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Eudaemon Mark Shards Still Work

Hey guys, there have been complaints by players about Eudaemon Mark Shards not working after Wartune Patch 6.1. I can definitely understand the frustration of the players since this specific issue was not implemented well, but in this short post I want to show that they indeed still work, but you must strictly follow these instructions (see below picture I prepared for you).

Note 1: I emphasize again Mark Shards will not work if even 1 Eudaemon type has 5 or more kids (even if you have only 1 basic kid like Battle Oracle).
Note 2: You don’t have access to this unless you physically walk over to God Timo.

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  1. You can still double click on the eud shards in inventory and summon a eud that way.

  2. Does anyone know anything about an event for consuming smelting stones?

    • There has been no smelting stone event…yet. So, I have only been using smelting stones when I have enough to move to next smelting level.

      • I do the same thing.

  3. Just curious guys, when you all got your sub eudi did it do anything for your br, or is this just another waste of time brought to you by every ones good friend wartune.
    I can still make eudi,s with the shards however you cannot if you have 5 of any type

    • Didn’t do anything for my BR, but rather dramatically improved my world boss returns, so there’s some usefulness to them.
      They’re so limited on when you can use them, it’s hard to say if it’s really worth the effort.

    • IMO, The only real useful place for a 2nd eud is world boss. In certain pvp aspects like outland, he doesn’t really help that much because he is not full strength so it dies pretty quick.

      What I don’t like about how this works is your 2nd kid only gets 45% of the actual stats when used as a second kid and only 85% once fully upgraded to 5 stars

      • have to agree, makes the second pretty wimpy and not much use

  4. It was a horrible design before the patch and now it’s even worse…. make a couple euds, sell them, and repeat over and over again. Before, you could make 50 of them and then sell them… What they need is a “lucky exchange” for eud marks where 1 mark gets 2 warpath (5 marks get a eud that sells for 10 warpath). It’s so simple, easy, and convenient, so you know wartune won’t do it.

  5. Wind Dancer as your second kid with the right poison skills and he can actually make a difference in the damage that you doing P vs p

  6. I’m a non casher and the sub eud help me get top 5 in wb overall with 11mill to 18mill gold range n I only have 7mill br
    Also help me beat 9mill br in pvp sometimes but I lose to their syphl

  7. no get change name

  8. What abt that dimension essence exchange in events ?
    It says ” Dimension essence will soon b removed, exchange them for materials during event time.”
    Are they going to stop dimensions or wat ?
    Bring some lights on this.

    • It says very clearly, as you wrote, that item Dimensional Essences will be removed. What is not clear? From where did you decide that Dimensions will be stopped?

      • yes but,than how can we open new dimensions without essence ?

  9. ohh my mistake..i got confused between dims and dim essence.
    Thx for reply btw 🙂

    • 🙂

  10. Quick question, out of topic (sorry for that). Does Balen Lode count for spenders event as Beginner Mine does or not?

  11. No it doesn’t

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