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Wartune Patch 7.5 Pre-Launch 17 AUG 2017

Hey everyone! R2 has announced that apparently the Patch 7.5 is coming right now. Yeah…. no idea what’s going on in those companies but if R2’s announcement is correct then the Patch 7.5 is arriving today for Pre-Launch servers which means +1 week for everyone else.

The 7.5 Patch Notes

The notes they announced are:

  • Added 3 new Willpowers – Sea Witch, Death Specter and Eagle Warrior.
  • Added Willpower Awaken Skills.
  • Added Eudaemon War weekly dungeons.
  • Added a new feature – Dreamland.
  • Added new Titan skill slots.
  • Updated Circuit rewards – Added Basic Talent Stones into Supreme Royal’s Chest and Supreme Noble’s Chest.
  • Sylph Arena Optimization – Added Fusion Spirit Shards as rewards. Players can select rivals to challenge basing on their points.
  • Optimized Henna Lab – Raised Henna yields rate.
  • Removed Blood Inferno from Hall of Heroes.
  • Added new Vault pages to Guild Vault.
  • Raised Wedding Ring skill level cap.
  • Unlocked new levels for Sky Trail.
  • Optimized NPC functions: the new NPC Lycus in Cloud City has the Game Box option.
  • Optimized game loading.
  • Some language optimizations.

Pre-Launch servers:

Here is the list of the pre-launch servers:

  • S1, S202, S206, S212, S215, S221, S225, S228, S232, S235, S239, S243, S267, S270, S274, S277, S280, S283, S286, S349, S376, S379, S436, S440, S443, S446, S449, S452, S455, S486
  • S4, S38, S44, S6, S10, S12, S17, S56, S59, S74, S77, S464, S467, S470, S473, S480, S483, S489, S525, S531, S537, S492, S495, S498, S503, S509, S514, S520, S542, S549, S555, S561, S566
  • S14, S20, S23, S26, S29, S32, S35, S41, S47, S112, S115, S118, S121, S125, S128, S131, S134, S137, S140, S143, S146, S149, S152, S155, S159, S162, S165, S168, S171, S174, S177, S180, S183, S186, S191, S196, S246, S250, S253, S255, S258, S261, S264, S317, S320, S323, S326
  • S62, S64, S68, S71, S83, S87, S90, S93, S96, S99, S102, S105, S109, S199, S304, S307, S310, S313, S354, S357, S337, S340, S343, S346, S367, S370, S415, S418, S424, S427, S458, S461, S476

Relevant links

Here are some useful links up to now; more stuff will be added as we go forward, stay tuned.


Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. BLOOD INFERNO is one of the useful dungeons. They are snatching away gold and other useful stuff. They don’t have the wits to upgrade world boss.

  2. All pre-launch servers got it today on ProfCity per their announcement.

  3. Does anyone know how much guild wealth you need to unlock the 2 new pages of guild vault?

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