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Wartune Patch 7.5 Developer/Publisher Guides

Hey everyone! So we have been again cheated by the Wartune companies and didn’t receive any of the promised information while they suddenly released the developer guides (these are usually the same docs sent around by the devs to all publishers). Anyways, I am putting up here a copy of this information that was posted on R2 and I will try to support players as much as I can with additional info and/or analysis after this article.

Wartune Patch 7.5 Guides

  • Dreamland – Explore this unique world to earn resources!
  • Weekly Dungeon: Eudaemon War – Eudaemons have been training diligently for this very moment and now is the time to put that training into practice!
  • New Willpower: Death Specter
  • New Willpower: Eagle Warrior
  • New Willpower: Sea Witch
  • Overall Optimizations


Dreamland is located in an unknown part of space. Explore this unique world to earn resources!

1. Unlock Level: Unlocks after Lvl. 10
2. Dreamland can be accessed from the event icon on top of the screen.

Gameplay Info

1. Levels: The main panel (image below) will be seen upon entering Dreamland. There are a total of # positions on each level. Click each position to remove the fog and find a teleportation gate. When a teleportation gate is discovered, you can enter the next level to explore. (You will not be able to return once you enter the next level.) There are 29 Dreamland levels. Reset CD is 24 hours.

2. Holy STA = 40 + (Battle Rating/2000000). Holy STA required to kill a mob is equal to the mob’s HP. You may discover the following while exploring:

1) Chest: A rare chest containing new shop currency, Secret Medals.
2) Random mobs: Kill these mobs for Secret Medals.
3) Holy STA Pack: Pick up to recover some Holy STA.
4) Teleportation Gate: There is a teleportation gate on each Dreamland level. You can enter the next level through the gate (You will not be able to return once you enter the next level).
5) Trap: If you trigger a trap during the exploration, a giant rock will fall and remove some of your Holy STA.

3. Speed Up

1) Click the speed-up icon to the right of the CD to enter the speed-up panel.
2) You may use items to speed up the CD.
3) Click the right or left arrow to increase or reduce quantity. Used quantity = the number of a single batch (100, 300, 1000, 3000) x variable number.
4) Speed-up time = variable number x time sped up with a single batch
5) Remaining CD = Current CD – Speed-up time

Weekly Dungeon: Eudaemon War

Peace became a word of the past when the Demon King awoke from slumber with a ferocity and evil power few have seen. Eudaemons have been training diligently for this very moment and now is the time to put that training into practice!

Event Entry
Cloud City – Hall of Heroes – Weekly Dungeon – Eudaemon War

Unlock Requirement
Eudaemon War unlocks at Lvl. 70. Entering this weekly dungeon requires at least 2 players. The dungeon can be entered as many times as you want, but you will only receive rewards once a week.

Panel Introduction

1. Participation Requirement: Character Lvl. 70-80
2. The room creator is the default lead (ownership may be transferred to other players); select weekly dungeon and then Eudaemon War to enter.
3. Deployed Eudaemons and Eudaemon skills can be adjusted in the prep panel. All party members should be ready before the captain starts the dungeon. You should have a main Eudamon that is deployed before clicking the “Ready” button.
4. The lead can adjust the dungeon difficulty. There are 3 difficulties: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. Normal dungeons must be passed before unlocking nightmare dungeons, and nightmare dungeons must be passed before unlocking hell dungeons. When someone in the party is not eligible for the difficulty, the message “Someone cannot join a dungeon of this difficulty” will pop up when the lead tries to enter the dungeon.
5. Dungeon drops and rewards: You can enter the dungeon as many times as you want, but you will only receive rewards once a week. The number and difficulty of the mobs in these dungeons is not the same so the drops also vary.

