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Wartune Sacrifice Data Pre-Patch 4.5

Hey guys, I have been gathering sacrifice data from the Wartune Sacrifice / Offering feature for a while and now that Patch 4.5 was announced where this system will get changed I wanted to post and share the data / results for reference, comparison, archiving and curiosity reasons.

So again, this data is accurate up until Wartune Patch 4.5. The sacrifice / offering rewards are already very nice, but they are limited to 5 times per day, which is usually sufficient as it is difficult to get the offering items. After Patch 4.5 this will be reduced to 3 times per day, however, we still think this might be ok due to the difficulty of finding these items (holding chest reward from dimensions will be removed).

Here you will see the data I gathered for the Basic and Lesser offerings, which are from Intermediate and Basic dimensions which I have been doing the vast majority of the time.

The Wartune Sacrifice system is great both for free players and cashers, obviously on different levels (cashers would be doing more frequently the higher dimensions (advanced / expert)).

Both images are of high quality – can be zoomed into or downloaded.

Wartune Sacrifice Basic Offering Data Gathering

Wartune Sacrifice Lesser Offering Data Gathering

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  1. Lol of all of them, only one eud shard

  2. Do you know how you can obtain offerings now after the new patch.
    I do dimensions a lot, but never get them.

    • just gotta keep doing dimensions, the red treasure chest that has an offering reward is the only one that has them and it is not common, so gotta keep doing to find one, but when you find it, it is very much worth it because you can get up to Ancient Offering inside

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