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New Clothing System Supplementary Specification

Hey guys, we share with you a recent announcement by R2_MinionsMaster regarding clothing sets and titles:

New Clothing System Supplementary Specification

You must have the whole costume set in your Inventory in order to activate a title.

If you already have one or two pieces of the costume set and then you engulf them to upgrade your clothing system, you will not be able to activate the title.
For instance: If you get a Cowboy Hat and then you engulf it. Even if you earn the Cowboy Jacket, Cowboy Weapon and Mutant Dragon Wings later, you won’t be able to activate the “Doomsday Cowboy” title.

Do not engulf title related clothing items, keep them in your bag until you activate the title! Must have all 4 items in the inventory!

In the new Clothing System, starting at Level 10 and ending at Level 110, players will randomly activate a clothing diagram every 5 upgraded levels. Even if a clothing diagram has been activated, it may be activated again at the next 5 levels upgraded. When the same clothing diagram is activated, players will not see any change for their clothing diagrams.

Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy your game!
by R2_MinionsMaster

We have no idea what “diagrams” they are talking about, but we are pretty sure that sentence is about clothing designs, because indeed every 5 levels you unlock a new design (you do not get the item). So to translate in normal language what he is saying: when you get a new design after 5 levels it could be something you already have and in that case you will see no difference in your Dressing Room.

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  1. Total lost in if i not get wings ftom 10 cheast and i get from engful i dont get title .is corect?.btw shop cloths wort only 300xper

  2. but if u got the patch relaunch notes it doesnt state that this info about titles etc they silently readded the info today to fk us all over who got clothing legit

    • yes correct they did not communicate this and they only issued this explanation today which we also agree is far too late as the damage to some players has already been done

  3. i did ave all 4 items in invent but no title r2 dumbasses said need to engulf it to activate it did that no title r2 morons dont know what they doin

    • I was told the same – engulf it, and the title will activate – did not work. Whatever the case, we have the pieces quite clearly in our wardrobe so absolute bs that we don’t get the title.

  4. the info is a bit late most of us got 4 items but apparently r2 said firstly u need to engulf them to have the clothes activated for title

    • yes we agree, they only issued this information today

      • at least honor it for the people who engulfed it because this information was late from their end. not blaming dolygames btw.

  5. this must be change, its unfair to all. what is the point of getting random clothes when engulfing, when it wont count for title?? crazy R2

  6. This is a bunch of crap, if this was intended, they should have let us known sooner

    • it does not seem that they even knew about it, so now they released this announcement and players are pushing for a fix

  7. that’s tolat bs do they sit around and figure out ways to screw us non casher’s ?

    • To be fair this issue affects all players, not only non-cashers.

  8. what about some sets with titles which removed from cloth shard event
    now new players cant possibly get those titles!!!!

    • That’s correct, but that is the same way players were damaged by removing of various things like fishing level 30, unlimited events, etc.

  9. during my original engulfing right after the patch, I went from lvl 0 to lvl 90. out of all this I only got 1 new clothing design. that design happened to be the new cowboy set wings. so when I later traded chests for the other 3 cowboy pieces, I got no title because the wings were never in my inventory.

    • I was thinking the same – the wings were never in our inventory when we received them automatically from engulfing clothing that first day. Of course ever since they took the rings out of the chest exchange and you can only get them from the Clothes Chests, I haven’t gotten any wings or titles – and probably won’t.

  10. I’m on one of the test servers so we were affected by this a week earlier. Yesterday I noticed the new set pieces I had engulfed on our day 1 had magically reappeared in my inventory, I thought it odd so I didn’t re engulf yet. Perhaps they’re trying to work through finding those who had been affected and putting back into inventory? Just keep a lookout and hope it happens.

  11. This game is one big mistake and me remember when start was so beautiful game but is some years ago

  12. wartune freaking trolls us all again

  13. So now must keep all event clothings in inventory in case we get some the wings during so called new design stuff. OMG this guys are going crazy more and more after each patch and maintenance…

  14. hi do u all engulf all ur cloths (except those u waiting for full set title)?

    i still hesitate to engulf incase got events or mayb r2 went crazy revert old cloth system 😛

    think about it.
    and if you are not-that-sure think about the incredible nerfs we just had.

  16. Great point to make. But if the only (guaranteed) way to get the wings for current sets is exchanging for a full set, anyway… This is situational. One more reason to laugh at this game design and just move along. (Cowboys and Mutant Dragons? Yeah, I’ll remember that a few months from now. lol)

  17. the rage loss is my main problem i had recently been able to get up to 43 rage as starter rage and now i start with 13 because i dont have the clothes to engulf for higher lvl and i dont get the clothes very frequently either

  18. Initial rage going form 63 to 30 really is an issue. It really affects the way I play the game. it takes two turns to get yp to enough rage to use any skill worth a damn.

  19. I quote 😀 “Cowboys and Mutant Wings” LOOOOL that deserves more attention 😀 😀

    BTW guys I wish to paste here a ticket reply i just got from proficientcity:

    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #330888 with the following response:

    Dear player:
    We are sorry about that because you need to put 4 cowboy clothings in the inventory and then you can get the title.If you have engulfed them, and then you can not the get title.It is the game setting.But we may change the way to activate the title in the future.If we change it, you will be able to get the title.We are not sure when our R&D department will change it.We have reported it to our R&D department and hope they can change it ASAP .Thank you for your support.

    WEEEELL….if it goes like TOK…we’re sorted then! 😀 😀 😀

  20. R2 Support: “Dear Player, bend over here it comes again.” Ik now it’s a bad joke but….that’s how many of us feel.

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