Gameplay Info

(Note: rewards shown here are not final and may be changed before implementation on normal servers)

There are 5 levels in the dungeon. There are 2 mini BOSSes in the first 4 levels; the final BOSS is on the 5th level. Players can pass the dungeon by defeating the final BOSS. On the first 4 levels, 2 mini BOSSes appear with a teleportation gate between the 2 BOSSes. After defeating one of the mini BOSSes, players may teleport to the next level or continue to fight the remaining BOSS on the level. The final BOSS will carry a set of beneficial buffs. The number of buffs the BOSS carries and the final BOSS reward will be reduced as more mini BOSSes are killed. If players only kill 1 mini BOSS on each level, the number of buffs the final BOSS carries will be maxed. In this case, the final BOSS is much harder to deal with, but rewards will be greater.

a) Eudaemon inherits player’s attributes during battle.
b) Eudaemon has 5 active skills to use. When awakening blessing is full, the Eudaemon can awaken.

How it looks when the teleportation gate is open:

Final BOSS:

How it looks when the final BOSS’ buffs and rewards are reduced.
(Note: rewards shown here are not final and may be changed before implementation on normal servers)


Extra Final BOSS Reward: Will Gear
Normal Difficulty: Turquoise, Smooth Stone, Blood of Zeus
Nightmare Difficulty: Red Copper, Well Refined Stone, Blood of Zeus
Hell Difficulty: Golden Sand, Dragon Blood Stone, Blood of Zeus

New Willpower: Death Specter

Willpower Introduction: Deals physical damage.

1. Profile:

2. Synthesis Conditions: Lvl. 10 Frost Panther Lord x1, Lvl. 10 Flying Rabbit x1, Memory Crystals and Demonic Blood.

3. Skill Info:

a. Passive Skill

b. Active Skill

c. Delphic Skill

New Willpower: Eagle Warrior

Willpower Introduction: Deals physical damage and grants shields.

1. Profile

2. Synthesis Conditions: Lvl. 10 Frost Dwarf x1, Lvl. 10 Blood Demon x1, Memory Crystals and Demonic Blood.

3. Skill Info:

a. Passive Skill

b. Active Skill

c. Delphic Skill

New Willpower: Sea Witch

Willpower Introduction: Deals magic damage and good at healing.

1. Profile:

2. Synthesis Conditions: Lvl. 10 Wind Ranger x1, Lvl. 10 Blood Warrior x1, Memory Crystals and Demonic Blood.

3. Skill Info:

a. Passive Skill

b. Active Skill

c. Delphic Skill

Overall Optimizations

I. Willpower

1. New Willpower Awakening: Awaken Willpowers during battle to activate Awakening Skills (passive) and gain deployed Sylphs’ bonus attributes. The higher the awakening level, the higher the awakening skills level and the better bonus attributes obtained.

2. Awakening skill details:

Willpower Awakening Skill Details
Void Emissary Battle Rage Increases damage dealt by party.
Angel of Light Thunder Fury Adds Delphic Skill crit rate and own crit damage.
Sea Witch Running Waters Chance to generate a shield that can absorb damage for a targeted party member.
Death Specter Repentance Chance to decrease targets’ crit/block rates.
Eagle Warrior Immortal Force Chance to recover a certain percent of own HP.

II. Titans

1. Added 5 Titan skill slots which can be unlocked using Titan Slot Shards. Players can equip up to 10 Titan skills during battle.
2. Added 2 skill orders, players can spend Balens to unlock new skill orders. 5 active Titan slots are granted once a skill order has been unlocked, the remaining 5 slots can be activated using Titan Slot Shards.

III. Revamped Henna Lab

a) Each player has 3 Henna Labs by default. These labs will not disappear. A Henna Lab requires 3 hours to produce Henna. Within 1 hour after the Henna is “mature,” the Lab will still produce Henna but will stop producing Henna after that hour.
b) Henna Lab is rated by level. Level will affect Henna production. Players can raid other players to upgrade their Henna Labs.
c) There will be a 30-minute CD after each raid. VIP players will not have raid cooldown.
d) Only 50% of resources in each Henna Lab can be raided. Advanced Henna is exempt from raids.

