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Wartune Patch 6.5 Teaser Pics 7

Hey guys, for you: Wartune Patch 6.5 teaser pictures #7. This Wartune update is being prepared/finalized during February 2017 and is expected to be released in March 2017 for all players to enjoy.

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Patch 6.5 Teaser Secret Chamber Dark Monarch Boss

Patch 6.5 Teaser Time Portal Window

Patch 6.5 Teaser Speed Clearance Picture 3

Patch 6.5 Secret Chamber Wilds List

Patch 6.5 Fire & Electro Lightning skill

Patch 6.5 Wind & Water Pour skill

Patch 6.5 Light & Dark Shadow skill

Patch 6.5 Speed Clearance rewards

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  1. Hmm… those skills will make Titan Temple even harder. The friggas will awaken and start with a shield, then RD, then frigga shield… Yeah, that’s fair… Do you have to have a merged sylph to get those skills? Since it says wind/water, etc., I assume so. Lv1? Seems to imply higher levels and even bigger boosts for merged sylphs.

    • stay tuned as we post more details 🙂
      full info expected by end of month

    • yes i agree they making titan temple even harder if players get those new slyph passives frigga will auto start with shield ffs once that gone they shield again

      this will force players to leave if the devs had brains they could actualy make more money

      but instead they forcing ppl to quit

      • I a little bit disagree because we are getting stronger every day so just keep on improving

  2. Anyone know when this patch is supposed to happen

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