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Wartune Patch 7.0 Modification of Mount of Tanks Mount Shards

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you the modifications done for the Mount which you can synthesize using the Tanks Mount Shards that you earn in the Wartune Tanks mini-game.

To illustrate this I have prepared the following image comparing the previous and new mount.

New Mount Name: Demonic Civet Card +50

I don’t know at present what happens to the old mount “Stormwind Mutant Card”, but the new one is called Demonic Civet and has +50 stats instead of the +40 stats of the current one. It is unclear if this is one mount converted into another or stopping of an older mount and starting of a newer one. If anyone might know more information please post in the comments.

Tanks Mount Comparison Image

Due to space/cost issues I am putting a bit lower quality version here and I am adding a link to the higher quality image I uploaded on google (hopefully this link will work a long time).

Please note that with game features like the Blacksmith settings the game developers can change things at any time.


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  1. When I played this game before the civet was a 7 day temp mount. So it is not a conversion. Both existed then.

  2. Demonic Civet already exists, it shows up in the vicious tab of mounts so this is just a change from a +40 to +50 mount.

  3. Better remove old expired articles in this website, so you can be sure when somebody click a picture, it open at high quality. You keep old articles that are no longer available, just to have the number of your total work. Nobody is interested in things that are NO LONGER AVAILABLE! You not clean up your home? You keep all stuff there? You eat and keep bottles etc? Same here, do clean-up in your online home!

    • 1) You do not decide what everyone is interested in. Your opinion is exactly that – YOUR opinion. A lot of people are interested in older articles for various reasons such as an archive or nostalgia.
      2) You do not have any statistics or knowledge on my website and yet you are sending your recommendations on what to do. It is not intelligent to give recommendations when you have no knowledge of the subject.
      3) You are accusing me of being dirty and creating false impressions. This is neither true, nor nice and nor respectful behavior towards another person especially since you have no idea what you are talking about as explained above.
      4) Finally, clearly you have no idea how much work everything requires. It is not 1 button to press and voila it is all fixed. There are many things I would love to do, but I have no time or no money to do them.

      So again, if you don’t know, then ask a respectful question instead of the behavior that you displayed.
      – COSMOS

      • Thank you for everything you do Cosmos. It is much appreciated and has been since I first started playing several years ago, along with everyone I play with. You are our go-to source for everything Wartune. Please disregard the OP, as he obviously doesn’t appreciate the amount of time and work you put in to making a wonderful resource for the game we all love (sometimes hate :P).

  4. Just a guess Vasile, but does your parents frequently call you “special”? Those old posts serve as a record of what has changed each patch and how the game – and Doly – has evolved over time, there is absolutely no reason to delete old posts, just like there is absolutely no reason for you to dig through the archives if your not interested in something in it.

    You are not prompted to look at the old posts unless they are relevant to the subject.

    As for your space issues COSMOS, I’d suggest you look into an archive service, pictures will be displayed on those services, but you can swap them out with a link to a service like imgbb which also can generate some revenue to you when people look at them, you can of course do this even if you dont use an archive service.

    • Hi Psy, regarding the picture services I have already done a lot of research to find a solution, but it is very difficult. Some people host pictures on other websites or free hosts but over months and years a lot of companies shut down and people then lose all their pictures and their websites end up with thousands of broken links. There is no way around it, either I have to pay a lot of money for some cloud service, money that i don’t have, or I have to host everything on my on domain and try to manage to burden, which I am trying to do (last weeks i spent a bunch of hours reducing image sizes; it’s a crappy boring work).

  5. The Demonic Civet used to be a 7 days mount you would get by doing jewel hunt before it was changed long ago (the item needed was named jewel shard I think).

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