IV. Revamped Sylph Arena

a) The system will offer 5 opposing teams for players to choose from based on points. Challenging opponents with more points grants more points after a victory. The opponent list will automatically refresh after a challenge.
b) Point bonuses have been added. The system will distribute corresponding point bonuses for the 6 attributes: Fire, Electro, Wind, Water, Light and Dark. Players will receive point bonuses based on the deployed Sylphs’ attributes in every battle.
c) Required points for different tiers have been adjusted. Adv. Sepulcrum and Fusion Spirit Shard have been added to Sylph Arena Ranking rewards.

V. Players can now preview profiles for Willpower they haven’t unlocked. They can see a Willpower’s appearance, skills and attributes when it’s at max level.

VI. Time Vault has been added to Guild Vault. When Guild reaches level 10, the Guild Master can use a certain amount of Guild Wealth to open a Time Vault for 30, 90, or 180 days.

VII. Basic Talent Stone has been added to Supreme Royal’s Chest and Supreme Noble’s Chest. Lvl. 65+ players can complete Circuit Quests to earn the two chests.

VIII. Wedding Ring level cap has been raised from level 29 to 45.

IX. Added 10 Sky Trail levels.

X. Added a new item, Exploratory Power, which can be used to obtain 100 Outland Exploration Points.

XI. Other Optimizations:

  1. Optimized system loading speed.
  2. In Rave, Guild Cross-Server Points and Server Cross-Server Points will be displayed respectively on two different pages.
  3. Optimized a few icons. Game Box has been moved to Cloud City, under the care of the new NPC Lycus.

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  1. Is there a release date?

    • I just received an email saying they don’t know yet the release date

      • Knowing R2, we’ll get the patch in 2 weeks and receive notification the night of

      • Not sure about that. I got an email saying that R2 was not allowed or supposed to publish that information as the companies are not ready. So i don’t know what’s going on in there internally but they are all definitely doing a bad job at it.

      • Go figure. On prelaunch servers which I am on, we get the patch this morning with extended maintenance.

      • Hi, you already got the patch??? Could you please confirm?

  2. I like the Sea Witch willpower but that means i will not use my oracle anymore after my hard work on it …:(

    • u still can use Battle Oracle cuz getting Sea Witch need to fuse w/ Wind Ranger + Blood Warrior. You can still equip B.Oracle as in Sub. lol

  3. Does the eudaemon war a solo dungeun? Or need a party?

    • Needs a minimun of 2 players.

      (It is on multiplayer dungeon npc)

  4. Raid other players’ henna lab to level up yours. Spreading more hate. Anyway thanks for providing the information COSMOS. You’re a nice person.

    • The key word in the game’s name is ‘War.’ You might be better suited playing Harvest Moon.

      • “The key word in the game’s name is ‘War’- yes I agreed, but dosen’t meen robbery, because to plunder somebody, must have higher BR, so the “strongs” can stole from the weaks!

  5. I suppose, what the release will be in the beginning of September. At least in russian version of Wartune, the whole patch is already on the test server and part of it will be available for players in September.

  6. 10 titan skills?! Entire fight will be titan effects, which are cheap and it’s really frustrating. Fights are silly enough with 5 titan skills firing, but 10?! That’s just silly. And it just adds to the lag of the game. Notice how they don’t even try to fix lag; they just add to it.

  7. where can we get this “Titan Slot Shards” ???

    • unclear at this point, maybe they will sell them first

  8. i just noticed, 1 thing that makes the sea witch skills seem quite a bit stronger, the other 2 show level 5 skills, while the sea witch is showing level 12 skills… still think that’s a lot of heals though

  9. Sorry, not a fan of the increased titan is already laggy, will be much worse in battles now.

    • yes, i also said that, i don’t like it either, not a good idea
      thanks for sharing

  10. hi very basic question, how to send notification in world chat like “challenge await you in the spire room []”

    • hi, that’s simply the invitation that arises from people sending invites from inside the dungeon room

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