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Tip for Clothing Shards with Engulf Event

Hey guys, 1 tip here to share with you on how to get more Clothing Shards related to the Clothing Engulf event. This event is “ONCE per lifetime” so if you have clothing level 49 or 99 or 149 or 169 or 189 then do not level up until this event is at the same time as clothing shard event cycle (as opposed to the beast soul event cycle). That way you can collect event “chests” which drop clothing shards and therefore get some extra shards instead of some beast souls.

It’s possible that if you do not claim the button remains activated but don’t trust the system with this – the safest way is to level up when the event is on.

The only exception to this I would say is if there is a very important exchange that you need in which case, no problem, go for it; otherwise extra clothing shards is the better choice I believe.

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  1. Tell me Some thing i Did not know

  2. If u already know … then u don’t need to be here anymore.. btw thx for all the work cosmos

    • thanks buddy

  3. There is no need to stop clothing leveling.
    If you dont collect it, because you missed it or only dont want the special boxes, you can collect it at the next time.

    • yes but as mentioned in the article it is dangerous to “trust” the system like that; there could be a bug or a change or a million things could go wrong, so why risk it? just upgrade it when the correct event is on, they are rather frequent, i believe every 7 or every 9 days

      • The only bug i know in an equal case, was with the mount stable events some years ago. But this was a pos. bug:D some player could collect boxes again and again.
        You could also say, that you have to collect is as soon as possible, who knows if this events will show up again:D
        So both ways can be wrong or best.

        The event comes out every 7 days, whenever clothing boxes starts too.

  4. To get clothing shards do events while clothing shards exchange….what a great tip. -.-

    statistic man believes…. ironic….

    • This is about Clothing Engulf event which can be collected at different times. If you do not understand the article this is not my problem. And if you have a lot better things to share with people you can email me your work and if it is prepared well I will post it for people; otherwise try not to poop on other people’s work.

      • If you think he not understand, is your fault, so explain better, not be tiran/dictatorial. Respect your readers! Not all have your brain or your behaviour. But all are here because they open to learn new things from you. So again, explain better, make video. Be sure all who read will understand.

      • We will just have to agree to disagree

  5. a dumb question is one that doesnt get asked…
    thanks cosmos, though this info is not news to everyone, those starting out, or dont know, its always going to be useful to someone..dont stop posting these “tips” on account of some players who dont teach and just complain.

    • Thank you for your kind words and support

  6. what is clothing shard used for btw?

    • exchanging for clothing sets in Hot Events

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