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New Mounts Synthesis in Wartune Blacksmith

Hey guys, here to share with you new mounts in Wartune which we will be able to synthesize in the future in the Blacksmith item synthesis. Thanks to Darrkin for the info!

  • They are all +100 stat mounts,
  • and also all give +10 to the max attribute level
  • (and less important but all have +500 mount strength

Please see below the illustration I prepared:

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  1. if there a way to fix flash cache won’t save?

    • i don’t know that but try different browsers, it seems IE and Chrome work better for me at present (this can change with patches)

    • I would personelly prefer downloading the Wartune mini client, its good and it was almost no lag in game even when my speed dropped to 1mbps

      • Dont know about u but game wont start in any browser except in mini client and there i have cache problem,so yea…

      • I currently used mini client but after IE updated flash player didn’t use IE cache. so as result i save to face endless loading

      • i use google chrome and it no lag usually

  2. Hi,cosmos can u list up those recycling mounts. That will b really helpfull.Btw we really appreciate all ur information u share with us.Thx buddy 🙂

    • Its easy to say. In blacksmith you can see, which Mounts can be recycled and which not.

      All the others you can receive additional times, if the button shows “purchase” (normal shop, events shops like titan wars, class wars, …).

      If you only can “exchange” materials for a mount, its not allowed to exchange it again (amethyst mount, sylph crystalloid, …). So have a look at the button and the answer is easy

      • Thx David but that ain’t u can’t exchange for sylph crystal but can get one for league insignia.And what abt that wild fishy mount can we again synth one? we can make that tok Dragon and I made see its a collective confirmation that I was asking for.That will help ppls as my frnd all his crypt tokens n he didn’t got one.So one post might help ppls preventing these mistakes.Need confirmation lols not button guessing 😉

      • you can collect all mounts from shops multiple times:

        Normal Shop:
        ruby-eyed steed card
        shadow steed card
        luxury jaguar card

        chaos war:
        pyre horse card

        titan war:
        azure deer card

        class wars:
        all mounts

        arena shop:
        venomous leopard

        cross server gb shop:
        snow yak

        guild shop:
        blazing lynx card

        all these buttons show a “purchase” so more than 1 time

        ice fang
        netherwing dragon
        majestic stingray
        magical anteater

        other mounth are not allowed

  3. Does anyone lag after 15-30 min using mini client?

    I do and that is massive lag, Between each skill comes 1 auto attack, Does anyone know how I can reduce the lag?

  4. any idea when we’ll see these puppies, or ponies, er whatever they are 😉

  5. Is there a guide what says what mounts are tradable for beast souls?

  6. Was wondering if any had traded hurricane steed from guild shop in for beast souls?

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