very sad indeed how so much effort from so many different people was greatly damaged in a short period of time, but, oh well, that’s life, gotta accept reality and move on. Again thanks to all the players who sent me wonderful messages.
      – Cosmos
      P.S. WHOH technically has no connection with the web version. Was and is run by different companies. Although, of course, a lot of similarities exist in the game.

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