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Wartune Fixes and Maintenance 27 October 2016

Hey guys, tomorrow, the 27th, we have a few fixes in Wartune done during the maintenance and for events we have only Big Spender currently visible (more could be added with maintenance but not expected).

27th October Fixes

  • Players will be able to sell Artifacts and Halidoms
  • Display issue with the Golden Scale Headdress for females
  • Issue where players could not defeat the final BOSS when they entered the Divine Altar
  • Issue in which players could not get a chance to smash eggs after defeating 1 mob wave in the Blood Inferno dungeon
  • Improper description for the Blood Warrior skill
  • Inconsistency between attributes displayed in the Eudaemon panel and attributes displayed while the Eudaemon is in battle


Maintenance is expected on Thursday, the 27th of October at 4:00 AM EDT for all servers.
(1:00 AM PDT, 9:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT +8)

Could last an hour or a couple of hours.


As mentioned, only Big Spender is visible. Theoretically more could be added but they stopped doing that during the maintenance day some time ago.

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  1. Can you explain more on what the Eudaemon attribute issue relates too?

    Is it a nerf or buff as a result of the fix?

    Does it mean just a cosmetic change only or will it affect battle results?

    • That seems to be only a display issue, no actual stats change

      • Thanks. As I’m loving the Eudaemon Arena rewards, I’d hate to start losing battles over it.

        Got my mage to lvl 12 yesterday.

        The reduction and resistances grow with lvls.

        Lvl 10 Res Reduction

        At lvl 10 Kid – 5890 odd
        At lvl 11 Kid – 6810 odd
        At lvl 12 Kid – 8910

        All resistance bases also increased non max resistances and all still 4k resist possible.

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